Friday, 8 July 2011

Spiritual | Guest Post - Rain: Another Miserable Day?

“Oh what a miserable day it is?!” Why does it have to rain..it’s so depressing!” These are comments we hear all the time, especially in the west, where talking about the weather is a conversation starter.

This week the weather in the UK has been very unpredictable (actually it is like that most times), but I have lost count the number of times I have heard these negative comments about rain. This got me thinking about how I haven’t heard anyone say one good thing about rain!

SubhanAllah rain is a beautiful gift to us from Allah swt, but many of us don’t acknowledge it. Even people who don’t believe in God can have a lot to appreciate about rain..but sadly majority of them don’t. They selfishly think of themselves and are just concerned about getting wet or having to change their plans due to the rain. They forget though, it is a life source. This rain they detest so much sustains us by the will of Allah swt.

In the west, we are not appreciative of the blessings of rain we have, compared to other countries. To us it is just water, yet to others it is a difference between life and death.

Allah swt says in the Qur’an “And we send down from the sky rain chartered with blessings and we produce therewith gardens and grain for harvests” (Surah Qaf, Verse 9)

And Allah swt says “We send down pure water from the sky, that with it We may give life to a dead land and shake the thirst of things We have created, cattle and men in great numbers” (Surah Furqan Verse 48-49)

So lets all acknowledge the blessings of rain , thank Allah and tell eachother what we like about rain! I will go first...so the things I love about rain are:

1. The memories it holds for me. I grew up in Pakistan and whenever it rained, all us kids would run outside and play in the rain for hours! As most kids we didn’t have a care in the world that we would get soaked or become ill, we just wanted to enjoy every second of it. For us kids, each time it rained was an event for us...MashaAllah what wonderful times!

2. The beauty of it. I don’t even think I can describe how amazing I think the rain is. I love the way it falls down, like precious crystals being sent to us from Allah (swt). The exquisite beauty of the sun breaking through after rain is breathtaking....SubhanAllah.

3. The aroma of the rain hitting the earth and filling my senses.

4. The sound. Falling rain always seems to leave me feeling calm and peaceful...the sound goes straight to my heart.

5. Feeling closer to Allah (swt). This is by far the most important reason why I love rain. I can’t help but think of Allah (swt) when it rains, His blessings and Mercy for us, who violate His commands on a daily basis...May Allah forgive us.

So sisters, it is your turn to share what you love about the rain?! I look forward to reading your responses!

Humaira Aslam

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