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Review | Eid Decorations

Assalaamu alaikum EVERYONEEEE =D

Hope you have all had a wonderful Ramadhaan inshaAllah, it's gone so fast hasn't it? Gonna miss it when it's gone ='(

I bought some decorations for Eid =D and I thought I would share my thoughts on the company I bought them from and the products themselves.

Eid is a time of celebration yet I feel like parents don't make it exciting for children the way christian families make christmas exciting for their kids, I always felt growing up that although it was nice wearing new clothes and meeting up with cousins, it was the same thing every year and as a child I didn't look forward to it the same way the kids at school looked forward to christmas.

Eid is the only celebration for Muslims and every religion is differentiated by it's celebrations, so I decided this year I'd do it properly, decorate the house, mini prezzies and everything!

I've been looking for Islamic Eid/Ramadhaan decorations since before Ramadhaan and only found one company that was in like Canada or something they charged £30 something for just shipping! And then I saw an ad on TV (prob's Islam channel or Ramadhan TV can't remember) for the muslim sticker company. I went onto their website and ta da, super cool Islamic decorations and party items.

Their website is pretty easy to navigate, however I did find that the checkout basket thingy kept playing up and showing items which I hadn't added to it or showing the wrong quantity of items in it, I'm not sure if it was a technical glitch or something but it's all good if you refresh/update your shopping basket. The prices for all items are very reasonable alhamdulillah, and shipping for the UK again is reasonable.

So what did I buy?

I bought some Eid Mubarak Banners & some Balloons (they didn't have much else for house decorations)

The banner was AMAZING! I took it out and my lil bro wanted to put it up, so we did, about 11 days early lol.

I know it says it's a large banner on the site but I didn't realise how big it'd be, we put it up in the living room for now and inshaAllah we'll put the rest up outside the house and around the house, the pattern is repeated 4 times and you can cut into separate pieces so it fits. It's really bright & colourful and super quality, could use them again next year!

Price? Like I said really reasonable...
£2.50 for 1 pack
£7.00 for 3 packs
£11.00 for 5 packs

The next thing I bought was 2 packs of Eid Mubarak balloons.

I haven't taken them out or used them yet but here is the description from their website
10 per pack
Premium Quality Large balloons.
Double Sided Print 'Eid Mubarak' in English and Arabic.
In 7 dazzling colours - red, blue green, lilac, pink, gold and yellow
Price?  £2.00 for a pack of 10, which again I think is super!

The customer service is very good mashaAllah, I received e-mails telling me when my products had been shipped and they also made the effort to ask how I heard about them and reassure me that I would receive the products in a day or two.

Alhamdulillah the delivery was very good! I think it arrived in 2 days, everything was packaged properly and all in all I am one happy customer.

I definitely reccomend this company to everyone, they're very trustworthy and honest especially with things like pricing, their products are worth your money

They have loads of cools stuff for kids on their website, not only decorations but educational materials and encouraging stickers. I hope this company continues to grow and May Allah bless all the brothers & sisters working for The Muslim Sticker Company for coming up with such innovative ideas to make children excited about Islam again! I also hope that they produce more Eid decorations and party items because InshaAllah I will be ordering from them again (=

I know Eid is like 2/3 days away and Monday is bank holiday so you probs wont get your products by Eid if you order now but you could always stock up for Eid al Adha? Apologies I really should have uploaded this review a while ago )=

Anyhoo peeps that's it and here is a link to the website:

And their facebook page =D

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