Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Review | Hijab Fashion Shop Ramadan hijabs

I've done a review for Hijab Fashion shop before and I know I keep raving on about it, but that's only because it's one of THE best online hijab companies out there! As always, amazing customer service and super super fast delivery. Well anyway I've received 2 more hijabs from a new range of hijabs by HFS to review just for you my lovely readers!


The hijabs I received are maxi hijabs which are super for Ramadhan, one is a thin maxi hijab and the other is a maxi crinkle hijab. A lot of sisters want to cover more during Ramadhan (naturally, because your Imaan is higher during this holy month of fasting & worship), these maxi hijabs give an amazing amount of coverage without making you feel hot or the hijab being too bulky, this is great seeing as Ramadhan is in the middle of summer this year (well for the UK anyway) Ok ok, now your thinking just get on with it woman! so here are the lovely hijabs =D

 Maxi Crinkle Hijab

This is a maxi crinkle hijab, it's wider than your average hijab (obviously lol), but not as long, however, it is long enough to wrap around your head once. This hijab is very secure as you might be able to see in the pic it is actually only held together with a black hair slide which went through the hijab without ruining it because it's so thin but not delicate and not see through. The colours are not very overbearing so it is suitable to wear with a casual outfit. I'd recommend you wear this hijab with something plain though, just because it does have a lot of floral patterns & a little bit of leopard print on it so it's a statement piece on its own.

Thin Maxi Hijab

As you can see from the number of pictures I have taken of this hijab it is my personal favourite out of the 2. It's a lovely colour and extremely lightweight & thin (which makes it a little bit see through, but will not show skin or hair once you've wrapped it). This hijab is wider and just as long as your average hijab (might be longer actually) so it gives super coverage. You can fold it in half to make it smaller if you prefer. The floral patterns are beautiful and delicate which is what I love (they remind me of Japanese floral patterns).

Only thing I would say is that it has raw edges (not sewn- see last picture above) which gives the hijab a nice effect but may in time fray if you're not careful. Because all of the edges are raw you will have to fold the hijab at the front before you place it on your head otherwise you'll have the fraying bits around your face (which is ok if that's the look you're going for lol) but yeah I would recommend you fold the front to make it look neater.

All in all, once again, amazing hijabs from The Hijab Fashion Shop!

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