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How to 'hijabify' your wedding outfit

Warning: Image heavy post  The wedding season is upon us and many sisters getting married this summer are probably in the dilemma on how to wear their hijab or even if they should wear it at all. I know a lot of sisters from Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi backgrounds who wear hijab on a day to day basis but take it off for their wedding. I mean to not wear a hijab on your wedding day if you know it's going to be fully segregated and men who are not Mahram will not see you is absolutely fine, do up your hair and enjoy, but a lot of Asian weddings in particular are not fully segregated, as much as they try to be, so wearing your outfit in a modest way is a must. You can still wear traditional outfits such as Lehenga's & sari's or the western & Arab white wedding dress all you have to do is adjust it so that it's within the guidelines of hijab and covers you as much as possible. Before anyone points out, I know hijab is supposed to be not glam but I'm sure

Review | Lazy Sunday review crinkle hijab & urban decay Naked 1

Salaam all! Well today hasn't been a 'lazy day' due to me running around trying to sort out assignments and revision!!! However I have done a Lazy Sunday post even with all the chaos. P.s. apologies for being in my Pj's in the following pic's  Bargain Buy Flourish Crinkle Scarf-Pink Price: £5.99 From: Hijab Fashion Shop - Same colour currently out of stock Grey John Richard Mood Swirl Price: £2.40 From: Debenhams - Same one currently out of stock I absolutely fell in love with this scarf as soon as I saw it on the Hijab Fashion shop website but it was out of stock and I waited for it to be re-stocked so I could grab myself one. The hijab is a beautiful light and airy crinkle scarf with Pink and Grey flowers on it. It looks delicate and feminine and is super for the summer! However a few downsides are I would have preferred it to be a bit bigger in terms of width and length as it doesn't provide the best coverage (also be

Spiritual | Paradise

 Assalamu alaikum! I hope you are all having a blessed Jumu'a. Today is the first day of the rest of my life iA. Starting from today I'm going to try and make some positive changes in my life. Sometimes when we're really busy with life it gets us down and we feel hopeless, recently I've been quite stressed with various things like uni, family etc, and then I realised that the reason I'm feeling so down is because I'm paying too much attention to my life in terms of dunya, trying to do everything and make everything perfect rather than my ibaada and the Akhira, all I have been doing is the obligatory acts and haven't spent any time trying to do extra ibaada. So today I decided that I need to get back on track with my Imaan and inshaAllah the other things in my life will fall into place. Make du'a iA (= I have this poster on my wall in my room, it's a description of paradise, sometimes when I feel like everything is getting too much for me I rea

Review | Al Nisa Hijabs

Assalaamu alaikum girlies! This is a product & company review of Al Nisa Hijabs an online hijab store. I bought 4 scarves from Al-Nisa, some for myself and a couple for my mum. I had actually only ordered 2 but after I ordered them my mum wanted some, Soooo I e-mailed Al-Nisa to see if I could add those 2 extra hijabs added to my previous order (I know it hadn't been sent because of the long bank holiday weekend) and I was glad to receive a reply saying that they had added them and an invoice was sent to me. =D I cannot explain how good the customer service with Al-Nisa is, sister Lubna replied to enquiries on the facebook page and through e-mail very promptly. The Postage and Packaging (for UK) was around £2 if I remember correctly, which is super cool seeing as I received the package the day after it was sent (usually takes 2-3 working days), but I guess that was down to Royal Mail, who were doing quite well even with the bank holiday. Well done Royal Mail! Give yourse