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Review & Interview | Al-Hayah Ltd

Salaams me hearties <3

How you all doooing?  I have another review for you guys =D as well as an interview with the company owners woohoo!


The company is called Al-Hayah Ltd and is run by 3 sisters in London. They selll all sorts of pretty hijabs for every occasion. The package came within a week which is a good sign (= they came in perfect condition no defects or anything and came with a little note (You know how much I love attention to detail and finishing touches like that) so thumbs up on that my sisters! (= As for customer service I have a mixed review as most of the time my e-mails were replied to within a couple of days but some did take a very long time to get a response.

Righty ho first hijab is this black 'silky' one, I put silky in brackets because it's not silky like the silky ones you get from Pearl daisy or Hijab Fashion Shop, they're more satin than silk, so they're stiffer than your average silky thin pashmina hijab. When I put it on the conventional way of wearing hijab it came out quite puffy and stiff because it didn't drape so I found this turkish style of wearing it was best. It is a little sheer in the sense that you can see the blue scarf worn underneath so you will need to wear this hijab with an underscarf and maybe even an neck covering. (Note: you'd have to wear it with an underscarf anyway because the hijab will not stay in place on your head without one) Click 'here' to check out the other lovely colours they have in this range.

Second hijab is this crinkle hijab from their Autumn fruits collection. This is my favourite ones out the ones I was sent to review because it was the most comfortable to wear. My mum also really liked this hijab. It's your average crinkle scarf in beautiful autumn colours perfect for all seasons, totally in love with the colours.

Third and final hijab was this sort of shiny brownish hijab. At first I thought it was a pashmina, but it's not pashmina it's bigger, wider, thicker and heavier. It created some really good folds without much effort but it isn't light and drapey. It has a sort of satin finish to it which makes it look silky/shiny. This hijab will be good to wear in the winter because it is thicker and warmer than most hijabs.

That's it for the review check out iHijabi's exclusive interview with the owners of Al-Hayah Ltd below (=


-What are your names, ages & occupations/what do you study?
-Hi, my name is Ruksana Ahmed and i’m 21 studying maths at queen mary university of London.

-Salaam ladies! My names Laiqah Dean and i’m also 21. I study psychology at queen mary university of London.
-Hey guys, this is Safia Khan. I study history and politics at queen mary university of London, and im 20 years old

-How did Al-Hayah start up?
Al-Hayah started off as an idea between three hijab lovers who are good friends that wanted to expand there hijab ideas. Especially since it’s difficult to find certain hijabs that meet our styles, we thought it would be amazing if we would create our own hijabs starting with our eid collection. 

-Why did you decide to start up a hijab company?

Simple! Because we love hijabs! ;-)
-What makes Al-Hayah different from all the other hijab companies out there?
What makes us stand out  from other hijab companies is that we will personally go and hand-choose our materials and personalise our hijabs in relation to our customers preference. We have new ideas up our sleeves and cannot wait to bring them out! We aim to take uniqueness and expand it!

-How would you describe yourselves in terms of personality & style?

A combination of 3 different personalities mixed into one gives us a widespread personality, which our customers most definately need.

-What is the most important thing in starting up a business?
Drive, Determination, passionate and a goal.

-How do you balance your everyday life with running your business?
Aah well we knew it wouldn’t be easy setting up a business in our third year of university, but we were determined to rise to the challenge. Alhamdulilah we balance and delegate tasks out amongst us to take off the workload. To us, Al-Hayah is not a burden upon us nor a chore but more along the lines of something we LOVE doing!

-What are your top 5 hijabi tips?
1. Don’t be afraid to be creative, there are many different styles out there so embrace them.

2. Have enough pins as well as an under scarf to secure the hijab, as we know it can be quite irritating when the hijab keeps falling out of place. 

3. Accessorise your hijab i.e. with a pin/broach/hairclip/hair band. A little touch can make a huge difference =)

4. Matching your hijab colour with your bag and shoes tends to make your outfit look co-ordinating.

5. Most importantly love your hijab and be confident in what you’re wearing.

-Which woman in Islamic history or present is your biggest inspiration & why?
First wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Khadija,the  first female who was self-employed and was the first woman to convert to Islam. Of course we can’t idealise her, but she’s undoubtedly a great inspiration to all us Muslimah's out there.

-What's your favourite product from your company and why?

It’d have to be our well loved gold silk hijab called Gold Dust. The reason why it is our favourite product is because it is a unique and most definitey hard to find in your nearest shops. The soft silk gold is extremely attractive for special occasions such as weddings. Also this hijab is wide which is great for coverage.

- Do you ship worldwide and what are your postage & packaging costs?

 Yes, we do ship worldwide. We believe Al-Hayah should not just be a national business but an international business.

Our U.K. postage and packaging charges are: Recorded signed for delivery (UK) charge of £2.50 on all orders regardless of weight. You should be able to receive them within 2-3 working days. Also *FREE DELIVERY* on orders of 6 purchases or more.
Our Worldwide postage and packaging charges are: Recorded Signed for International: Varies dependent upon your geographical location & the weight. Should take around 5 working days to get to you.

-How can people purchase from you?

Email us on with your order stating the name & quantity of the product. You'll receive an invoice via email within an hour or earlier - click on *pay invoice*, where you can pay by credit or debit card. A very easy ordering method!

-Where is Al-Hayaah headed? 
Inshallah we want to establish our brand by generating brand awareness, differentiating to wholesaling and trading and opening up our own retail unit in the near future. We have the passion to make Al-Hayah big and inshallah our time and effort will show this!

Extra Info: Starting up not so long ago, we know it is early days BUT we are 3 individuals that are not afraid to take risks and are determined to rise to success in something we are so passionate about and love. We have alot of new ideas up our sleeves and we are willing to bring our creativity to life and put a unique stamp on Al-Hayah. Please show us support and spread the word. Make dua for us for the sake of Allah insha'Allah! xxx

So peeps to check out Al Hayah Ltd click on tooo their facebook page 'Here'

Toodles Doodles =D

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