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OOTD | Pastel Pink

Salaam girls! Here are some pictures of my outfit from today, still obsessed with pastel pink and refuse to acknowledge it's almost winter. So what's your favourite season? Until next time....Ma'salaama!

Review | Islamic Design House

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu dear sisters, Recently I bought a jilbab from Islamic Design House (IDH) and here is the review for it. I wanted to buy something quite casual & sporty to wear with my converses =D yes I am a bit backwards I buy the accessories like hijab, shoes, bag and then buy an outfit to go with it lol. So anyway I was searching around and found this one on the IDH website. It arrived in reaosnable time (I think, =S it's been a while now) and was packaged well, arrived in perfect condition. First thing I did was try it on, the length was perfect (I'm a weird size 55 inches) the fit was also perfect (they have different size in terms of body fit for each length option, which is SUPER!) only problem and big problem was the sleeves, they were too wide )= but that was fixed with a sewing machine (and I'm not great at sewing, but it wasn't that hard) it did take some trial and error to get the sleeves to fit (I didn't me

Review | Rabia Z Kaftan

Assalaamu alaikum girls! So I entered this competition held by Muslimah Compass in collaboration with Rabia Z and strangely enough I won =D I won a hot pink kaftan and a Rabia Z signature jersey hijab, here are some pics and my thoughts on this item from the Ruby collection. Ok so first thoughts upon receiving the package '*WOW* it's a really bright pink' I'm quite a girly girl I would say and I adore the colour pink (maybe just not this bright lol) It came in a pink Rabia Z Ruby collection bag (you know the ones made from fabric) and it's the same colour so I do use that when I go out because I can handle a little bit of this colour, but honestly speaking I wouldn't go out in it, it's just a bit too bright for me and would defo attract waay too much attention in the suit clad city of London. But I have worn it out to dinner at my Uncles house and I do wear it at home when we have guests. Eventhough it's made from jersey (whic