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Giveaway | Winners & Runners up of 1000 Fans competition!

Assalaamu alaikum everyone,

So the time that you've all been waiting for is finally here, time to announce the winners of our 1000 fans competition! Firstly I'd like to say a massive well done mashaAllah to all the sisters that entered it was soooooo hard to choose one person from each category, which is why I've decided to post all the entries on here so you can all see their fantastic work. Secondly a reeeaallly big thank you to all our sponsor companies for, well sponsoring this giveaway and providing some amazing prizes for the winners. And last but not least thank you to Sister Shannon & Sister Sana, two of our iHijabi facebook page admins, for helping me choose the winners, really couldn't have done it without you girls!

Enough of my rambling now....below are the winners & runners up. Sisters that have won please e-mail ihijabi@gmail.com with your contact details including full postal address.


A (Create a logo & slogan for iHijabi)- Sharmeen Baloch

B- (What is your favourite blogpost & why?)- Nasmira Firdous

C- (Hijab photography)- Mehreen Akhter [Mini Mehreen]

So here are those winning entries!


Sharmeen Baloch won the logo & slogan competition for this category because of her use of bright & vibrant colours. The logo captured the essense of sisterhood, each individual sister on her own with her own personality & character is beautiful but sisters together make up the colours of the rainbow even more beautiful.


Asalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu

“There is no me, myself and I in Islam” (Dated: 6th July 2011)

I found the above article to be of profound significance in today’s scenario. Why do I like this post? The article itself is a very short one but made me ponder on the following points in great detail:

1) This Ummah is ONE. What happened in Srebrenica, in Palestine and the whole of Middle

East should concern us.

2) Its time to wake up and stop dreaming – our time in dunya is fast running out.
3) We should cut out satanic whispers and listen to what Allah has to say!

1) The article says you cannot swim up alone! Why? Because this Ummah is ONE.

“So sisters, let’s be among those who are not in loss, those who have woken up due to the mercy of Allah, and those who are not only concerned with our own akirah, but also of others.”

Many people tend to look at themselves as being independent of everything around them. This more often translates into “I’m doing well and so is my family, so why bother about what happens half way across the world!” Subhan’Allah! How could we not be worried when our Prophet (saws) said “This Ummah is like one body. When the head aches, the entire body feels the pain”. Our aloofness to the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world is one of the main reasons for the entire Ummah being treated like pushovers by the kuffars. An Ummah of 1.6 billion is not able to defend itself or protect the modesty of its sisters. It is not because Israel or America has become strong. It is just because we have become weaker, without any determination or will to stand up for ourselves.

I got reminded of a verse in An-Nisa where Allah says, “So fight in the way of Allah, you are not made responsible for anyone except yourself BUT arouse the believers, It may be that Allah will restrain the might of those who do not believe, and Allah is the Strongest in might and the Strongest in giving exemplary punishment” (4: 84).

It made me ponder over whether we are completing the task for which we were sent forth – jihad fi sabilillah (fight in the way of Allah). It is important to understand the nobility of the word and to be proud of it. The term does not mean blow yourself up in crowded markets or place bombs in every other public place, which is sadly the notion created and impregnated in the minds of billions of people the world over-- Muslims and non Muslims alike, by the Western media. This jihad in the path of Allah is to defend this Ummah from being used as punching bags, to unite and carry the message of Islam and teach others about the principles so they stop misinterpreting Islam and its beautiful values. The problem is we have allowed them to design a certain stereotype and paint the entire Ummah with the same brush.

To unite as one Ummah and make people around us understand Islam, To pull back our brothers and sisters who are so far away from the truth to the straight path, and

• To feel the pain and anguish of our sisters in Palestine, of the brothers in Guantanamo,
and of families in Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Every bullet being fired should make our insides burn. Every drop of blood shed by a Muslim should make us cringe. Every house demolished in Palestine should make us feel homeless and lifeless. Its not strangers, it’s our own brothers and sisters. We as an Ummah are failing to realize this and are therefore drowning together in the ocean called dunya!

The article talks about an interesting surah in the Quran where Allah testifies by time and says we are running out of time. I feel it is high time we advice each other to do good and be patient! Advising could mean anything from helping sisters understand the importance of hijab (which includes hijabifying the nafs) to stopping brothers from behaving like crooks at home and saintly outside!

2) Wake up those sisters who are still dreaming:

“At this you find yourself asking “why can’t I just swim to the top, I keep having to wake others up and help them!...”

Dreaming does not necessarily mean that we visualize something while asleep. Rather, it means we are sleeping in this dunya (by chaining ourselves to the depths of the ocean) and in turn losing out on the great benefits we could get in the akhira! I think its time we wake up and woke others up. I felt this actually translated into waking our sisters and family in the softest manner possible. Allah says to Moosa, “Both (Moosa and Harun) go to Firawn, he has certainly rebelled, BUT speak to him in a gentle manner...” (20:43-44). Allah is asking His Prophet (AS) to speak to the world’s worst tyrant in a soft manner, to a disbeliever, so that his heart might melt and turn towards Islam. Unfortunately, we are being rude and harsh to our own sisters, believers in Islam.

3) Cut out satanic whispers and listen to Allah:

“Those who have woken up due to the mercy of Allah”

This article touched the tip of the iceberg and made me realize that we need to cut out Satan’s stupid whispers by turning towards Allah, in turn receiving His mercy. I wondered: would we listen to our rival in college or an institution? Would we say yes and act according to his demands when he has humiliated our parents or forced us to do evil and indecent things. We wont! Then why are we still listening to the Satan who has done all this and more! Every time we allow someone else to drown in his/her sins by not stopping them, we will be held accountable. Why? Because we procrastinated and felt it was not our duty anyway!

Procrastination is a by product of the Satan, therefore we should cut out his whisperings.

A burqa ban brings a lot of hue and cry but I feel we should stop blaming the government. We only have ourselves to blame. Nothing is impossible with Allah’s help, but we are being neglectful and are therefore not yet worthy of receiving His help. We must point the finger at ourselves and ask, “When was the last time I prayed five daily prayers ON TIME?”

Every single delay in prayer we make could be the reason for a sister being humiliated in other part of the world. Every single time we don’t advice a sister or brother when she/he does something haraam, Allah is delaying His victory, waiting for us to repent for being so niggardly. He is waiting for His slaves to turn back to him, not one here, another there, but the entire Ummah of 1.6 billion+ together. We cannot be sitting back using the latest gadgets when our sisters are being denied even a decent burial!

Every small sin we commit is making us move far away from Allah’s noor, mercy and victory! For verily, “there is no me, myself and I in Islam”. Its WE! Allah will only give victory when WE act together as one Ummah and not as alienated parts of a body.

We should wake up; stop dreaming and rise together from the depths of the ocean with sisters hand in hand, smiling, with the banner of Islam flying high, with la ilaaha illallah on our lips! That’s when we have achieved real victory, a blessing and mercy from our Fosterer, Most High!

We are connected not by some gruesome rope that has chained our hands and legs to each other. We are in fact connected by a strong and powerful rope of Islam that can be broken off each time we sin and allow others to sin. So let us get our act together and bridge the divide, fasten the rope, throw away our nationalism/tribalism banters and rise for Islam, together, insha’Allah!

The blog post is a very short one but a very powerful reminder to this Ummah! May Allah swt guide us all and admit us in His mercy! Ameen.


We were really torn between this piece and entry 3 because they were both amazing in their own way, but in the end I chose this piece because of the sheer effort & research that went into writing such a piece, the sister not only read the post but also went deeper and analysed it as well as giving her own views & input on it. It's actually an article worthy of it's own post as it is very detailed and well written. Well done sis (=


The winner for this category was voted for by the readers on the iHijabi facebook page. The winning entry was one that we ourselves voted for as it fulfilled the criteria set.
Category A Runners up

Category B Runners Up

Entry 1
'what is your favourite iHijabi blog post & why?'

My favourite post is definetly the 'how to hijabify your prom dress''.
I've liked + commented on all your sponsors ;)

I walk down the streets with my head held high,
I see the sisters, all dressed up in plain sight,
My gaze lowered; pace, calm and steady;
Their stunning to all onlookers, fashionably ready.

I look around and that’s all I see,
Barely an inch of modesty
We Hijabi’s strive for respect and dignity
To be judged on by our personality.

This era that we live in; has double standards,
A sister wants to blend in, not stand out and attract attention.
So we grab our hijab’s; ‘pile them high’;
To differentiate amongst the crowd; we sister’s try.

At the end of the day were all women,
Determined to look good, but maintain self-respect.
So we try lace caps, shiny pins, big flowers,
Make our statement, we women aren’t oppressed!

Our hijab’s are like a crown; of great worth
Our dignity, respect, religion in one item.
Not a loose piece of material, but something much more...
Like a veil that protects us from society’s core.

So to all you sister’s out there, who need encouragement
Once you’ve worn it your not gonna look back...
Once you take the 1st step, your nearly there,
We’ll all stand by you, so cover your hair.

Accessorise it, and make it look pretty,
As long as your covered from prying eyes.
You’re like a pearl amongst the ocean.
Hidden and valuable, of great worth and beauty.

Now that’s the message, we sister’s preach,
One of love and equality, for you to reach.
So close your eyes look out and see the world,
And let it see you for who you are, not your appearance.

Grab that maxi dress, which is in right now!
Grab a long sleeved top and dress it up,
Grab that shiny hijab and pretty pins,
Grab that little clutch bag and the sparkly bangles.

We’ve got every right to accessorise,
Modesty doesn’t have to be drab,
Find your style and incorporate...
It into your life, and see what awaits.

So to all you sisters making it easier,
For us to look good and modest at the same time: Thank You!
You’re doing a great job, we need you!
Hijabi’s... we salute you!

Thank You ;)

Entry 2

My favorite blog topic: Hijab style's to suit your face shape

my favorite blog topic is  because i found that topic very interesting and very usefull. every women wants to look stylish and for that this topics help everyone that what style suits u best and how to wear hijab properly :)

Entry 3

Assalam Alaykum,

I would like to submit a written piece for the iHijabi competition,

So what is my favourite iHijabi blog post, and why? MashaAllah, I found it difficult picking out one blog post to write about. This is because all of iHijabi's posts are intriguing to read and many of the posts relate to me personally and are particulary useful.

But after consideration I decided to pick the post that was most close to my heart; the hardships of being a hijabi.

So why? Well, Alhamdulilah I was born muslim and brought up with good values and so on. My parents didn't really discuss Islam to me directly, it was a very much as we were brought up we went along with things. Alhamdulilah I always fasted and prayed, however as I got older my prayer became broken and I would go months without praying. I was never told to wear the hijab by my parents, only my relatives would hint everytime I visited I would get irritated at this and say InshaAllah. However looking back now I can understand their point of view.

Anyway, after a few years on/off the straight path, SubhanAllah my mindset changed and Alhamdulilah, Allah SWT led me back onto the straight path.

I found that my Iman steadily grew and with this I was reading more about Islam and listening to lectures and so on, you could say making up for my childhood. I was learning the foundations of Islam again, learning WHY we prayed. WHY we fasted etc. For Allah SWT and for the hereafter. Alhamdulilah I had a focus in my life again.

So this is when I decided to wear hijab, or even Allah SWT guided me to wear hijab. It took me a couple of months to fully start wearing hijab and when I was reading your blog post I was still at the beginning of this process.

I felt that even though it talked about the 'hardships' it made me even stronger to wear hijab because it was put in such a positive manner, and ultimately we are wearing hijab for the sake of Allah SWT.
Even though hijab is an outer garment, the struggles are all in the mind, the shaytaan. Alhamdulilah this blog post reinforced the beauty of hijab for me.

Alhamdulilah I have now been wearing hijab for 3 months and loving it!!

JazakAllah Khairun for your blog,
It really is an inspiriation for all Muslimahs.

Category C Runners Up

And that's it for now folks! What did you think of the winners and all the entries? We will be holding more competitions in the future inshaAllah with lots more prizes. Until then why not nominate iHijabi the blog & facebook page for the Brass Crescent Award by clicking here? (=

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu


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  2. Do the runners up also qualify for a prize? Thank you

  3. Unfortunately not sister, I wish I could but I'd be broke sending prizes to everyone who entered =S. Sister Mah jabeen better luck next time inshaAllah, we will be holding lots more competitions in the future inshaAllah (=