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How to 'hijabify' your wedding outfit

Warning: Image heavy post 

The wedding season is upon us and many sisters getting married this summer are probably in the dilemma on how to wear their hijab or even if they should wear it at all. I know a lot of sisters from Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi backgrounds who wear hijab on a day to day basis but take it off for their wedding. I mean to not wear a hijab on your wedding day if you know it's going to be fully segregated and men who are not Mahram will not see you is absolutely fine, do up your hair and enjoy, but a lot of Asian weddings in particular are not fully segregated, as much as they try to be, so wearing your outfit in a modest way is a must. You can still wear traditional outfits such as Lehenga's & sari's or the western & Arab white wedding dress all you have to do is adjust it so that it's within the guidelines of hijab and covers you as much as possible.

Before anyone points out, I know hijab is supposed to be not glam but I'm sure there are exceptions to occasions such as weddings. Firstly although ideally in my opinion the bride should only be seen by the women and her Mahram (father, brothers, uncles, grandfather etc) I know that sometimes you might have people who are not Mahram see you while you get into and out of the venue or see pictures of you so this is the reason I believe that you should hijabify your wedding outfit, so that even though it's not completely hijabi (in terms of attracting attention) you're still covered.

Below are some wedding hijab style pictures and top tips on how to hijabify your wedding outfit.
Most will be pictures of how to hijabify indian outfits as this is the most common request, there are some pictures of brides from other cultures to give you an idea of how your outfit could be adapted.

[Note: all images are from google images and are available to the public, no copyright infringement intended]

Tip 1

Try and get an outfit that has full sleeves

This style was in fashion a long time a go and is now back in fashion due to the demand for full sleeves from Muslim girls wanting more modest wedding outfits.

If you have something where the sleeves are not completely opaque try to think about sleeves which you can buy separately.

One thing you can think about is when your sleeves don't completely reach your wrist is you can either wear detachable sleeves underneath or if its only a couple of inches away from your wrists wear lots of bangles.

Obviously you won't be wearing something completely backless like this unless you could cover the back with the sari or a bridal scarf.

Tip 2 

If you can't get long sleeves and don't want to wear seperate sleeves, get some fabric (preferably silk or satin with indian outfits) or a fabric that matches the outfit and get someone to make you some sew on sleeves.

Even if the fabric of the sleeves doesn't completely match your blouse it will still look good as a slightly different shade in the same colour. It would be best to take the blouse and the fabric to a tailor or someone who is good at sewing.

Extra fabric added to the sleeves. Check out this sisters blog post where there are loads more pictures of her on her wedding day in hijab.


Tip 3

Buy a plain, thin or silky scarf in the same colour as your outfit to wrap around your head, that way you can still wear the sari or bridal scarf on your head without your hair showing.


Tip 4

Add some wedding hijab jewelery

Just because you might not be able to wear traditional wedding jewelery such as earrings and necklaces, doesn't mean your can't wear any jewelery. Add some hijab chains and maybe even see if you can convert traditional bridal necklaces to wear them as a headpiece.

Check out unique hijab pins on facebook and speak to sister Jhorna to see if she can make you a totally unique hijab piece for your wedding (=

Tip 5

Buy or get a hijabi bridal outfit made uniquely for you

This way you can get the perfect hijab friendly outfit without the hassle of adjusting your outfit.

In a lot of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi cultures the groom's family buy the wedding outfit for the bride with help from a few of the brides family member so make sure your fiance and future in laws know what your requirements are inshaAllah.

So those were your hijabi wedding tips. Below are some beautiful hijabi bridal outfits from different cultures around the world [=

I hope this post helped. Leave some feedback inshaAllah, would love to know what all of you think. For all the sisters getting married, I pray that it all goes well inshaAllah, May Allah bless you with eternal happiness, love and serenity. Just remember your wedding isn't about what you wear and how you look (although you'd want to look good for your husband) it's about love, family and above all fulfilling a commandment from Allah and following the sunnah of the prophet pbuh so don't splash out on an outfit you'll only wear once, be reasonable and most importantly only buy something you'll feel comfortable in.


  1. JazakAllah khair, this is really nice and some of the designs are very pretty. Thank you so very much!

  2. BarakAllahum feek! And you are most welcome (=

  3. Great ideas MashaAllah! Could you recommend a website where I could buy indian bangles similar to the ones worn in the photos above?

  4. Salaam sister, Sorry I don't have a website that sells bangles like the ones in the pictures, but you can search for 'the inayah collection' on facebook they will make you a set of bangles uniquely for you iA (=

  5. As Salaamu aliakunna
    Just wanted to post some useful links inshaa Allaah Baarak Allahu feekunna




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  7. Is use of headpiece or maangtikka allowed in islam
    ? Isnt dat hindu culture.?

    1. Headpieces are used in Asian and Arab culture it's not a religious thing it's a cultural thing, it comes under the same ruling as jewellery, women are allowed to adorn themselves

    2. jazaakAllahu khayrun for such a wonderful post on hijabifying bridal outfits! you will definitely be getting an e-mail from me inshaAllah !!! definitely having trouble on what kind of outfit to wear :) xxx