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Review | Sunnah Clothing

If you read my last post you'll know that I'm going for umrah in April with my family inshaAllah, so I thought I would invest in atleast one new abaya that was loose, comfortable and completely covering without worry. I was thinking of getting the floor length khimar from head to toe but they all looked like you would have to wear another abaya or scarf underneath which I know would make me over heat. So I went for the next best thing a butterfly abaya. It got sent to the wrong address by our silly postman but the man who got it came round at 7pm today to drop it off...see there are still some decent people left in the world alhamdulillah, may Allah guide him. I bought this one from Sunnah Clothing for £25 it came within around a week even with the Xmas break. I think it was a very price worthy buy because it is soooo comfortable, the fabric is lightweight yet completely opaque...I've been sitting in it for the past 5 hours =S my mum thinks it's because I'm tryin

Forever 21 Sale Picks

So there are sales going on and you've probably been to them...but I have been very good alhamdulillah and not gone to the shops or bought anything...yet =S I'm going umrah with my family in April so trying to save up a little bit of spending money when I go inshaAllah, but I have come across this sale on the Forever 21 website and thought I would share some of my favourite items...guess what???!!  It's buy one get one free, so you know what you gotta do? Team up with your sister or friend and pay half price each =D Double Knit Poncho- £20.83 Denim Bell Bottoms- £8.99 Summer Floral flats- £13.99 Teal dramatic beaded necklace- £4.49 Floral Handbag- £16.99 Hope you enjoy your forever 21 shopping!

Review | My top 5 online hijab & accessory companies

Assalaamu alaikum girlies -TOP 5 HIJAB COMPANIES- 5- Unique Hijabs 4- LaDecence Hijabs & Accessories 3- Al Nisa Hijabs 2- Hijab Obsessions 1- Hijab Fashion Shop -TOP 5 ACCESSORIES- 5- Pardah Collections  4- Unique Hijab Pins 3- Hijab Fashion Shop 2- Hijab Pinz 1- Pearl Daisy And that is all folks =]

OOTD | Mermaid Blue

Salaam sisters, A few pics of a party outfit, worn to a family wedding dinner at a restaurant. Dress: Inaya (shop in watney market- shadwell) Silver hijab worn as underscarf : Hijab Fashion shop from clearance section Pearl headband : Hijab Fashion shop Diamonte Silver clutch bag : from some bag shop online [can't remember which site]

Review | Aquaini - Burkini/Modest swimwear

Salaam sisters! I was sent a burkini from the company Aquaini to review and tell you guys all about. When I first received the burkini I was pleasantly surprised with how it actually looked and felt like a swimming costume. The burkini itself is made from swimming costume material which means it performs when it comes into contact with water. The burkini comes as a 2 part, a tunic top with an integrated hijab/hood and trousers. The tunic top comes with a strap and the trousers come with buttons on the side. This is to make sure the top doesn't ride up and expose you when blown by the wind or in water. The hijab/hood is attached to the tunic top but I would have preferred to be able to detach it so that I had the option to wear it or not. When I wore this burkini on holiday to Turkey it was great because I I didn't look too out of place in it. The hood/hijab looked a bit funny especially with my hair in a bun, I didn't like the way that looked so I wo

How to make your dreams come true

We all have dreams, some big, some small, some which we will accomplish inshaAllah (God willing) and others we wont (and that's ok Alhamdulillah). Sometimes we just sit and keep daydreaming about it without actually being proactive and looking for ways to make those dreams a reality... How to make your dreams come true: Step 1: Make a list of all your dreams... Step 2: Pick one dream & scale that dream right down and see what practical steps you could take on a personal level to get you on your way Step 3: Think how can you involve your family and local community to get behind you and help out? Step 4: Be proactive, don't think someone else will do it or you are not capable of it. Be creative & take baby steps but don't ever stop, keep moving forward. Step 5: Always make lots of sincere du'a, from the initial thought all the way through and after you have accomplished it or part of it Step 6: Move onto the next one and repea

Review | Hijab Pinz

Assalaamu alaikum lovely ladies, Today I'm going to do a little review in a new company called Hijab Pinz. They're a small company based in Cardiff-Wales selling really cute, affordable hijab pins and pin cushions. I received a SUPER adorable cup cake pin cushion which is the CUTEST thing ever and some gorgeous straigh hijab pins. Packaging : ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ 5/5 All of the hijab pins came in separate little organza pouches, they were wrapped in pink tissue paper with a ribbon on it. I LOVE those extra little touches to an order because it shows that the company has put a lot of thought and effort into everything. This was one off my favourite packages I have ever received and would make an ideal gift. Delivery: ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ 5/5 I cannot fault hijab pinz on anything postage & packaging related because they truly have done an amazing job mashaAllah. The package was sent on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. So if you live in mainland UK you should get your package w