Monday, 12 September 2011

How to Hijabify a Saree

Salaam sisters!

Some of you may know that my cousin got married in the weekend, for her mehndi (henna) party my sisters, cousins and I wore yellow sarees. The sarees we bought had short sleeves and my aunt made some long sleeves for us by cutting the inside of the saree and using that fabric. A sister on the iHijabi page on facebook asked me to show a before and after picture of the sarees so here are a few pics (=

The first picture is from the catalogue....

And here are a few pics of us wearing the sarees

What do you think? The theme was Arabian/Moroccan hence the bright colours (=

Here are a few pics of some taals (decorative food platters) that people made, made by super talented aunts, cousins, sister's in law (=

Made By Red (=   

Cool huh? Whatcha think?


  1. i love how u hijabified ur sari!! :D you all lookk sooo prettyy (even thou i cant see your faces..but still very pretty :))

  2. awesome!!! this yellow saree looks cute..
    since im fallin for yellow lately
    but this saree just great
    hijabies also can be modest with traditional clothes ^^,

  3. wooow the saree loks great cute ...... also i liked very much the foods ....they look like a picture :))

  4. Mashallah the clothes are lovely, also the way the food has been presented is soo creative. You have such a creative family. If possible, please do show us some techniques of how to decorate food platters.


  5. JazakAllah khair for all your lovely comments aH (=

    Yes I'm totally loving yellow too it's such a fun loving, bubbly colour....I will try and get my cousin or someone to carve a melon and some other fruits & I'll film it for you guys iA

    Salaam xxx

  6. Salaam, Hi my friends Mendhi is coming up and I need help in making thaals, the thaals you have made are lovely, is there anyway of telling me how you made all of them? my email is sharmin9009@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you

  7. Hey...omg this is so creative!! Um i was wondering how the in the last picture,the girl in the middle did her hijab style...Do you have a tutorial of it..please send me the link if you do...my email address is sdy_slm@yahoo.com

    1. I don't have a tutorial for it, but it's pretty simple just place the hijab on your head, one side long, one side short, bring the long side over your head (wrap it once like you normally would do) then just twist the long side and pin it with a brooch

  8. beautiful M'A where did you bought this sister??and how much is it????????