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Interview | Saman M&H styles

Assalaamu alaikum sisters,

Recently iHijabi had the pleasure of interviewing sister Saman from Canada who is a part time make-up artist and hijab stylist. I have been following sister Saman's facebook page for a while now and I absolutely love her style and flawless looks. Her styles are varied from subtle everyday hijab styles to bold and unusual hijab styles that make a statement. Sister Saman is now making video tutorials of her hijab styles after much persuation from her fans on facebook. Here is the interview along with some pictures of her different hijab styles and a few video's at the end (=

What is your name, age and day job?

My name is Saman Munir, 31 years old and a full time mom and a part-time makeup artist.

-Where do you get inspiration for your hijab styles?

I get my inspiration from Rabia Z and Pearl daisy (Amena). I learned alot from Amena's youtube videos. I wore my square black hijab for 6 years until I introduce myself to Amena's video :))

-What would you say is your 'signature' look?

My signature style would be something classic and elegant

-What age range do you think your hijab style and make up looks are intended for?

Ohh that is a tough question. I guess starting from teenage to ...? Honestly age doesnt matter as long as you can carry it well.

-How did you learn how to apply make-up?

I always been passionate about makeup. I went to college and took few courses but didnt find helpful at all. When i was expecting my son I used to watch alot of makeupadikts and makeup geek's video and thats how I taught myself to apply make-up.

-Out of all of your looks what would you say is your personal favorite?

The one with Ruffle Hijab.

-How do you handle criticism and what advice would you give to sisters who receive criticism for their style?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I dont say anything, I just ignore them and leave to Allah swt because at the end of the day its between me and Allah swt not them.

-What is your favorite hijab store and favorite make-up brand? and why?

My favorite Hijab store is My trendy hijab and Hijab Fashion shop. WHY? Because I love their customer service and they got unique and fabulous hijabs
My favorite makeup brand? I got soo many. I love Nars for foundation and blush. I love urban decay and Mac for eyeshadows.

-How do you afford to buy so many hijabs?

I dont buy hijabs. When I started my fanpage, my intentions were to get customers for makeup but I ended up helping hijab companies modeling for their hijabs. It feels great to help my sisters in Islam :)

-A lot of sisters go and spend a lot of money on make-up & hijabs, what sisterly advice would you give to them?

I dont know if I can give anyone advice on not spending too much when I spent alot myself lol. As long as you are not loaning money from others I think you are okay.

-How does it feel to be a hijabi Muslimah living in Canada?

Feels awesome. Alhumduilah I am proud to be a muslim and a hijabi.

-What top 5 make-up tips can you give to sisters reading this?

1) IF you want your eyeshadow to pop out then apply a primer befor applying your eyeshadow

2) For a smoky effect, trace the upper and lower lashes with a dark shadow then smudge with a blending brush. To optimize the look, this can also be done over eyeliner.

3) With smokey eyes alway go for light or nude lips

4) When applying blush, you want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within

5) Applying lipliner is not only a great way to define and accentuate the shape of your lips, but also to keep your lipstick from feathering

-What have been your biggest achievements with regards to saman's make up hijab styles?

First of all lots of support and love from my sisters around the world. I had the opportunity to promote products for more then 15 hijab companies and I am still doing it. I got makeup and hijab clients through my fanpage. Last but not least business partnership with

-What does the support from your fans mean to you?

OHhhh it means ALOT. I appreciate their support and love. It feels great when a sister tells me that they will start wearing hijab because of how much they like my styles.

-Have you got anything new or exciting planned in the near future with regards to your make up and hijab styles?

Inshallah will start doing makeup tutorial in september once my daughter starts going to school. For now I will keep doing videos for different styles of hijabs

Here are a few tutorials sister Saman has made:

Double Hijab Style

Ruffle hijab Style

Best Summer Hijab Style

I hope you enjoyed that interview & the tutorials. A big Thank you to sister Saman for taking the time to take part in this interview.

Do join her facebook page by clicking here
And join her youtube channel by clicking here

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