Monday, 1 August 2011

Ramadhaan Kareem

So it's that time of year again, RAMADHAAN! Yaaay! Firstly I'd like to wish all my readers Ramadhaan Mubarak and I pray that you are all in the best of health and increased imaan. May Allah swt bless you and your families abundantly keep you in good health and high spirits! Ameen.

I love this time of year, full of family time, the devils have been chained and there is an overall atmosphere of worship, spirituality & kindness in the air. So this year one of my biggest goals is to read the entire Quran with the English translations so that I understand it as well. I have planned a Ramadhaan Quran Club on the iHijabi facebook page so that I can stay motivated and inshaAllah share this experience with those taking part. In previous years I remember sitting there in the afternoon for an hour or so just trying to finish a Juz (chapter) even if I got tired or bored, so this year I'll be reading a few pages after every salaah, I've been doing it since Maghrib salaah yesterday and it's going quite well alhamdulillah, I'm going to try and read about a Juz and a half each day (from one Maghrib to another) which should give me a 10 day leeway for if and when I'm 'not fasting' or if I don't read enough in a certain day (iftaar invites etc) Will you be trying to complete the Quran this Ramadhaan? If you're interested in the iHijabi Ramadhaan Quran club just go onto the facebook page on Wednesdays where we will be having a short dicussion on how much we've accomplished in the week and how it's all going, inshaAllah we'll also be trying to give some practical tips to anyone who is finding it difficult to keep up and just encourage each other in general to stay motivated (=

My other aims this Ramadhaan is to reduce talking and getting angry =S I will keep talking to a minimum inshaAllah and try to control my temper by doing dhikr when I feel like I'm getting worked up over something I'm hoping this will turn into a habit that sticks around even after Ramadhaan. What are your goals this Ramadhaan? Check out the facebook page for what the goals of some of our readers are and maybe you'll be inspired.

This Ramadhaan started without my father as he had to go to hospital on Saturday again, it was sad not to see him at his seat in the kitchen during suhoor but he was still with us by telling my mum to force us to eat rice with milk and mango (bengali tradition) lol I could just imagine him telling my mum "Remember to tell them!! How will they cope with such long days?" Yes I miss my dad but he should be home soon inshaAllah. Lol just remembered my mum coming back from the hospital in the afternoon and telling me that my dad said he feels bad because he can't go and buy as kebabs and stuff for iftaar xD

Anyway so yesterday I was thinking of Ramadhaan decorations to get the house into the Ramadhaan mood and get my little brothers excited about Ramadhaan. You know how kids get excited during christmas because of all the decorations and lights, well it's hard to grow up in a Western country trying not to get excited because you know you don't celebrate it. You know Eid is your celebration but our family is a bit rubbish at doing things for kids during Ramadhaan & Eid (we get new clothes and yummy food don't get me wrong) but this year I wanted to get the kids involved and show that Ramadhaan & Eid are good & joyous occasions for them too (= Anyway we decided to make a banner and decorate my little brother's window. Here are some pics (=

My little sister & brother cut out the letter's and coloured them in (took them all day!) they only got so far as putting up Ramadan when a lady who was walking past knocked on the door to say Salaam and Ramadan Kareem (= she said she really liked the decorations and was happy to see a Muslim family getting excited for Ramadhaan (she was Muslim btw) put a smile on my face =D alhamdulillah.

Ok I know it's a bit crap but I didn't have time to go out and buy things to use to make a banner so I improvised. I cut out the letters from old cereal boxes, covered them in tin foil then punched two holes on either side of each letter & thread through some gardening plastic thread thing =D Job done! When UI started doing this and getting excited my brothers & sisters kept asking what I'm doing and when I said making decorations they couldn't figure out why lol, boring kids! Thanks to sister Zeena Sharef for the inspiration for this banner =)

InshaAllah I'll try and get or make some proper decorations for Eid (with tha fairy lights and all!)

Anyhoo I hope you guys have a lovely Ramadhan inshaAllah! Remember me in your du'as iA.

"Oh ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you, that ye may ward off (evil)" (183) - Surah Al-Baqara
Welcome home Ramadhaan!

Hugs, du'as & salaams!

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