Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Spiritual | There's no Me, Myself & I in Islam

[Note: this is an article written by Sr Aslam, a guest writer for iHijabi, bringing  you inspiration and motivation. Her articles will be published on the blog as well as a note on facebook. Please let us know what you think of this first article she has written for iHijabi readers]

Sisters, I want you to imagine you are drowning and you are unconscious. What is the first thing you have to do to survive...yes, you would have to wake up! Now, you have woken up and you start to swim to the top, but as you go further up you notice that you are unable to reach the top.

Why? Because you are chained to your sister who is at the bottom of the sea and she is unconscious. In
order to save both yourself and your sister, you swim down to try and wake her up. However, that seems an impossible thing to do because she is having the most amazing dream and doesn’t want to wake up. She is not even aware that she is drowning! But you remain persistent and carry on. You manage to get her to wake up and together starting swimming to the top.

But again...you notice that you can’t go all the way up. You both look down to see that your sister is chained to your cousin who is unconscious. Now both of you need to wake her up before you can try and reach the top. At this you find yourself asking “why can’t I just swim to the top, I keep having to wake others up and help them!...why?!”

Why?....because there is no me, myself and I in Islam sisters. Allah (swt) warns us in Surah Asr that mankind is drowning in loss. Subhanallah what a warning! However there are exceptions to this, and two of the traits of the ones who are the exception are those who advise each other to truth and advise each other to patience.

So sisters, let’s be among those who are not in loss, those who have woken up due to the mercy of Allah, and those who are not only concerned with our own akirah, but also of others.

May Allah make us among those who not only benefit ourselves but also benefit those around us.
May Allah make us among those who sincerely want for others what they want for themselves.

Humaira Aslam

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