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Review | Lazy Sunday review crinkle hijab & urban decay Naked 1

Salaam all!

Well today hasn't been a 'lazy day' due to me running around trying to sort out assignments and revision!!! However I have done a Lazy Sunday post even with all the chaos. P.s. apologies for being in my Pj's in the following pic's 

Bargain Buy

Flourish Crinkle Scarf-Pink
Price: £5.99
From: Hijab Fashion Shop - Same colour currently out of stock

Grey John Richard Mood Swirl
Price: £2.40
From: Debenhams- Same one currently out of stock

I absolutely fell in love with this scarf as soon as I saw it on the Hijab Fashion shop website but it was out of stock and I waited for it to be re-stocked so I could grab myself one. The hijab is a beautiful light and airy crinkle scarf with Pink and Grey flowers on it. It looks delicate and feminine and is super for the summer! However a few downsides are I would have preferred it to be a bit bigger in terms of width and length as it doesn't provide the best coverage (also because it crinkles) the hijab is a lot lighter and thinner than the leopard print one I got from Al-Nisa, which means unfortunately it's not as opaque (you may be able to see your hair through it if you don't wear an underscarf and you will need to pull the short side round and pin it to your underscarf as you may be able to see your skin through it. All in all it's a very aesthetically pleasing scarf and would have been perfect if it was a bit wider and a bit longer.

The Swirl flower brooch is actually a brooch and a hair clip (has a brooch pin & crocodile clip at the back) so you can wear it either way. It's made of lace and chiffon and is the perfect accessory to a plain outfit.

Bargain Buy

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Price: £28.80
From: Debenhams

This palette is a brilliant neutral palette it has various neutral colours in different finishes from matte to shimmer to glitter (glitter does have a bit of fall out). I was looking for reviews for this palette online before I bought it and I realised that this palette was actually very popular (people were going crazy for it when it first came out) It's actually selling on ebay for £45 (that's how mad people are about it) 

Anyway I wanted to try out Urban Decay because it's supposed to be a really good brand (like MAC) and after asking a few sisters which one out of the naked palette and the book of shadows NY III I chose this one because I will use neutral colours more. I don't really wear eyeshadow unless it's for parties because I don't like wearing bright colours that attract attention even if I'm going out with family or friends. This palette is great because you can create really neutral subtle looks that are ok to wear out as they won't attract attention (unless you wear the glitter ones =S ) however, if you're going to a family party or out to dinner you could always glam it up a bit more by using one of the darker colours like 'Creep' to create a really smokey eye look.

The pictures here are not great because my camera wasn't focusing properly and the lighting wasn't very good either so it kind of looks like I've not put anything on, but in person you can see it better [for this reason and the fact that I just really don't have time I haven't done a tutorial I might do one later on after the uni stress is over iA].

In the pictures I have used the lighter colours [Please excuse the names of the colours]---'Naked all over the eye, Virgin in the inner corners and as a highlighter for the brow bone, Half baked to add some shimmer to the lid & Hustle for the outer V and crease'----
The older ones used to come with mini 24/7 glide on eye pencils but these ones come with a brush instead. The palette also comes with a primer potion.

I'd recommend this palette for anyone who likes neutral colours and for people who want to wear eye shadow especially when going out to eat or something but don't want to attract attention whilst getting there lol.

Below are some pictures I pulled off google to show the palette a lil better and some looks created by other people. Click on the Debenham link above and zoom in to see the colours close up and read more reviews. They have a 10% sale on and free delivery for a limited period only.
Anyway that's it for now. Make lots of dua for me to pass these assignments, exam, presentation etc iA.

Take care wassalaam!

iHijabi xxx

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