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Review | First impressions of Pure Halal Beauty

Assalaamu alaikum sisters!

So what's this new company all about? Well they sell looooads of Makeup & skin care products everything from moisturisers and cleansers to foundations and eyeliners. The unique thing about this company is that everything they sell is 100% natural! It's all 100% Alcohol free, 100% Animal free and best of all 100% Ethical. I'm always wary of using too many products on my face so when I hear about a brand which is everything natural I'm excited to try them out usually without a worry.

The company is based in Birmingham (Pavillion) so you lucky Brummy sisters have this amazing (sort of halaal body shop) at your doorstep =D

I received some products to review just for you (yes, you lucky bumblebees) so here is part one of that review.

I was given a set from their Soothe & balance range which was specially designed for oily skin as my skin does get quite oily, I was actually on the look out for something to keep the shinyness at bay through the day and this could just be it. I haven't used any of the products on my face yet so this review is just what my first impressions are.

So they all came wrapped separately in bubble wrap and then wrapped again together in bubble wrap, perfect condition, no leaks or dents etc. I absolutely LOVE the packaging (which btw are RECYLABLE!!!) it's so sleek and 'expensive looking' I love them, these are the kind of things you could give as presents to people even if they're not going to use them they'd still look pretty amazing on their shelf. Speaking of gifts, you can get gift sets of products like these (there are different ranges for different types of skin).

Delivery was very fast as they were posted out earlier this week and came in a couple of days. The customer service is also impeccable, all of my e-mails were replied to promptly and in detail.

Now on to the products....

First of all the cleanser (the tall bottle with a pump)

It contains Chammomile & Seabuckthorn & Lavender which help to soothe, repair and calm skin whilst cleansing skin of impurities. Lavender Balances oil levels and rids the skin of bacteria.

Chammomile contains Azulene which reduces inflammation and strengthens the skin to help reduce redness.

Combined with healing effects of seabuckthorn these ingredients promote tissue regeneration to reduce scarring.

You use it by wetting face & hands with warm water and then using the cleanser to clean the pores and then washing it off with warm water and finish by rinsing your face with cool water to close the pores.

Second product is the face mask which you should use twice a week for best results. It contains Kaolin clay and Tea tree. The clay draws out dirt , impurities and toxins from the skin . Tea tree kills bacteria and reduces inflammation whilst stimulating skins natural repair process to reduce scarring.

To use this you should apply a small amount of face mask to clean dry skin after cleansing & toning. Spread all over your face and leave for 15 mins, then gently wash it away.

Last but not least is the face cream contains English Lavender which will soothe and repai skin whilst Egyptian Geranium will help balance oil levels and condition your skin.

All of this is written on the back of each jar/bottle, which is super because I like to know what's going on my face and what the benefits of it are.

I think all of the products in this range will be especially good for people with acne and other skin problems due to it's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, they also contain ingredients which balance the level of oils in your skin so that should prevent your skin becoming oily and producing spots.

I'm in love with the concept of this whole brand and if these products work for me I will inshaAllah be buying more.

Part 2 of this review will be up soon inshaAllah and I will also be interviewing the sister who started this brand (she is only 20!!) so if you guys have any questions for her leave them below and I will try get em answered for you

Till next time Ma'salaama!

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