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Beauty Review | Beauty B Cosmetics

Assalaamu alaikum girlies!

I'm so sorry for being AWOL lately but I've got soooo much on my plate...anyhoo this is a review for an eyeshadow palette I bought recently from a company called Beauty B cosmetics, here is a link to where you can purchase their products

I bought the 120 rainbow professional eyeshadow palette because I had to go to my cousins wedding and needed some bright colours to go with my outfits, this palette actually has every shade in every colour which is brilliant!


-In this palette there are matts, shimmers, glitters and marble shadows so you can create a variety of looks. 

-Many colours are really pigmented and last a long time especially if you wear a good primer as a base.

-Comes with a free complimentary brush really nicely packaged (I'm a sucker for nice packaging!)

-It's really neat in it's palette, arrived in perfect condition with nothing broken.

-Again every shade in every colour, so is really worthwhile

-Price is really good for the number of high quality colours you get and free UK delivery


-A LOT of fallout with some of the colours

-A few colours for example the yellows, are not highly pigmented (at least not on my skin tone) and therefore don't stand out as well.

-It comes in 2 trays stacked on top of each other so you have to take the top tray off and put it in the lid to see all colours (bit fiddly)

-The bristles of the brush come out (quite a lot)


I think it's a really good palette, I know some people will tell me you can buy similar palettes on ebay for cheaper but I only went with this company because they guaruntee authenticity (you're not buying something from china that has harmful chemicals in it). Obviously they're not like Urban Decay or MAC but they are probably in the same region as Sleek (with more varirty), I will actually use this palette with colours from my oher eye shadow palettes to get the colour and the quality I'm looking for.

Eye Shadow Tips & Tricks

-To make the colours stand out more and stay on for longer use an eyeshadow primer as a base

-Another way to make the colours stand out more and for a more defined look try using a damp brush

-Start with a lighter colour in the inner corner of the eye and use a darker colour on the outside

-To prevent looking like you have a black eye due to the fall out use a bit of tissue under your eye when applying

Below is a short description by Beauty B and a picture of one look created with this palette, I'm sorry I haven't done swatches because there are 120 colours =S and some colours are quite similar.

At Beauty B we offer high quality Makeup and Makeup Brushes at affordable prices. the place to buy high quality cosmetics at affordable prices
Our Beauty B Cosmetics are 100% Authentic

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