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How to hijabify your prom outfit

I did a how to hijabify your wedding outfit recently and sister Salma suggested I did more 'how to hijabify...' posts so I thought I'd do it for different occasions. I'm not sure if the prom season is over or not this year (if it is you can just use this for next year) but this occasion seemed really fun to 'hijabify' so here goes! Now there is something I should mention here before I get to the actual post, prom's are all well and good as a celebration to end your school year, however, I do not and will never recommend the whole American style prom, going with a guy, dancing, free mixing and all the other stuff that goes on at these kinds of parties. So make sure if you do go to your school prom it's at a reasonable time and your intentions for going are to see your friends and teachers. I went to an all girls school so I never had this issue but I highly recommend you keep within your limits. Prom's and summer are sometime the most dreaded t

Review | Hijab Obsessions- Maxi Hijab

Assalaamu alaikum (= Today I have a review for a fantastic new hijab store called hijab obsessions. They specialise in maxi hijabs which are great for creating volume without losing out on any coverage, how cool is that? I'm really into the scruffy hijab look this season, with messy folds and crinkles! Stay tuned for some pictures modelled by my sister of these amazing summer maxi hijabs from Hijab Obsessions (= Postage, Delivery & Customer service I must say the delivery service was exceptional! I was sent an e-mail notifying me that the hijabs had been posted and I recieved them the next day! Postage charges are as follows and they aim to dispatch your orders within 3 working days: £0.00 - £10.00 - £1.99 £10.01 - £20.00 - £2.99 £20.01 - £30.00 - £3.99 £30.01 - £50.00 - £4.99 All orders above the value of £30.00 will be sent via recorded delivery. Customers outside the UK please contact hijab obsessions for postage costs. The payment is carried out vi

Interview | Saman M&H styles

Assalaamu alaikum sisters, Recently iHijabi had the pleasure of interviewing sister Saman from Canada who is a part time make-up artist and hijab stylist. I have been following sister Saman's facebook page for a while now and I absolutely love her style and flawless looks. Her styles are varied from subtle everyday hijab styles to bold and unusual hijab styles that make a statement. Sister Saman is now making video tutorials of her hijab styles after much persuation from her fans on facebook. Here is the interview along with some pictures of her different hijab styles and a few video's at the end (= What is your name, age and day job? My name is Saman Munir, 31 years old and a full time mom and a part-time makeup artist. -Where do you get inspiration for your hijab styles? I get my inspiration from Rabia Z and Pearl daisy (Amena). I learned alot from Amena's youtube videos. I wore my square black hijab for 6 years until I introduce myself to

OOTD | Elegant evening gown

If you're following me on facebook you'll have read that on Sunday my cousin is having an 'engagement' pre-wedding party (without the bride & groom to be actually being there =S ) so yeah it's more of a family get together/dinner and well I only realised that I hadn't thought of anything to wear on Tuesday =S So I was going a bit mad looking for something to wear. Seeing as this wasn't really anything major to do with the actual wedding I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to keep the outfit quite simple yet elegant so I figured an evening dress was the best option, that or a decorative jilbab, alhamdulillah I found something that's a bit of both. I went shopping (first in east London) and then to Oxford Street at about 4pm in a panic to find something. My friends were absolutely amazing and really helped me out finding what I was looking for. I was looking for a dress that was not black because I knew my aunt would have a go a

Review | Unique Hijab's

Assalaamu alaikum! Sorry for going AWOL for a while there, my netbook was down so I couldn't write blog posts and post pictures )= Alhamdulillah it's working now, a BIG JazkaAllah khair to the computer fixer upper. Anyway today I have a review for an amazing hijab company in the states! =D I received 3 scarves from them yesterday, a thin scarf, a crinkle scarf and a diamante jersey scarf, they're all super cool but first I'd like to tell you a little more about the company itself. Unique Hijabs actually started on ebay and then launched it's own website in 2009 their website is: They sell a huge variety of hijabs and accessories such as under scarves, sleeves and brooches. One of the things I liked about this company is something that they've written on their facebook page, which I can actually relate to as I'm sure you can too: Food for thought and Unique Hijab Facts, to help you make your next purchasing decision wisely.

Advice for sisters going to hospital for an X-ray

As you may already know, I study Radiography (x-rays and scans and stuff) Working in a hospital I see a lot of Muslim women who, for obvious reasons don't know what to expect when it comes to x-rays and sometimes wear things that are unsuitable for an x-ray which requires them to change into a gown and sometimes take off their hijab. There is no guarantee that you will get a female radiographer so this is a short note on what you should wear depending on what your going to get x-rayed to maintain your modesty as much as possible and avoid awkward and unpleasant situations. Head, Sinuses, Eyes, Face, Teeth/jaw, Neck (C-spine) Don't wear any jewellery at all this includes rings and necklaces. Don't wear hijab pins (maybe wear an al-mona hijab) no metal hair clips, bobby pins, hairbands with metal etc etc. For your neck you may need to lift up your hijab so that they can see your neck to position you. Avoid wearing hijabs with embroidery, sequ

Interview | Samee al-Panda: Aerosol Artist

Assalaamu alaikum!  Those of you who have read my post on the ' artistic jihad ' competition might remember brother Samee's work (the one with 2 aerosol cans, yin yang, life/death). This is an exclusive interview iHijabi carried out with him to give you an insight into the mind of this amazing artist [mashaAllah]. Here you will learn more about his work, what inspires him as well as some tips and advice for aspiring artists. Do check out some images of the art work with descriptions at the end of this interview  (= -What's your name? Age? Occupation (i.e. day job)? My name is Samee Chowdhury, I'm 21, I’m a student, I’m from a little town called Loughborough (the unknown place with the high class university lol) I did my Foundation Degree at Loughborough University last year... currently on a gap year, and then will be back in Uni in September to start my degree in Graphic Design insha'Allah!!! -Tell us a little bit about th