Sunday, 28 August 2011

Poem | My perfect imperfections

I am happy being me I'd have it no other way
I know I'm not perfect & I try my best to keep my demons at bay

I look around at women wishing to turn back the hands of time
Spend their lives dieting, piling on make up ...
...'I feel ugly' they'll whine

Wrinkle free creams and botox galore
Nose job, lip plump, tummy tuck,
no pain no gain no facial expressions
but what's it all for?

You look at us veiled pearls and think we need liberating
I reckon those in the clutches of Sir Prada and Mr Dior
are the ones that need saving

I feel quite sad when I think about my sisters in humanity
Using and abusing their bodies all in the name of vanity
Do they not know this shell that our souls live in is a gift from above?
One day it will bear witness against us, how we didn't treat it with love

I don't need the filthy compliments from men to make me feel complete
The blessings from my Lord are more than enough
To Him no man can ever compete

It's beyond me how a woman can feel good when being treated like dirt
To satisfy their desires, with you they flirt

It's time you realised the reason they say you're beautiful
They stick you in car ad's and billboards
only to make their income more fruitful

My sister I'm afraid you've been decieved
If you want to be free from this oppression
then it's time you believed

Save your beauty for a man whose heart is pure clean
The only ONE that is deserving
For if he is God fearing you'll be treated like his queen

He's mezmorised by every line, wrinkle and scar
It reminds him to appreciate the journey of your life
the path that brought you together

Your love, your compassion, you intellect and wisdom is what he should seek
That's the beauty that never fades
The other is only skin deep

So, alhamadulillah I am happy being me
My perfect imperfections are what makes me me
Love me or hate me, your words and comments don't faze me
I'm a woman of Islam,
and that's what's liberating believe me!


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  1. being grateful is the most precious!!!