Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Poem | Pieces of wood propped up

She looked back at the time
A time filled with darkness
Going through life, lifeless
No heart, No Feelings, Life just Pointless 

She had sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch
These blessings she had neglected so much
Not using them to draw closer to Allah
She drifted Further and Further Afar

The day came when Allah blessed her
Blessed her with guidance
She noticed a wooden doll propped up against a wall
With eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet
All the features of a human being

A thought so scary came to her
...She was no better than this piece of wood propped up

Empty Heart, Empty Mind
O how she had wasted so much time

O Allah, The Forgiver, Forgive me! She cried
She cried, she cried, until her tears dried

From that day forward
She vowed
“Truly my prayer, my sacrifice, my life, my death
Are all for Allah, Lord of the words (6:162)

Humaira Aslam

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