Saturday, 20 August 2011

OOTD | Iftar with friends


I'm going to my friends house for iftar today =D yaaay! We'll be making some more 'how to vid's' whilst we're preparing inshaAllah and my closest friends from college will be there too iA, haven't seen them for absolutely ages (everyones always busy with uni & work )= ) anyhoo here is my outfit of the day!

Hijab- Hijab Fashion Shop, [called pink flourish crinkle hijab I think] <3 (price: £5.99)

Jilbab- Larein by Lawung (GPU '08) (price: £35)

Grey cardi- Nags Head Market (price: can be found for a fiver in most markets)

Jacket- New Look (price: £25 with student discount)

Heart brooch- Pearl Daisy (price: 'Gift from friend')

White & Black lace flower corsage- Ornate (facebook) (price: FREEE =D lol it was a gift from hana)

Pink, white, purple, black mexican head band- Some random shop that was closing down in Wood Green. (price: 50p or something like that)


  1. how do u do the twist wwith the hijab ive been tryin for ages but i fail everytime

  2. Salaams,

    I'm not really sure how to explain it, I just bring the long side round and twist it, then pin it with a brooch to stop the twist unraveling. Do you know why it's nt working for you? I'll try do a really quick youtube tutorial on it iA