Monday, 10 October 2011

Review | Islamic Design House

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu dear sisters,

Recently I bought a jilbab from Islamic Design House (IDH) and here is the review for it. I wanted to buy something quite casual & sporty to wear with my converses =D yes I am a bit backwards I buy the accessories like hijab, shoes, bag and then buy an outfit to go with it lol. So anyway I was searching around and found this one on the IDH website.

It arrived in reaosnable time (I think, =S it's been a while now) and was packaged well, arrived in perfect condition. First thing I did was try it on, the length was perfect (I'm a weird size 55 inches) the fit was also perfect (they have different size in terms of body fit for each length option, which is SUPER!) only problem and big problem was the sleeves, they were too wide )= but that was fixed with a sewing machine (and I'm not great at sewing, but it wasn't that hard) it did take some trial and error to get the sleeves to fit (I didn't measure it or anything, so if you've got patience then it's really)

[Sorry about the pictures I had to stand on a bed =S]

What I love about it:

-I love the sporty look (I don't have a particular style I stick to, I like to try out all different style's in terms of outfits but this is my first sporty one)

-It looks good with my converses =D

-It fits well and is the right length

-The kimono (chinese/japanese dresses) style touch to it

-And my FaV thing...the sleeves, it's realy unique and gives a super urban chic feel to it.

What I don't like about it:

-I had to adjust the sleeves

-The fabric is like a poly cotton material which causes a lot of friction with my jeans or trousers which I wear underneath it, it's also quite stiff as in it doesn't really flow and makes a ruffling sound when you walk.

-It gets creased really easily so I have to iron it every time I want to wear it.


It's a nice jilbab and I do like wearing it, it's not the most comfortable to walk in but is comfortable to wear. Is it worth the price, I actually don't think it is.....maybe it's the rise is prices of everything these days, but I do feel IDH is quite expensive, not as expensive as Aab uk or Shukr but not far off.

Alhamdulillah that's the review done (I've been meaning to do this for about 2 or 3 months now lol)

Hope you are all in the best of health & imaan...



  1. Salam sis hope you're doing good,thanks for follow me too :)

    About this company; to be honest here in egypt are way more expensive than there,the fabric as you said is not the best thing if you really want to feel the confort, but their styles are innovative, now this kind of companies have a lot of competence here, we now have a huge range of styles in this kind of jilbabs, the new ones are made of jeans fabric which are lot better in my oppinion, they look casual, sporty,chic, as you like, it depends the kind of accessories you use when you wear one of this jilbabs, and the price MUCH MORE cheap!, you should try next time some egyptian style :P

  2. Salam. I have 3 ISD abayas, one cotton, one rib-stop cotton, and one teslon. I ordered the cotton one in my exact size but after washing it shrank a lot. I got the rib-stop one in one size larger. That one also shrank but I had to hem it a little from the bottom; but it didn't get so small that I couldn't wear it anymore. The teslon one didn't shrink. So I recommend getting the cotton abayas a size larger, and the new teslon ones in your exact size. The cotton ones will stick to your jeans so you will have to wear something slippery inside. And the teslon ones don't stick, they are very slippery.

  3. Wsalaam,

    JazakAllah khair for the feedback on this company, you're right their styles are really innovative, we just need to be careful as to which material we buy. I haven't washed mine yet as I've only worn it once or twice but I may use a cold wash and hope it doesn't shrink xD

  4. Assalamu alaikum,... Pretty veil,.. you look more sporty,.. nice share

  5. jazaakAllaah khair for the review. i was going to buy one abaya from them. I like their designs but was concerned with the material. this post helped in making the decision,though I find their abayas little expensive.