Sunday, 8 May 2011

Review | Lazy Sunday review of Primark brooch and Unze shoes

Salaam girlies I hope you're all having a good weekend iA.

Well today is Sunday *sigh* and I'm mega sick of revising, so in between all the x-ray photons, TFT Arrays, LCD monitors and CT scanners I decided to start my lazy Sunday series. Every Sunday I'll be posting 2 items, one is a bargain buy and the other not so much of a bargain but still a good buy.

Bargain buy

Price: (I think approx £2.50)
From: Primark!

I love this pin brooch, I think it's probably my favourite! It's pretty and girly with a vintage touch. Don't know if they still have it (I was supposed to buy a few more for friends but didn't get round to going to get it again, sorry guys).

Bargain Buy

Price: £40
From: Unze

These are my fav party sandals from Unze. I bought them for my cousins wedding and I just love them. The heel isn't too high (probs just an inch) and the elastic at the back stops them from coming off. As you can see by the heels I have worn them quite a lot. I'm surprised that most of the stones have survived this long but a few small ones have fallen off.

So what do you think of these 2 items? Share your thoughts below......

If you have a bargain buy and a (not so bargain) buy and would like to share it. Send a few pictures in the same layout as above and it may get put into the next lazy Sunday post (=

Take care iA.

iHijabi xxx

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