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Spiritual | The hardships of being a hijabi

This post was suggested by sister Nida Ahmed on facebook and I think is a very important topic us sisters can all relate to. The decision to wear hijab is different for everyone, some people wore it from when they were a child so it wasn't really a struggle but a part of them from a young age and others wore it later for whatever reason, but made a conscious decision to wear it. Either way shaytaan is always there trying to get us to disobey, Allah puts trials ahead of us to see what we do and how strong our imaan is, while shaytaan lurks in the background trying to lead us astray.

So what are these hardships and how do we overcome them?

I started wearing hijab properly and full time when I got to college, so I was around 16 years old when I decided to wear it, this was straight after my maternal grandfather died and seeing his corpse at his funeral just made things hit home and made me realise that life is so short, his sudden death reminded me that life & death are not in my hands.

My mother tried for years to get me to wear a scarf on my head when we went to visit relatives, but it was on & off, just trying to get her off my back. The reason I feel I didn't wear hijab during secondary school was firstly I didn't understand it and secondly my group of friends.

I went to an all girls school and my friends were lovely people, they still are, I also went to a Roman Catholic girls secondary school and we weren't allowed to wear hijab but thats beside the point. My friends were all into indie & punk music, they loved the whole Glastonbury scene, music festivals, converses etc (yeah I was really into rock music and all the rest of it lol) and even though I never believed in peer pressure I think my environment and my friends had a part to play. I was always dressed modestly but never wore hijab because I never felt comfortable in it around them. As we got older they started to smoke cigarettes and other 'stuff', even when I was offered cigarettes I refused because although I didn't wear hijab I knew right from wrong and my imaan was still there. This group of friends no matter how much they supported me in my beliefs held me back from wanting to learn & abide by Islamic rules.

I felt I could only wear hijab when I started a fresh and College was the best time to start as a new person, new environment, new friends and more diverse than a Roman Catholic school.

So if you're new to wearing hijab you really need to take a look at your friends, are the people you're hanging out with benefiting you in any way? Do you feel comfortable around them or are you constantly trying to fit in? Here is a story that you must have all heard:

In a Hadith, Rasoolillah(SAW) said: “The example of a good companion and a bad companion is like that of the seller of musk, and the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows.. So as for the seller of musk then either he will grant you some, or you buy some from him, or at least you enjoy a pleasant smell from him. As for the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows then either he will burn your clothes or you will get an offensive smell from him.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

In his commentary of this Hadith, Imam an-Nawawi said that the Prophet (SAW) compared a good companion to a seller of musk and spoke of the virtue of having companions who are good, who have noble manners, piety, knowledge and good culture. Such are those who grant us from their virtue. And he (SAW) forbade us to sit with those who do evil, commit a lot of sins and other bad deeds, as well as with innovators, backbiters, and so forth. Another scholar said: “keeping good company with the pious results in attainment of beneficial knowledge, noble manners and righteous actions, whereas keeping company with the wicked prevents all of that.” Many times a Muslim is encouraged by his friends to do evil and to forget his duties. The result is that Muslims themselves are often ashamed to leave them to perform prayer, their friends thus causing them to clearly deviate from the Right Path.

[The importance of good company]

And I have got to say my friends at college and the C&I ISoc had a huuuuge part to play in my decision to wear hijab & keep it on as well as really become interested and fascinated about Islam with a hunger to keep learning. I pray that every single person part of that ISoc is blessed with Jannah, you all truly made a difference in my life!

So that's the first hardship for making the decision to wear hijab and the solution (your friends).

The second hardship a lot of us face when we have either just started wearing hijab or thinking about it is the nafs (inner self) and shaytaan, this hardship stays with you forever, but the longer you wear hijab and the more you learn about it for yourself, the more you can control it inshaAllah. Watch this video....

I must say we all struggle with this, even now after wearing hijab properly for about 4 years I struggle. Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing subtle make-up to look well groomed and healthy (I wear concealer & sometimes foundation when I go out) but the problem is when we go against the sharia rules of what is hijab. To different people hijab will mean different things. For example, I don't believe your jilbab and hijab should always be black (although I do tend to usually wear a lot of black) but to others they may feel that it should be, and again to some, your hands and face should also be covered. I personally think that covering more to please Allah is good and I admire those people.

Your relationship with Allah is personal. A sister that doesn't wear hijab may be a better person than one who does, hijab is her weak point just as a sister in hijab who doesn't pray regularly has her weak points. We should always encourage sisters to cover & go one step up in terms of hijab. So instead of always picking out weaknesses sisters have in terms of imaan lets encourage each other to be better and recognise the things they are doing right.

I hate the argument that hijabi girls do worse things while wearing the hijab why doesn't she just take it off? NO! don't take it off, you might be doing things that are not right whilst wearing hijab but at least you're trying right? You may wear fitted clothes with a headscarf and although that's not proper hijab, you're at least trying to do what's right. It's easier for a sister who is already wearing hijab to change different parts of her lifestyle whether that be smoking, free mixing, listening to music or wearing fitted clothes, than to go back to wearing hijab after taking it off due to the negative comments made by more 'practicing' sisters or non-hijabi sisters. So next time before you say 'hijabi's are worse than non-hijabi's' remind yourself that you will be the one answering to Allah for discouraging a sister from wearing hijab, if she decides to take it off.

Sisters, if you are getting these negative comments don't take them in the wrong way, the people that say these things may have a point, so really think about why they are saying it and learn what Islam says about those issues for yourself. Always ask Allah for guidance and remember negative comments are shaytaans way of trying to get you to disobey.

If a sister is thinking of taking her hijab off, it is usually due to negative comments from other people and because of insecurities from within. Sisters that are at secondary school  [age ~ 13-16] I feel are going through a phase of trying to find out who they really are. Secondary school for me was a time of chopping & changing, challenging ideas, beliefs and seeking an identity for myself. When I got to college I felt like that journey of self discovery was past the trying to fit in stage and had moved on to a deeper understanding of who I am and what I believe in. I felt more confident in myself because no one knew me before I wore hijab (except a few friends that went to the same college).

Think about what you feel insecure about, make a list of the things your not confident about within yourself. Now read the things one by one and try to think of reasons why you feel insecure about those things. Are they mostly things to do with what other people think of you? If so remember that you should not care about what others think so long as you are pleasing Allah. Trying to impress others will get you no where in life. Do you know how successful people become successful? It's by having the belief that you are no less than the person in front of you whilst remembering that Allah created you and you will return to Him so no one is worth impressing if it requires you going against Islam.

Are the things you feel insecure about more to do with worldly/materialistic issues? If so remember that life is too short to be hung up on the dunya. Everything such as prosperity and wealth lies in the hands of Allah, can you really become successful if you are not abiding by His rules? Success isn't just success of the dunya but also success in the Akhira. Are you too stressed about how other's perceive you? What makes them and their views so special? Are they more important to you than Allah?

Are the insecurities about the way you look? Remember that Allah swt designed and created you personally, you are perfect to Him so don't try to change that. Just in the way your mother will love you and tell you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, remember Allah loves you more than your mother and He loves you regardless.

So what other hardships do us hijabi's face?

How about islamaphobia and negativity from non-Muslims?

We are getting negative attention from the media and sisters are being attacked from all directions. The hijab automatically identifies you as a Muslim woman, where as brothers don't have that same symbol to represent Islam. When you get to the stage of being proud of being a Muslim you will feel that the fact that your hijab shows you are a Muslim is an amazing feeling, no matter how many people sneer at you or make negative comments you will feel as though for every negative look or comment Allah is more pleased with you (well that's how I feel anyway) So how can you handle these negative comments from non-Muslims? Firstly you have to be prepared; read up about hijab, the different views and refer back to Quran & Sunnah, research into hijab and it's virtues, this will for starters make you feel more confident in wearing the hijab and secondly give you all the information you need to know to counter act negative comments and questions.

Our hijab is a great tool for dawah (dawah is obligatory to every Muslim in the same way as salaah and fasting) it's a talking point for women from all walks of life, you will find people that are intrigued and some that actually admire you for your courage. You will also get haters and for this group of people there is not really much you can other than ignore them. There are people you can talk to about hijab & Islam and others that just want to mock you and shout abuse. For the people that are willing to listen tell them about what hijab means to you, and always remember to say that it's individual choice so different people have different takes on hijab.

For the people that mock you, make fun of you and shout abuse, stay away from them, for your saftey, and also because with these people you wont get anywhere no matter how much you talk and try to explain. I find the people that mock us for our hijab or are negative towards us have insecurities within themselves, I think that these people are actually jealous that we are confident and courageous enough to stand up for what we believe in rather than conform to societies views of what women should be like. Most of the time they are quite taken aback when you start defending your decision to wear hijab, as it goes against the stereotypical view of what Muslim women are supposed to be like (timid, voiceless and not educated) If in the conversation the person just insults you say to them 'to you your beliefs and to me mine, lets agree to disagree' and leave it at that, DO NOT be unpleasant back to them because that's not the characteristic of a Muslim. Also because I feel that's the reaction they're looking for trying to get you to be angry and show yourself as aggressive, so don't give them that satisfaction. It really bugs them when you be polite and speak with wisdom and knowledge. 

The only way to keep strong and keep the hijab on is to learn more about the decision you made. Knowledge really is power, the more you learn about Islam the prouder you will feel to be representing Islam from the moment you step out of your house. The main thing is confidence and that also comes from knowledge, your beauty in its entirety is for your husband, the luckiest man in the world.
If you're having a hard time keeping your hijab on then before you take it off just do these few things:
-Speak to another sister about your worries & problems (she might be able to give you another viewpoint)
- Make lots of du'a for Allah to guide you
-Read up on Islamic literature & watch some lectures regarding hijab
What are the hardships that you have come across whilst wearing hijab and how have you overcome them? Leave your feedback below!

How to hijabify your prom outfit

I did a how to hijabify your wedding outfit recently and sister Salma suggested I did more 'how to hijabify...' posts so I thought I'd do it for different occasions. I'm not sure if the prom season is over or not this year (if it is you can just use this for next year) but this occasion seemed really fun to 'hijabify' so here goes!

Now there is something I should mention here before I get to the actual post, prom's are all well and good as a celebration to end your school year, however, I do not and will never recommend the whole American style prom, going with a guy, dancing, free mixing and all the other stuff that goes on at these kinds of parties. So make sure if you do go to your school prom it's at a reasonable time and your intentions for going are to see your friends and teachers. I went to an all girls school so I never had this issue but I highly recommend you keep within your limits.

Prom's and summer are sometime the most dreaded times for especially newbie hijabi's, but that's only because you're looking at it all in the wrong way. Summer is great for hijabi's, so what if it's hot? (hell is hotter) don't strip down, just dress sensibly. Cut down on the layers but wear things that will still keep you covered. (for me my jilbabs are the best because I can wear one made of lighter fabric which actually keeps me feeling cool aH) but maxi dresses, harem pants & palazzo trousers are so in this season. Check out this one worn by sister Hanan from M.H Couture:

So anyway I don't know why I'm talking about palazzo pants now lol back to prom outfits!
Prom's are also great for hijabi's because your dress will be long, flowing and elegant all you have to do is adapt it a little.

I recommend you go for something a little less corset style and a little more elegant & evening gown style.

Take a look at these prom dresses for example: 

This dress is really nice and classic, to adapt it you just have to wear it with a bolero or short cardigan and drape your scarf across the front.

Same this goes for these dresses.

These dresses are a bit more covered up so you could either wear a long sleeve top and then drape your scarf or like above wear a cardigan/bolero of the same colour.

I love this dress because it's so flowy, for something like this you'd just need to wear some full length sleeves or a long sleeve top and contrasting colour hijab (i.e. silver).

You could always wear something like this, which is a dressy jilabab, although go for a brighter colour for a school prom.

This is what your dress would look like if you wore it with a bolero. If the bolero isn't long enough I'd just wear the same colour sleeves or get some fabric similar to the bolero attached to it.

I'm not sure if this is too formal for a school prom but I really like this due to its simplicity.


Different types of bolero's give your outfit a different look. A bolero like this one on the left makes your outfit look more formal.

I love the sparkly bolero's and I think it'd go amazingly with a more 'fun' prom dress. Again if you cant find a long sleeve one, wear some plain sleeves in the same colour as your dress and wear a sparkly bolero to add some glam!


I think a plain sheen or silky scarf would go really well with a prom outfit. It just makes it look more sophisticated, if that's the look you're going for (=

You could always jazz it up with headbands & accessories to match your theme.

My aunt wore a really pretty silky scarf to a family party we went to recently, unfortunately she doesn't know where it's from because my uncle bought it for her.

My cousin & I wore 2 scarves doubled to match the embroidery & stones on our clothes.

Me on the left
My cousin (Tharkhari) on the right lol

If you want to do a fancy hijab style I recommend you check out some youtube tutorials, as sister called alzuk from princess rocks does some really nice party hijab tutorials that are also modest mA.

This picture is from sister Yasmine's page (aka yaz the spaz) who's outfit shows exactly how to hijabify a prom dress/ party dress. Check out her facebook page for more amazing styles and inspiration inshaAllah.

If you can't find something that you like then the next best thing is to get something made specifically to your needs. Check out these dresses I designed for my friend & her sister for their brothers wedding.

Anyhooo that's it for today, I'm not sure if I was much help, but I hope I gave you enough idea's to get you thinking. Personally I would try and get something that I could wear again to another occasion or hire something out. What we could all do to save us the hassle and some money is learn to sew! But that probably wont be happening any time soon lol, so we'll just have to make do with what we've got iA.

Until next time, salaam!!!
Remember me in your du'as =D


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Review | Hijab Obsessions- Maxi Hijab

Assalaamu alaikum (=

Today I have a review for a fantastic new hijab store called hijab obsessions. They specialise in maxi hijabs which are great for creating volume without losing out on any coverage, how cool is that? I'm really into the scruffy hijab look this season, with messy folds and crinkles! Stay tuned for some pictures modelled by my sister of these amazing summer maxi hijabs from Hijab Obsessions (=

Postage, Delivery & Customer service

I must say the delivery service was exceptional! I was sent an e-mail notifying me that the hijabs had been posted and I recieved them the next day!

Postage charges are as follows and they aim to dispatch your orders within 3 working days:

£0.00 - £10.00 - £1.99

£10.01 - £20.00 - £2.99

£20.01 - £30.00 - £3.99

£30.01 - £50.00 - £4.99

All orders above the value of £30.00 will be sent via recorded delivery.

Customers outside the UK please contact hijab obsessions for postage costs.

The payment is carried out via paypal (hurrah for paypal!) you can also make purchases through facebook (=

Hijab obsessions customer service is second to none, I have got to say they are amazing and notifying you about your package as well as quick to answer e-mails. The hijabs came in their seperate plastic packets wrapped very carfully in tissue paper with a ribbon with no extra cost to you (awww how cute is that?!) I love those little finishing touches makes the hijabs seem that much more precious and shows that the people who sent them have really thought of everything. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it un-opened (my family are very annoying and nosy when it comes to packages & letters and always open my post lol, so by the time I saw it it was half opened)

Now on to the hijabs.......

Thin Maxi Hijab- Zaynah (red)

I actually didn't like this hijab when I first opened it as I don't wear red much and it's made of cotton, buuuut when I put it on my sister and styled it properly I think it looks quite good. It's really big as you'd expect from a maxi hijab and is light but not see through so you can create loads of folds without it coming out too bulky. The floral patterns are not your usual type and there are loads of different colours (blues, pinks, greens) so you can add a variety of accessories. Because the fabric is cotton it stays in place well without the need for lots of pins, in the hijab style above I've only used 1 pin to keep it in place.

Crinkle Maxi Hijab- Animal Instinct (Light brown)

So you know I said in previous crinkle hijab reviews that the hijab is a little on the short side due to the crinkles? Well the answer to that problem is a MAXI crinkle hijab! I love this hijab. Animal prints are really growing on me now due to hijabs like this, it's subtle, stylish and the two tone of the hijab lets you create many different looks. The hijab creates so much volume effortlessly. This hijab again is light & airy without being see through so it's super for the summer and much better than standard size crinkle hijabs due to the coverage it provides.

So overall what do we think of Hijab Obsessions?........

A big thumbs up!

To check out more hijabs and to make purchases from Hijab Obsessions please click here

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Interview | Saman M&H styles

Assalaamu alaikum sisters,

Recently iHijabi had the pleasure of interviewing sister Saman from Canada who is a part time make-up artist and hijab stylist. I have been following sister Saman's facebook page for a while now and I absolutely love her style and flawless looks. Her styles are varied from subtle everyday hijab styles to bold and unusual hijab styles that make a statement. Sister Saman is now making video tutorials of her hijab styles after much persuation from her fans on facebook. Here is the interview along with some pictures of her different hijab styles and a few video's at the end (=

What is your name, age and day job?

My name is Saman Munir, 31 years old and a full time mom and a part-time makeup artist.

-Where do you get inspiration for your hijab styles?

I get my inspiration from Rabia Z and Pearl daisy (Amena). I learned alot from Amena's youtube videos. I wore my square black hijab for 6 years until I introduce myself to Amena's video :))

-What would you say is your 'signature' look?

My signature style would be something classic and elegant

-What age range do you think your hijab style and make up looks are intended for?

Ohh that is a tough question. I guess starting from teenage to ...? Honestly age doesnt matter as long as you can carry it well.

-How did you learn how to apply make-up?

I always been passionate about makeup. I went to college and took few courses but didnt find helpful at all. When i was expecting my son I used to watch alot of makeupadikts and makeup geek's video and thats how I taught myself to apply make-up.

-Out of all of your looks what would you say is your personal favorite?

The one with Ruffle Hijab.

-How do you handle criticism and what advice would you give to sisters who receive criticism for their style?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I dont say anything, I just ignore them and leave to Allah swt because at the end of the day its between me and Allah swt not them.

-What is your favorite hijab store and favorite make-up brand? and why?

My favorite Hijab store is My trendy hijab and Hijab Fashion shop. WHY? Because I love their customer service and they got unique and fabulous hijabs
My favorite makeup brand? I got soo many. I love Nars for foundation and blush. I love urban decay and Mac for eyeshadows.

-How do you afford to buy so many hijabs?

I dont buy hijabs. When I started my fanpage, my intentions were to get customers for makeup but I ended up helping hijab companies modeling for their hijabs. It feels great to help my sisters in Islam :)

-A lot of sisters go and spend a lot of money on make-up & hijabs, what sisterly advice would you give to them?

I dont know if I can give anyone advice on not spending too much when I spent alot myself lol. As long as you are not loaning money from others I think you are okay.

-How does it feel to be a hijabi Muslimah living in Canada?

Feels awesome. Alhumduilah I am proud to be a muslim and a hijabi.

-What top 5 make-up tips can you give to sisters reading this?

1) IF you want your eyeshadow to pop out then apply a primer befor applying your eyeshadow

2) For a smoky effect, trace the upper and lower lashes with a dark shadow then smudge with a blending brush. To optimize the look, this can also be done over eyeliner.

3) With smokey eyes alway go for light or nude lips

4) When applying blush, you want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within

5) Applying lipliner is not only a great way to define and accentuate the shape of your lips, but also to keep your lipstick from feathering

-What have been your biggest achievements with regards to saman's make up hijab styles?

First of all lots of support and love from my sisters around the world. I had the opportunity to promote products for more then 15 hijab companies and I am still doing it. I got makeup and hijab clients through my fanpage. Last but not least business partnership with iLoveModesty.com

-What does the support from your fans mean to you?

OHhhh it means ALOT. I appreciate their support and love. It feels great when a sister tells me that they will start wearing hijab because of how much they like my styles.

-Have you got anything new or exciting planned in the near future with regards to your make up and hijab styles?

Inshallah will start doing makeup tutorial in september once my daughter starts going to school. For now I will keep doing videos for different styles of hijabs

Here are a few tutorials sister Saman has made:

Double Hijab Style

Ruffle hijab Style

Best Summer Hijab Style

I hope you enjoyed that interview & the tutorials. A big Thank you to sister Saman for taking the time to take part in this interview.

Do join her facebook page by clicking here
And join her youtube channel by clicking here

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OOTD | Elegant evening gown

If you're following me on facebook you'll have read that on Sunday my cousin is having an 'engagement' pre-wedding party (without the bride & groom to be actually being there =S ) so yeah it's more of a family get together/dinner and well I only realised that I hadn't thought of anything to wear on Tuesday =S So I was going a bit mad looking for something to wear. Seeing as this wasn't really anything major to do with the actual wedding I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to keep the outfit quite simple yet elegant so I figured an evening dress was the best option, that or a decorative jilbab, alhamdulillah I found something that's a bit of both.

I went shopping (first in east London) and then to Oxford Street at about 4pm in a panic to find something. My friends were absolutely amazing and really helped me out finding what I was looking for. I was looking for a dress that was not black because I knew my aunt would have a go at me for wearing black, but funnily enough the dress I bought is black and it was the best I could do =S

After I let the girls on the iHijabi facebook page know that I had found something I was asked to show what it looked like because a lot of sisters were actually looking for something similar. So girls, here it is!



Btw my scarf isn't done properly because I wore it just to demonstrate.

The dress itself is from Debenhams on Oxford Street, it's part of the Oasis brand and was on sale. I bought it for £35 and it was reduced from £70 can you believe it?!! Yeah neither could I. Thanks to my friend hana for finding it.

I love this dress because it's almost like an abaya! The sleeves are elasticated around the wrist and are those loose ones (I don't know what you call it) It's nice and flowey and the perfect length (maxi dresses are usually too long for me, I'm 5ft 3) I am wearing heels in with it but even then it's a good length.

Detail around waist
The Dress: £35
From: 'Oasis' at Debenhams

Clutch bag (with metal strap you can just tuck inside): £9
From: Clair's accessories

Set of Bangles: £7
From: Clair's accessories

Beaded necklace: £12 (£10 something with student discount)
From: Accessorize

Gold dust Hijab: £10
From: Pearl Daisy (from a while ago)

Sandals: £40
From: Unze (from ages ago as well)

So all in all the entire outfit cost me £61 (excluding the shoes and scarf which I already had) and I think that's a pretty good bargain considering my budget was £100 for just the dress.

So what do you think of the outfit? Suitable for an engagement party? What's your fave part of the outfit?