Saturday, 9 July 2011

Giveaway | 1000 Facebook Fans

Assalaamu alaikum lovely ladies!

iHijabi has now been running for about a year and we have reached 1000fans on the facebook fanpage, to celebrate we have teamed up with 9 of the most amazing companies that have featured on the blog, to do one of the biggest facebook giveaways ever!

So here are the  details on how to enter the contest and which companies you could be winning things from:

1- Become a fan of all the sponsor pages. To prove you have become a fan of every page you will have to like/comment on the contest poster on each page. [link to all the pages below]

2- Enter in one of the 3 categories:

A- Graphic design/artistic

Create a logo & slogan for iHijabi (can be done on the computer or drawn by hand & scanned in)

B- Creative writing

Answer the question 'what is your favourite iHijabi blog post & why?'

C- Photography

Write 1 or 2 words describing what hijab means to you on a post it note/piece of paper, with the flag (or a well recognised symbol) of your country and take a picture of it (it's more a photography related entry) in this section most creative photograph will be chosen by the readers on the fan page (number of likes).

Only one entry in each section per person but you can enter in more than one category (this will increase your chances of winning) If no one enters a category the prizes for that person will be distributed among the other 2 winners.

3- Send your entry to ihijabi@gmail.com with the category you're entering in the subject line, you must submit a seperate entry for each category. Please include your Name & Country of residence in the email.

NOTE: Entries missing any of these details will not be accepted.

Companies taking part:

The deadline for the competition is August 7th 2011 and the winners will be announced soon after, winners will recieve their prizes before 3id-ul-Fitr inshaAllah!

Prizes for each section will be chosen randomly but below are a few pictures of some (not all) of the prizes to be won.

Here is a link to the iHijabi fanpage: iHijabi
Check it out for updates (=


  1. I have a question > Can I enter another category for example i enterd category A and already sent it ... can i also enter category B/C ? i read it on your blogspot side but i didnt got it bcz my english isnt that good ...

  2. Yes you can enter all 3 categories