Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Review | Unique Hijab Pins

The Brooch I originally won
Today I received a hijab pin from 'Unique hijab pins' (in replacement for one that I had won, which fell off and broke). I was surprised that she had even sent me a replacement because it wasn't her fault that it broke and she didn't have to replace it especially seeing as it was won through a competition in the first place.

The Chain brooch I received as a replacement
Unique Hijab Pins is an online company run by a friend of the family. I had come accross this company when it had first started out and bought a hijab pin for 3id and my uncles wedding....you can see that pin in my 3id Mubarak post. I have also posted pictures of their pins in the 100 fans competition post (note some of these pins are no longer available at Unique Hijab Pins but are available still at www.islamfactory.com/store
**with FREE DELIVERY to UK customers**)

Unique hijab pins has now started making very unique and beautiful hijab pins, which have a variety of ways they can be worn. With inspiration from pieces worn by Paris Hilton to completely new pieces created (and put together by hand) by sister Jhorna herself. I have added a few pictures of some of my favourites and some very unusual pieces I have seen in her collection.

 This one would be great to wear with a plain scarf & an outfit with gold embroidery. Maybe not so good for everyday wear.
 This is one of my favourites because of the dangly chains on the side. I think it would also look good if you could purchase different colour pendants and replace the white crystal one in the centre to match the colour of your clothes. Just a thought.
 I'd wear this if the centre pendant was a bit smaller and more delicate looking.
This is the Paris Hilton inspired piece (please don't say it's a daisy chain because these things have been around for ages, whilst daisy chains are fairly new, and believe it or not people can have similar ideas to one another)

This is the image of Paris Hilton wearing something similar, in Dubai. Although I do think this one is a bit much and the one by unique hijab pins looks much more elegant.

This has got to be my favourite out of all the new head/hijab pieces because it has the two things I love in jewellery, silver and pearls! However, this was a one off piece but I really do hope sister Jhorna makes some more inshaAllah.

So that's it for now...to go to the unique hijab pin's website click here: Unique Hijab Pins

Join their facebook page...Unique hijab pins

I'll be uploading some pictures of the endless ways to wear the chain brooch I got soon inshaAllah, for now take care wassalaam!