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Hijab Styling | City Girl

Maj & Is'haq =)
So for this style I used a plain pashmina and a black lace hijab. I guess you can do this with any hijab but you want them to be contrasting. Also whatever you substitute the lace hijab for make sure it's a thin scarf.

By this stage my sister got really bored of me messing with her head (quite literally) so she decided to do this one sitting down...on my very messy bed

So I've gtta apologise for my messy room =S I had just finished painting and both my little bothers were on my laptop watching 'In the night garden'

Step 1 

Fold the pashmina 2/3 from the front, place them both on your head, long side, short side you know the drill.

Step 2

Leave the pashmina hanging but take the lace hijab behind your head and bring the long side to the short side

Step 3

Cross over the long & short side then wrap the long side around your bun and bring it back to the side again

Step 4

Tie both the long side and the short side in a knot at the side

Step 5

Get the long side of the pashmina and bring it round your head

Step 6

At this stage you can just leave it hanging like this, just use a straight pin to keep it in place

Step 7

Or you could bring the long side of the Pashmina under the lace hijab which is hanging down

Step 8

And pin it on your shoulder on the other side (from the inside) or use a brooch.

Finished look:


The other side


Thanks for watching and reading, I hope you liked it took me absolutely forever but it was worth it. Leave feedback on what you think iA


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