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Review | Hijab Pinz

Assalaamu alaikum lovely ladies,

Today I'm going to do a little review in a new company called Hijab Pinz. They're a small company based in Cardiff-Wales selling really cute, affordable hijab pins and pin cushions. I received a SUPER adorable cup cake pin cushion which is the CUTEST thing ever and some gorgeous straigh hijab pins.

Packaging: ✰ 5/5

All of the hijab pins came in separate little organza pouches, they were wrapped in pink tissue paper with a ribbon on it. I LOVE those extra little touches to an order because it shows that the company has put a lot of thought and effort into everything. This was one off my favourite packages I have ever received and would make an ideal gift.

Delivery: ✰ 5/5

I cannot fault hijab pinz on anything postage & packaging related because they truly have done an amazing job mashaAllah. The package was sent on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. So if you live in mainland UK you should get your package within 3 days iA.

Customer Service: ✰ 5/5

Like everything else about this company I am very impressed withthe customer service, I was treated very well by the sister who runs a company, she was very polite and helpful, always letting me know what was happening with my package and when it should arrive. From what I have seen from other customers on their FB page I have to say that customer service is impeccable at hijab pinz.

Prices: ✰ 4/5

The prices are amazing, as I kept saying in the video review they are just so affordable. There are many companies out their selling even just standard pins for high prices, the prices on these pins and pin cushion and cheap but are great quality for the price. 

Cupcake Pin cushion: £1.50
Pink diamonte: 10 for £1
Clear diamonte: 3 for £1
Mini bow pins:  5 for £1
White pearl & pink heart pin prices: TBC 

Products: ✰ 4/5

As you can see from the pictures above the pins themselves are gorgeous, I love them all. My favourite have to be the mini bow pins, they are just incredibly cute and very 'me' they add a little something pretty and girly to your hijab without being over the top and attracting unwanted attention. The pins are come in 2 sizes, your standard hijab pin size (the bows, pink diamonte ones and white pearl ones) and a longer size (clear diamonte and pink heart ones). The longer ones are really good for if you're wearing layered scarves or a thick scarf. The only problem I have with some of the pins (i.e. the diamonte ones) is that you can't really see them properly when you put it in your scarf.

The cupcake pin cushion was my favourite thing out of all the products I was sent, such a unique and adorable idea, now both my sisters and my mum want one. My lil bro calls it nom nom because he thinks you can really eat it lol it's just too cute!

Overall: ✰ 5/5

They are a really down to earth lovely company with amazing products which are well worth the prices. Would I recommend them? In a heartbeat! Amazing company mashaAllah. I wish this company all the best for the future, inshaAllah they will be a great success. You can order through their FB fanpage by sending them an email with the order. All questions and queries will be replied to on there (link at end of post)

Message from hijab pinz:

Assalam u alykum,

Hijab Pinz is  our mini company ...well if you could call it a company ......a baby company maybe, so am 19 years old and from Cardiff .

I have three younger sisters and we are all hijabis there was always pinz around the house...
that was when i made my first ever 'i ♥ hijab pinz' pincushion ,then friends got interested and i decided to make a face-book page just for fun
 but alhamdulilah i had alot of positive comments from every one and of that
HIJAB PINZ was founded in May of 2011 
From then we have been going strength to strength alhamdulilah ♥ we are planning on bringing a hijab collection out for the spring insha allah♥
There were plenty of times where things got very difficult and I could have never got through those difficult times if Mum was not there to save the day♥ I owe everything to her and this project of mine would never have possible with her .
Click here to go to their FB page and check out all of their awesome pins & pin cushions.

Have you purchased from this company? What do you think about their products? What would you rate them?

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