Saturday, 25 June 2011

How to hijabify your prom outfit

I did a how to hijabify your wedding outfit recently and sister Salma suggested I did more 'how to hijabify...' posts so I thought I'd do it for different occasions. I'm not sure if the prom season is over or not this year (if it is you can just use this for next year) but this occasion seemed really fun to 'hijabify' so here goes!

Now there is something I should mention here before I get to the actual post, prom's are all well and good as a celebration to end your school year, however, I do not and will never recommend the whole American style prom, going with a guy, dancing, free mixing and all the other stuff that goes on at these kinds of parties. So make sure if you do go to your school prom it's at a reasonable time and your intentions for going are to see your friends and teachers. I went to an all girls school so I never had this issue but I highly recommend you keep within your limits.

Prom's and summer are sometime the most dreaded times for especially newbie hijabi's, but that's only because you're looking at it all in the wrong way. Summer is great for hijabi's, so what if it's hot? (hell is hotter) don't strip down, just dress sensibly. Cut down on the layers but wear things that will still keep you covered. (for me my jilbabs are the best because I can wear one made of lighter fabric which actually keeps me feeling cool aH) but maxi dresses, harem pants & palazzo trousers are so in this season. Check out this one worn by sister Hanan from M.H Couture:

So anyway I don't know why I'm talking about palazzo pants now lol back to prom outfits!
Prom's are also great for hijabi's because your dress will be long, flowing and elegant all you have to do is adapt it a little.

I recommend you go for something a little less corset style and a little more elegant & evening gown style.

Take a look at these prom dresses for example: 

This dress is really nice and classic, to adapt it you just have to wear it with a bolero or short cardigan and drape your scarf across the front.

Same this goes for these dresses.

These dresses are a bit more covered up so you could either wear a long sleeve top and then drape your scarf or like above wear a cardigan/bolero of the same colour.

I love this dress because it's so flowy, for something like this you'd just need to wear some full length sleeves or a long sleeve top and contrasting colour hijab (i.e. silver).

You could always wear something like this, which is a dressy jilabab, although go for a brighter colour for a school prom.

This is what your dress would look like if you wore it with a bolero. If the bolero isn't long enough I'd just wear the same colour sleeves or get some fabric similar to the bolero attached to it.

I'm not sure if this is too formal for a school prom but I really like this due to its simplicity.


Different types of bolero's give your outfit a different look. A bolero like this one on the left makes your outfit look more formal.

I love the sparkly bolero's and I think it'd go amazingly with a more 'fun' prom dress. Again if you cant find a long sleeve one, wear some plain sleeves in the same colour as your dress and wear a sparkly bolero to add some glam!


I think a plain sheen or silky scarf would go really well with a prom outfit. It just makes it look more sophisticated, if that's the look you're going for (=

You could always jazz it up with headbands & accessories to match your theme.

My aunt wore a really pretty silky scarf to a family party we went to recently, unfortunately she doesn't know where it's from because my uncle bought it for her.

My cousin & I wore 2 scarves doubled to match the embroidery & stones on our clothes.

Me on the left
My cousin (Tharkhari) on the right lol

If you want to do a fancy hijab style I recommend you check out some youtube tutorials, as sister called alzuk from princess rocks does some really nice party hijab tutorials that are also modest mA.

This picture is from sister Yasmine's page (aka yaz the spaz) who's outfit shows exactly how to hijabify a prom dress/ party dress. Check out her facebook page for more amazing styles and inspiration inshaAllah.

If you can't find something that you like then the next best thing is to get something made specifically to your needs. Check out these dresses I designed for my friend & her sister for their brothers wedding.

Anyhooo that's it for today, I'm not sure if I was much help, but I hope I gave you enough idea's to get you thinking. Personally I would try and get something that I could wear again to another occasion or hire something out. What we could all do to save us the hassle and some money is learn to sew! But that probably wont be happening any time soon lol, so we'll just have to make do with what we've got iA.

Until next time, salaam!!!
Remember me in your du'as =D



  1. The first pic is awesome, the stairs, the light(sun) and I like orange red for scarfs too but I'm sorry there is no way to hijibaf a prom dress or a wedding dress. west is west, east is east. Sun doesn't rise on both sides, they say. It just looks stupid. Best to stick to regular islamic outfits( middle east, muslim parts of asia&africa, turkey etc.) since the message you want to send is 'I'm a muslim girl and don't want to adapt my clothing) so trying to merge western clothing with eastern is a fiasco. Unless you're wearing jeans with a normal t-shirt and a hijab like some my friends. They look normal. I mean even I grab a bandana sometimes so it's not unusual in the wild west.

    1. Well you're entitled to your opinion....but, why cant you merge east and west? Many successful designers have done it. What's regular islamic outfit? Islam is a religion with people from all over the world following it. People wear clothes of their culture, Islam gives a guidline of how it should be to cover your awra. My parents are from the east and I was born and raised in the west so both cultures influence me. What is normal? So women who choose to wear clothes to suit thier style or culture, just because it doesn't fit your narrow idea of 'normal' they are abnormal?

      Your comment is very narrow minded and judgemental

    2. Yes very narrow minded. Culture and tradition evolves.

    3. Thats a stupid opinion, you can definatelly modify dresses for hijabis! My friend went to prom and hijabified the dress and she looked better than half the people there! So what are you saying hijabis shouldnt go to prom or wear wedding dresses because theyd look stupid modifying it?

    4. sure you can waer dress with hijab..but, make sure your hijab cover your chest.. not wear like what in the image show.. the dress also must be decent, not too tight... read through surah al azhab:59 and annur:31

  2. Salam Sister!:)
    This is such an amazing post!Just love it... ;D
    The ideas of yours gave me brilliant thoughts of what I could wear for my prom!
    Thank you

  3. Salam sister! your post was really helpful! I can't wait for my prom! im wearing a simple pastel pink dress and thank God it's long-sleeve, the material is somewhat satin, should i wear a silky hijab too? or is it a no?

    syukran :)