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Poem | Sands of Time

I sit here on my prayer rug listening to the clocks tick tocking away
Is it the begining or the end of another day?
Like sand though my fingers, time will pass until it's gone
I listen

...Tick Tock

The seconds sprint on

My marathon comes closer to the finishing line
To when it will end I am blind

For only Allah the All Mighty knows our expiry date
not a moment earlier
nor a fraction of a second late

I'm afraid yet hopeful of where I will rank
My dream is to be in the highest of Jannah to be quite frank

This race is about winning not the taking part that counts
Forget your status & wealth
It'll be your mountain of good deeds that amounts

Death is the only certainty of life, that is well known
Shaytaan tries to make your forget
don't be decieved, there is no philosopher's stone

I pray that as I cross the finishing line
The shahada escapes my lips, a feeling so sublime
You see as Muslims we don't try to escape death
The time we're given in the dunya is nothing but a test

Truth be told I'm not afraid of dying
I'm afraid of not doing enough to please Allah
To think that I have, to myself I'd be lying.

Oh Allah grant me a place in your gardens beneath which rivers flow
Make my heart pure, make my love for you glow
Save me from the torment of the fire where I wish not to burn
To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.
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