Friday, 30 December 2011

Review | Sunnah Clothing

If you read my last post you'll know that I'm going for umrah in April with my family inshaAllah, so I thought I would invest in atleast one new abaya that was loose, comfortable and completely covering without worry. I was thinking of getting the floor length khimar from head to toe but they all looked like you would have to wear another abaya or scarf underneath which I know would make me over heat. So I went for the next best thing a butterfly abaya. It got sent to the wrong address by our silly postman but the man who got it came round at 7pm today to drop it off...see there are still some decent people left in the world alhamdulillah, may Allah guide him.

I bought this one from Sunnah Clothing for £25 it came within around a week even with the Xmas break. I think it was a very price worthy buy because it is soooo comfortable, the fabric is lightweight yet completely opaque...I've been sitting in it for the past 5 hours =S my mum thinks it's because I'm trying to get used to walking around with it, but it's because it's so comfy (= Guess the only problem with it is it's slightly too long but I can live with that, also some of the fabric under the hem is frayed, to fix that all I gotta do is cut off the excess thread...problem solved. All in all lovely abaya, good price & delivery.

Here are the pics you've been waiting for....

Buttons on the sleeves

Zip from the neck
My theory is the looser fitting your clothing is the less hot you will feel so inshaAllah this should be great for the Arabian heat (=

Remember me & my family in your du'as (=



  1. Love oversized abayas.. gorgeous !!
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    JK xx

  2. very good collection,

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  3. asalaamu alaikum, sister I just got that one myself...loive it too, mash'Allah, my only issue with it, is with the inside seam, they made it toooo narrow at the hem! LOL...I couldnt even walk with it on, i ended up having to redo the inside hem so I could walk and run in it. LOL...hope you did that with yours...cuz it should be wearable and comfy! I plan to do a full review on my blog soon...en'sha'Allah...its Old School Hejabi. Btw I like ur blog, ur one of the few other mohajabaats that actually blog about real hejabi attire thats modest and decent. mash'Allah!

    1. Wsalaam sis,

      Yeah I love it! I actually found it ok to walk in except for the fact that the sides are a tad too long.

      What is your blog? Would like to see what you have done on there iA.

      Jzk for your kind words, all praise is to Allah.

      iHijabi xxx