Friday, 9 December 2011

Interview | Pure Halal Beauty

Tell us a little bit about Pure Halal Beauty as a company, i.e. what do you sell?

At Pure Halal Beauty we are world leaders in Natural, Halal Certified Beauty Products. We provide the best and most effective Halal Certified beauty ranges from around the world, which adhere to the strictest standards of ethical practice and efficacy. We have just launched The PHB Collection, our own range of products that includes skin care, cosmetics, body care, hair care and loads more! PHB products are hand made in the UK using the purest natural ingredients. They never contain alcohol, animal ingredients or animal testing. Pure Halal Beauty "Where Beauty & Belief Co-exist"

How and why did you decide to set up this brand of skin care and cosmetic products?

I'm a vegetarian and had become increasingly concerned by the ingredients used in many well know High Street beauty products and cosmetics. Animal fats, crushed beetles and pig placenta are common ingredients as well as harsh alcohols. These ingredients are used predominantly because they're cheap and as fillers but they are clearly not ethical or good for the skin. I started to research halal products as I found their stringent criteria matched my own beliefs. I then found that actually there was a demand for these products not only from the Muslim community but also from vegetarians and vegans.

What makes Pure Halal Beauty different from other halal make up companies out there?

Some products although they are halal are not particularly natural with regards to their ingredients. This is when I decided I wanted to create my own natural, halal collection using plants, fruit and flower ingredients. It's actually really interesting looking at nature and using plants and flowers that have been used for many centuries to combat and heal certain skin conditions. I think nature has always had the answer to many of our needs.

What motivates you to not give up when you come across obstacles in business?

I've always been quite willful and once I decide to do something I give it my all. I think there are always going to be obstacles in all areas of life in whatever you are doing and definitely in business. Sometimes how you deal with obstacles can help you learn for the future. Also, a sense of humor helps and realizing what is important in life like family and friends.

What obstacles have you come across and how have you overcome them?

There have been many obstacles along the way and many more to come I'm sure. At first everything seemed so confusing; my head used to spin with it all! But there are always things you can do to overcome them, you just have to be persistent. I would always advise people to do plenty of research and if possible seek advice from people who have knowledge in the area. It’s also good to check out business link and your local chamber of commerce for support. Knowledge is a great thing. The more you can find out about things the better prepared you are to deal with obstacles.

Has anyone had any negative side effects from your skin care products and if so how should these side effects be dealt with?

No, I haven't had anyone have negative side effects from any of my products so far. In fact, I can’t believe the amount of positive reviews that are building up on our website! The key thing is our products are entirely natural and don't contain the harsh chemicals and alcohol that often cause reactions and irritations in peoples skin. Having said that some people can have allergic reactions to certain plant and fruits, for example in our store we had a lady recently looking for a moisturizer and she was allergic to aloe vera. Luckily she knew this already so we were able to show her products that didn’t contain aloe vera and would be suitable for her. And this is why on our website we always list the full ingredients and precautions of every product. You’d be amazed at the amount of cosmetics companies don’t do this. 

Why is it important to use natural, halal and ethical products to you?

Well, think of it like this. When you use a lipstick or a moisturiser up to 60% of that product is absorbed into your skin and can enter the blood stream. If that product contains alcohol, or glycerin that is derived from a pig then these will effectively be absorbed into your body. It’s the same with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. So in my opinion it is important to use natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin instead. Also, of course there are the added issues of not using products that conflict with your personal beliefs. As our motto goes, Pure Halal Beauty is where beauty and belief can co-exist.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My family is definitely my biggest inspiration, both in life and with my business. They are the ones who give me the support, motivation and courage to do what I’m doing.

You are so young how did you manage to set up this brand as well as keep up with your education?

I completed my A levels and did the first year of my BA Hons Media and Communications degree. I then put my studies on hold as I found it extremely difficult to give all my time and attention to both business and education. Education is a very important thing and I learnt a lot from my degree that I went on to use in the business. I think it unlikely at the moment, but I can always go back to my degree if I wish.

Tell us a little bit about the apprentiship you're offering.

I got involved with City College Birmingham when they asked me to give a talk to their students about PHB and our products. I was also invited to be a guest judge for their annual fashion show and beauty competition. They later approached me about their apprenticeship scheme, where they work together with local companies to provide vital experience and on-the-job training. We signed up straight away as we’re really keen to support young people and the local community. Our first apprentice works in our Birmingham store, she is a wonderful young lady and is doing very well, the customers love her! We want to offer more apprenticeships and in the long-term as we open more stores I hope to offer the chance to more students around the country. 

What advice would you give to other young women who aspire to be an entrepreneur and set up business of their own?

Have a very clear idea of what it is you want to do. Research it as thoroughly as possible and seek advice from people who may be in a position to help. If possible test the market first, this can be done through fayres, events, selling online and by talking to people in the community. This will give you an idea of whether there is a demand for the products you may wish to sell. Be determined and patient as well, businesses often take a while before they start to gather recognition.

What are your top 5 beauty tips?

1) Invest in a really good moisturizer. It's so important to keep your skin properly hydrated as that is what will keep it looking glowing and healthy. But it’s also important to understand your skin and what it needs. If your skin is oily for example you don’t want any old moisturiser as that will make your skin more greasy. Instead you need something that will counteract the oiliness and regulate sebum levels, such as our Soothe & Balance moisturiser which is specially formulated to control oily skin. At PHB we have 5 different ranges to suit all skin types, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

2) If your going to wear foundation don’t let it be obvious. Our Mineral Miracles foundation evens out skin tones, covers blemishes but most importantly looks like you’re not wearing anything and just have perfectly flawless skin. It’s made using ingredients that allow skin to breath and are good for it, never clogging your pores. Our range has been especially formulated to suit all skin tones, particularly Asian skin as I know so many women have trouble finding the right match.

3)  Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your makeup. It’s good to try new products and shades and styles as it will help you to find out what works for you! Although I don’t believe you should follow every new fashion/beauty trend, especially if it clearly isn't going to suit you. 

4) Wintertime can be harsh for our skin. Not only is there the extreme coldness that has kicked in, but all those layers don’t help either! So be sure to use a good body exfoliator or salt scrub. PHB Salt Scrubs contain salt and minerals from The Dead Sea that help to nourish and soften the skin whilst getting rid of dead skin cells. Excellent for boosting circulation and improving skins appearance.

5) A good body butter works wonders on dry, chapped skin. The right butter will help to keep your skin looking healthy and feeling firmer. And don’t be lazy! Make sure you use it every day to give your skin a chance to look its best.

Where is your company based?

The PHB Collection is available online at www.purehalalbeauty.com. Or you can visit The Pure Halal Beauty store at the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Birmingham on the lower ground floor.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship worldwide through our website www.purehalalbeauty.com. There’s all sorts of useful information on there regarding the company and the products including ingredients, tips and reviews. You can also collect reward points which you can put towards products.

Can you give our readers any sneaky peaks of what's to come in the future from PHB?

Product wise we are always keeping up to date with the latest crazes and looking at new quality products to introduce to our collections. Future plans include a High-end Luxury Skincare range and also some Aloe-Vera based gels that will be perfect for the summer. We will also be expanding our makeup range even further, including new shades for the Mineral Miracles Cosmetics collection and new innovative products, which is very exciting!

Amazing stuff from Pure Halal Beauty there! The full review for the products I recieved will be launched in the iMagazine (a magazine for Muslim students & organisations) in January 2012 so keep you eyes peeled for that as well as a 15% discount for iMag readers. I'll upload the full review on the blog aswell after the magazine launch iA.

In the meantime how does winning a soothe & balance face mask from Pure Halal Beauty sound to you? =D Exciting huh? Well 3 lucky iHijabi readers will get the chance to win the 100% natural, halal, ethical, animal free face mask! All you have to do is 'like' the Pure Halal Beauty FB page, 'like' the iHijabi FB page and follow this link [Competition]for all the details (=


  1. Doesnt anyone think it is uninspiring that she has totally knocked of the hard work of Layla Mandi "onepurehalalbeauty" the name, the colour...nothing original about this girl!check out www.onepurebeauty.com for the real thing!

  2. Not really, it's like saying Urban Decay has knocked off the hard work of MAC because they sell the same things.

    Pure Halal Beauty and One Pure Beauty do have similar names I agree but those words 'pure' 'beauty' describe what both companies are selling so it's not surprising that they have those words in their brand name. The colours you see in the pictures I have uploaded are purple like the ones at one pure beauty but this is only one of their ranges, all of their ranges are different colours. I don't think she's knocked off anyones hard work.

    What they are selling are also completely different and quite frankly a lot more affordable than the site you have given. She is a 20 year old girl in Birmingham I doubt very much she could have known about this brand and known what goes into it to 'copy' it.

    The way Pure Halal Beauty is labelled and the extra little things such as product descriptions and instructions that give it a personal touch cannot be found at one pure beauty. The product range at Pure Halal Beauty is also alot more varied.

    In life people may have similar ideas, so don't just assume they have copied it.

  3. same as onepure? I don't think so!
    One Pure products are full of chemicals for a start and are not natural in the slightest! Then there is the fact that they are completely overpriced and the range is very small and limiting oh and no cosmetics, body care, hair care etc

    OH AND ONE PURE HAVE PARABENS IN - LINKED TO CANCER! you can check all this out for yourself.

    It's probably Layla who wrote the message above! she has a reputation as a con artist. check out videos of her on you tube looking like a porn star whilst in other instances claiming to be a devout muslim! what a joker.

    Summary of one pure -

    1. packed full of chemicals (see for yourself)
    2. very limited range.
    3. completely over priced.
    4. not eco friendly in the slightest with loads of over the top outer packaging, only used to make you pay a tenner more for a rubbish cream.
    5. not natural in the slightest.
    6. risk of cancer. even if only small why buy products with parabens when you dont have to?

    pure halal beauty on the other hand?

    1. 100% natural
    2. amazing range in quality of ingredients and in choice of product.
    3. eco friendly packaging
    4. recyclable packaging
    4. affordable prices
    5. amazing cosmetics
    6. hand made beautiful natural products
    7. clear promises as to the quality of ingredients etc. as well as clear instructions.

    I no one pure as they were keen to get me distributing their products years ago. i couldnt see any reason why i would want to and also found Layla to be a massive negative 'know it all' who didnt know anything! She is also a complete fake as said so to compare her to an incredible entrepreneur like rose is a joke! Layla actually had very little to do with the making of one pure or the hard work behind it, she actually just decided to date the 'right' people! it backfired and then her ex started trying to take control and sell stock at his end! if you actually asked her detailed questions about the business/products/ingredients you would quickly see her full apart. she is a pretty little 'pretend muslim' front. Joker.

    COMPLETE WASTERS and shocking that you would compare. that is why i decided i would let people know.

    I am on pure halal beauty's mailing list and that's why i came across this and love the products they sell which i use myself. everything i have said is in my view a very fair appraisal of both companies. look for yourself if you dont believe me.

  4. I totally understand your point in the comment sis but please lets try to refrain from judging how religious someone is iA that's up to Allah. We should also remember to not expose someones sins like this.

    I haven't looked into one pure beauty in that much detail as I only heard of it today but I do agree with most of what you are saying. Pure Halal Beauty is much better in my opinion from first impressions.