Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Review | Amalia Collection

Assalaamu alaikum all!

So I recently contacted Amalia collection, a company based in Australia about a review and was sent some products from them to write about for you guys =D

The video explaining the products is uploading so I will add that at the end if you can't see it right now. Here is just a brief summary of what I thought of different aspects of the company...


The package arrived in roughly 8 days since it was posted and mashAllah that is super fast considering it is coming from Australia.

-Customer Service

I have to say Sr Amalia is one of the nicest people I have spoken to through e-mail/FB messaging, she got back to me in reasonable time and explained why there was a little delay in getting the products posted, since the last message she sent me. I'm pretty sure all customers will be met with this level of kindness and good service iA.


They have a wide variety of really unique products that you wont find everywhere, they sell things that make life as a hijabi that much easier. The variety comes not only in the number of different products they have but also the number of different colours and types of each product.

Overall the company has bee a joy to work with, they have some really amazing products mashaAlah and I wish them all the success inshaAllah.

Please do go and check out their facebook page here: Amalia Collection
And also have a look at their website: http://www.amalia-collection.com

Below are some pictures of the products I reviewed (=


  1. love the mustardy yellow one ... and the simple way in which you wrap the leopord one, cant go wrong with that style, a fav of mine !!


  2. Beautiful pics!!
    I love Amalia collections!

  3. hi Sis.. how much you paid for the Postage? sori to ask u this question, but they dont seem to be answering inquiries. i love there collections & i cant wait to have one laid on my hand.lol.. thnx n advance for the info..salam!

    1. Flat rate of $10 within Australia. Everything is posted on their website in sha Allah :)