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Hijab Styling | Silky Lace Occasion

Assalaamu alaikum and Eid Mubarak to all my lovely readers from around the world, may Allah bless each and everyone of you and may you all have an amazing Eid! iA A sister e-mailed me recently asking me how I did a hijab style on the hijab fashion review I did so in this post I have tried to re-create the look. I have used 2 scarves, a silky scarf in a platinum colour and a grey vintage corture/unforgettable lace hijab, I have also used a 3 band elasticated pearl headband. All items used in this tutorial are from hijab fashion shop  however, I'm not sure if all the items are in stock. So here it is! Step 1 Place the silky hijab on your head one side long one side short and then place the lace hijab on your head again one side long one side short with the lace side not cotton side on your head. Step 2 Make sure both hijabs are at the same legth on the shorter side eventhough they will be at different lengths on the longer side (the silky hijab is longer than

Review | Eid Decorations

Assalaamu alaikum EVERYONEEEE =D Hope you have all had a wonderful Ramadhaan inshaAllah, it's gone so fast hasn't it? Gonna miss it when it's gone ='( I bought some decorations for Eid =D and I thought I would share my thoughts on the company I bought them from and the products themselves. Eid is a time of celebration yet I feel like parents don't make it exciting for children the way christian families make christmas exciting for their kids, I always felt growing up that although it was nice wearing new clothes and meeting up with cousins, it was the same thing every year and as a child I didn't look forward to it the same way the kids at school looked forward to christmas. Eid is the only celebration for Muslims and every religion is differentiated by it's celebrations, so I decided this year I'd do it properly, decorate the house, mini prezzies and everything! I've been looking for Islamic Eid/Ramadhaan decorations since before Ram

Poem | Bipolar

Cold and dark Numb and hollow Don’t look around Keep my eyes closed Keep my head down A ray of sun beams into the emptiness Lift me off the ground And I’m soaring Through the sky I’m soaring Rules of my own have been broken Like the rules of gravity I have broken I fear I’m falling Blinded by the happiness And I fear The day the lightning strikes And I’m broken Like a bullet shattering glass I’m broken Fragments of my heart are floating And I’m falling Into the darkness again I’m falling through the empty space I’m falling and I fear The silence when my heart makes no sound And I fear The tears and pain when I hit the ground. iHijabi

Poem | Sands of Time

I sit here on my prayer rug listening to the clocks tick tocking away Is it the begining or the end of another day? Like sand though my fingers, time will pass until it's gone I listen ... Tick Tock The seconds sprint on My marathon comes closer to the finishing line To when it will end I am blind For only Allah the All Mighty knows our expiry date not a moment earlier nor a fraction of a second late I'm afraid yet hopeful of where I will rank My dream is to be in the highest of Jannah to be quite frank This race is about winning not the taking part that counts Forget your status & wealth It'll be your mountain of good deeds that amounts Death is the only certainty of life, that is well known Shaytaan tries to make your forget don't be decieved, there is no philosopher's stone I pray that as I cross the finishing line The shahada escapes my lips, a feeling so sublime You see as Muslims we don't try to escape death The time

Poem | My perfect imperfections

I am happy being me I'd have it no other way I know I'm not perfect & I try my best to keep my demons at bay I look around at women wishing to turn back the hands of time Spend their lives dieting, piling on make up ... ... 'I feel ugly' they'll whine Wrinkle free creams and botox galore Nose job, lip plump, tummy tuck, no pain no gain no facial expressions but what's it all for? You look at us veiled pearls and think we need liberating I reckon those in the clutches of Sir Prada and Mr Dior are the ones that need saving I feel quite sad when I think about my sisters in humanity Using and abusing their bodies all in the name of vanity Do they not know this shell that our souls live in is a gift from above? One day it will bear witness against us, how we didn't treat it with love I don't need the filthy compliments from men to make me feel complete The blessings from my Lord are more than enough To Him no man can ever compet

OOTD | Iftar with friends

Salaams! I'm going to my friends house for iftar today =D yaaay! We'll be making some more 'how to vid's' whilst we're preparing inshaAllah and my closest friends from college will be there too iA, haven't seen them for absolutely ages (everyones always busy with uni & work )= ) anyhoo here is my outfit of the day! Hijab - Hijab Fashion Shop, [called pink flourish crinkle hijab I think] <3 (price: £5.99) Jilbab - Larein by Lawung (GPU '08) (price: £35) Grey cardi - Nags Head Market (price: can be found for a fiver in most markets) Jacket - New Look (price: £25 with student discount) Heart brooch - Pearl Daisy (price: 'Gift from friend') White & Black lace flower corsage - Ornate (facebook) (price: FREEE =D lol it was a gift from hana) Pink, white, purple, black mexican head band - Some random shop that was closing down in Wood Green. (price: 50p or something like that)

OOTD | Earthy Tones

Salaams girlies! So I don't usually do outfit of the day posts but after a request I thought I might aswell =D I just wore this to go to Morrisons with my mum (normally I'd just wear black abaya with a black hijab but I hadn't been outta my nighty for almost a week and I felt like I needed to make an effort) The bag is from a random bag shop in North London but it comes under the 'Troop London' brand, I like the size & colour of this bag. It's not too big and it's not too small so it can carry some of my junk lol. I think it cost around £25 ish The bangle was a gift from a friend at school (almost 4 or 5 years ago) but it was from Clairs Accessories. The hijab is a maxi Jersey hijab from Primark and it's a sort of tan neutral colour it cost around £4 same goes for the kilt pin brooch (which you have seen in one of my Lazy Sunday posts from before). The Heart shaped brooch is from Peral Daisy and is one of my fave accessories!  I jus

Asian Clothing Hijabi Tips

So I know it's only the first week of Ramadhaan but I bet you're all thinking about what you're going to wear for Eid. Might I add here that I highly recommend you get your Eid shopping out of the way ASAP because the prices all go very high the weekend before Eid. It's actually even better if you got you Eid shopping done before Ramadhaan. This year we've left our Eid shopping quite late because my dad's been in and out of hospital but we'll be going in the next week or so iA. One thing I always look at when I buy Indian/Pakistani outfits is the dupatta, some dupatta's really put me off because  I know that I wont know how to wrap it as a hijab. For those types of dupatta's I usually buy a plain scarf to wear on my head and just use the dupatta to drape across my chest (pinned to the shoulders) but sometimes it's just wayyy too hot to be wearing so many scarves (esp seeing as Eid is at the end of August). The outfit I buy for Eid will probs be

Recipe | Dates, Drinks & Desserts [Guest post]

These are recipes by Sunnie with great idea's for Suhoor, Iftaar & even Eid recipes. The post will be updated throughout the year so watch this space! Stuffed dry dates (kharek) I kno its kind of early for this .....but still .....whole month is of Ramadan is here ...Traditionally served on the Night of the Eid to break the fast instead of the fresh dates, this is a family recipe Dry dates( Kharek)- 15/20 Milk- 1 cup Nido milk powder OR khoya (grated) – ½ cup Mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachoes, walnuts) – ½ cup finely grated Ghee- 1 tsp Sugar- 4/5 tbs Saffron- a pinch Cardamom Powder- a pinch Wash and soak the dry dates in milk for 5-6 hrs in the fridge. Boil them in the same milk till they become soft, remove from the milk, slit one side and de-seed them. Keep the dates aside. In the same milk (will now be about ¼ cup) add the milk powder or grated khoya, the grated nuts, ghee, saffron and cardamom powder. Put it over low