Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Review | LaDecence


I recieved some products from LaDecence Hijabs & accessories recently so here is the review for all of the lovely products!

Ok so what will I be reviewing today?

-A black lace tie back underscarf
-A black Neckerie (neck covering)
-A Maxi floral black crinkle hijab
-A black/grey/pink thin scarf

Black Lace tie back underscarf & Maxi crinkle hijab

Ok so when I first saw this hijab I was not really fond of it and still wouldn't consider it one of my best hijab's (because of the colours) but when I tried it on my sister it actually looked really nice, I chose it mainly because I wanted to go for something a little different and see if I could make it work...to be honest it didn't really need much work doing to it lol, crinkle hijabs are awesome for volume without the effort (=

The Lace underscarf is something I've been looking for, for a really long time, I have a grey tube lace underscarf from Peral daisy which is really tight on my head and gives me an ear ache as well as a headache at the end of the day (really don't like wearing tube underscarves) so I was over the moon when I recieved this underscarf from LaDecence. Because it is made of lace it does tend to slip back a lot so I would reccommend you wear it with a cotton underscarf under it.


I really love this idea! It's basically a neck cover (if you don't want to wear a turtleneck/poloneck whatever they're called) it covers your neck & chest area if you are wearing a low neck top and also if you want to wear your hijab in a style which would expose your neck without it. With this neckerie the hijab style possibilities are endless so you'll probs be seeing a lot more of it in my hijab tutorials (=
The only thing I would say is that like most neck covers it's quite wide around the neck so fits all sizes of necks =S but you do have to pin it to you underscarf to prevent it from falling/ being loose.

Black/Grey/Pink Thin hijab

This hijab was chosen by my cousin who loved it as soon as she saw it. It is a really pretty hijab and will go with almost any outfit to add a little feminin touch. I don't really know how to describe the fabric, it's not like your ordinary thin hijabs the soft ones (that your straight pins seem to always get lost in) but more opaque and not as soft. But again can't really say anything negtive about this hijab, it's pretty, covering yet very casual/feminin (=

The customer service, shipping & delivery is as always awesome with LaDecence, I always get prompt replies and my packages come in great condition alhamdulillah. Postage & packaging to international destinations does depend and LaDecence charge an estimate (Shipping with in US $1.50, Canada $3.50, Australia and UK $7.50 ), if after they've posted it they see that the postage and packaging was actually less than what you paid they will refund you the difference...now how many companies can you say will go to the effort to do that?

LaDecence Hijabs and Accessories is all about discovering a new world of elegance,modesty and decency. It all started when me being a hijabi wanted to discover the creative aspect of wearing my head scarf with which i can feel pretty and confident within the limits of modesty, with which headscarf is not only a piece of cloth, but my identity. So my passion for hijab lead me to the idea of creating this store. Our goal Inshallah is to provide you with the quality products that are competitive in price with a click of a button.

Our highest priority is to bring best colors and designs to an affordable range.

<3 LaDecence!

Website: http://www.ladecence.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaDecence

Beauty Review | Beauty B Cosmetics

Assalaamu alaikum girlies!

I'm so sorry for being AWOL lately but I've got soooo much on my plate...anyhoo this is a review for an eyeshadow palette I bought recently from a company called Beauty B cosmetics, here is a link to where you can purchase their products


I bought the 120 rainbow professional eyeshadow palette because I had to go to my cousins wedding and needed some bright colours to go with my outfits, this palette actually has every shade in every colour which is brilliant!


-In this palette there are matts, shimmers, glitters and marble shadows so you can create a variety of looks. 

-Many colours are really pigmented and last a long time especially if you wear a good primer as a base.

-Comes with a free complimentary brush really nicely packaged (I'm a sucker for nice packaging!)

-It's really neat in it's palette, arrived in perfect condition with nothing broken.

-Again every shade in every colour, so is really worthwhile

-Price is really good for the number of high quality colours you get and free UK delivery


-A LOT of fallout with some of the colours

-A few colours for example the yellows, are not highly pigmented (at least not on my skin tone) and therefore don't stand out as well.

-It comes in 2 trays stacked on top of each other so you have to take the top tray off and put it in the lid to see all colours (bit fiddly)

-The bristles of the brush come out (quite a lot)


I think it's a really good palette, I know some people will tell me you can buy similar palettes on ebay for cheaper but I only went with this company because they guaruntee authenticity (you're not buying something from china that has harmful chemicals in it). Obviously they're not like Urban Decay or MAC but they are probably in the same region as Sleek (with more varirty), I will actually use this palette with colours from my oher eye shadow palettes to get the colour and the quality I'm looking for.

Eye Shadow Tips & Tricks

-To make the colours stand out more and stay on for longer use an eyeshadow primer as a base

-Another way to make the colours stand out more and for a more defined look try using a damp brush

-Start with a lighter colour in the inner corner of the eye and use a darker colour on the outside

-To prevent looking like you have a black eye due to the fall out use a bit of tissue under your eye when applying

Below is a short description by Beauty B and a picture of one look created with this palette, I'm sorry I haven't done swatches because there are 120 colours =S and some colours are quite similar.

At Beauty B we offer high quality Makeup and Makeup Brushes at affordable prices.
BeautyBCosmetics.com the place to buy high quality cosmetics at affordable prices
Our Beauty B Cosmetics are 100% Authentic

Monday, 12 September 2011

How to Hijabify a Saree

Salaam sisters!

Some of you may know that my cousin got married in the weekend, for her mehndi (henna) party my sisters, cousins and I wore yellow sarees. The sarees we bought had short sleeves and my aunt made some long sleeves for us by cutting the inside of the saree and using that fabric. A sister on the iHijabi page on facebook asked me to show a before and after picture of the sarees so here are a few pics (=

The first picture is from the catalogue....

And here are a few pics of us wearing the sarees

What do you think? The theme was Arabian/Moroccan hence the bright colours (=

Here are a few pics of some taals (decorative food platters) that people made, made by super talented aunts, cousins, sister's in law (=

Made By Red (=   

Cool huh? Whatcha think?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

OOTD | Eid Special

Assalaamu alaikum,

Hope you all had a fantabulous Eid. Today I've decided just for Eid not to only do an outfit of the day for my self but also included a few pics of my sisters and my cousins....

That's me, I wore a plum colour jilbab with copper, brown & silver decorations on the sleeves and up one side of the jilbab....it's from an online store called Al-Hijaab and is an amazing jilbab, very comfy to wear. The bag, you've seen before and it's from Clair's, the ring I'm not sure where it's from but I'm guessing an Asian shop because it's one of those you can adjust to fit.

That's my little sister, she wore an anarkali dress, with my purple jersey hijab from Hijab Obsessions (=

On the left is another one of my sisters and she also wore a plum colour jilbab from Al-hijaab, her embroidery is silver and it goes across diagonally to the waist. In the blue is my cousin she wore a long anarkali type dress, which was very pretty I must say =D

And that is my cousin Ima she wore a beautiful blue sari with gold embroidery & decorations but took it off as soon as I got there (towards the end of the day) because she wasn't feeling well )= but she look super pretty mA....don't tell her I said that =P

So what do you think of our outfits? What did you wear? What did you get up to? Whatever you did I hope you all had an amazing time inshaAllah (=

Until next time....

Wassalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu xxxxxx