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OOTD | Bank Holiday family parties

Another quick outfit of the day (well, evening rather, but I did wear it all day)...Enjoy! Abaya/Dress- Tailor made Ring- Primark (my cousins) Hijab- Hijab Fashion Shop Hijab pin- Hijab Treasures Shoes- H&M Clutch Bag- Gift from Monsoon Nail Polish- Lo'real Paris (colour: Rose)

OOTD | It's cold outside...!

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year, it's a dream come true for many hijabi's because people wear more clothes not less and we get to layer up without looking out of place or feeling hot. Today I have a double dose outfit of the day because I haven't done one in ages...this is me and my sister after being out shopping today. Me.. =) Coat: Topshop Hijab: Gloves: Not sure, probably from some market stall (they're really old) Ring: Camden Town Snood: Primark Brooch: Monsoon Abaya: Whitechapel Market My sister...(= Coat: ASOS Market (you might recognise it from before...its mine lol) Ankle Boots: Shoe Zone Snood: Primark Bag: Primark Abaya: Tailor made Hijab: Woodgreen Whats your favourite thing about Winter?

Review | Hijab Fashion Shop - Abaya

Salaam ladies here is the write up for the review I did on YouTube for Hijab Fashion Shop (See video above).  Hijab Fashion Shop now sells abaya's & maxi dresses. I chose to review the 'simplicity abaya' because I actually really like plain black abaya's which I can dress up or down. This particular abaya costs just £44.99 which I think is worth it due to the high quality of the fabric and tailoring. I usually wear size 54-56 depending on what the fabric is like, so Sister Victoria from Hijab fashion shop took my height and suggested size 54 due to the fabric. The abaya is made from a jersey fabric which tends to hang down, so a size smaller is better otherwise it'd be too long. Also because of the way the fabric is pleated and flows down from the chest, a size smaller wont be too fitted inshaAllah. However, I'm 5ft3 in height (last time I checked) and this size 54 abaya is still a little too long (even with heels) so iA I will be altering it to make i

Spiritual | Dear iHijabi, People make fun of my hijab

Recently I received an e-mail from a sister struggling with peoples reaction to her hijab and I wanted to share the question & response with you all so that inshaAllah if anyone else is in a similar situation this will help. Salaam. I'm 22 years old peruvian girl & engaged to a Muslim man. Here in my country girls don't wear hijaab, and when I started use it people made fun of me, and calling me names. I really luv wear hijaab :D but sometimes I can't help feel sad, and also my fiance is sad about this. Can u give me some advice plss? God bless u Ameen  Sister A Walaykum assalaam sister A, Apologies for the late reply, I hope you are in the best of health & Imaan inshaAllah. The advice I would give you in this situation is to find solace in Allah swt, ask for Allah to give you the strength to deal with these people, pray to Allah, read the Quran and read about the struggles the female companions of the Prophet pbuh and other women in Islamic

Review | Islamic Jewels

Assalaamu alaikum! Hope you're all in the best of health and imaan, today I'm writing a review on some stunning hijab accessories by Islamic jewels. Before I start I'd like to ask you to read the disclaimer and then start reading this post. (in other words: no haram police comments without getting your facts straght first, thank you very much) So lets begin... Islamic Jewels is a company based in Trinidad & Tobago who also ship worldwide (yaay for online shoppaholics!). I'll be honest I'm always a bit skeptical when doing online shopping with companies that are not based in the UK or USA, I'm not sure why but I'm always a bit more careful when parting with my money, so reading reviews by people who have bought from them or have dealt with them always help. InshaAllah this review will help reassure you if you're thinking about purchasing from them. Islamic Jewels contacted me and told me a bit about their company, from their very first e-

Autumn Closet Modest Fashion Inspo

Frozen Fall by Nizaad photography Salaam girls, I'm ill and in bed so as I have a bit of time on my hands, I thought I would do a quick post showing you some things that are out at the moment (or will be soon) from online Islamic companies which I think would be great for Autumn, as well as some Autumn looks rocked by some awesome online bloggers/vloggers. Cardigans & blazers are a perfect to layer on top of your clothes without looking too bulky. Tie back Cardigan- SHUKR Kimono Cardigan- The Blazer style cardigan- Dark colours like navy and burgundy (dark red) are lovely autumn colours Dress & whole outfit by Inayah Collection As the weather gets colder swap the chiffon for jersey & layer to keep warm Dress & Kaftan - Hijab Obsessions Autumn/Winter Hijabs & Jilbabs- Islamic Libas Plain hijabs are sure to be making a come back this Autumn as summer florals fade, so be sure to g