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Review | First impressions of Pure Halal Beauty

Assalaamu alaikum sisters! So what's this new company all about? Well they sell looooads of Makeup & skin care products everything from moisturisers and cleansers to foundations and eyeliners. The unique thing about this company is that everything they sell is 100% natural! It's all 100% Alcohol free, 100% Animal free and best of all 100% Ethical. I'm always wary of using too many products on my face so when I hear about a brand which is everything natural I'm excited to try them out usually without a worry. The company is based in Birmingham (Pavillion) so you lucky Brummy sisters have this amazing (sort of halaal body shop) at your doorstep =D I received some products to review just for you (yes, you lucky bumblebees) so here is part one of that review. I was given a set from their Soothe & balance range which was specially designed for oily skin as my skin does get quite oily, I was actually on the look out for something to keep the shi

Update: Smoky not smudgy, Eid & OOTD

Assalaamu alaikum sisters! I haven't posted anything for a while, mainly because uni work is just piling up )= I feel like I have too much to do and too little time and then I realise I spend most of my time thinking this instead of actually doing work! What do you guys suggest I do to get myself to do some work? I mean I come home from placement which is pretty much a 9-5 job, eat, watch telly, then feel too tired to do anything. I've also been feeling really drained lately, I think it could be because of the change of weather, always making me feel real gloomy and run-down and  I don't know how to snap out of it. I feel tired like all I want to do is sleep, I'm getting grey hairs 20? Seriously think there may be something wrong with me, maybe I need to go see the doc's. So I write this post with my eyes half open (-_-) Anyhow....! I went to the smoky not smudgy event last Saturday (the Saturday before Eid) and for those of you who don't know wha