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Review | LaDecence Hijabs & Accessories

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa brakatuhu (=

I hope you are all in the best of health and highest of imaan inshaAllah. This post is a product review of 2 hijabs I received from La Decence this week and a few ideas for summer hijabs.

La Decence is a company in the states that sells hijab's, underscarves and various other hijab products. I first heard about this company through a video by sister Izza Iqbal on you tube about blue hijab day, the company was giving a percentage of the profits from sales to a charity for autism to watch this video click here

Anyway I recently recieved an e-mail from the company asking if I do reviews and when I replied, the sister sent me 2 summer hijabs to review.

Please note: I do not receive any anything (i.e. payment) in return for reviews, the company sent me the scarves to honestly review and let you guys know what I think of them. ALL of my reviews are my honest opinions of the products and the companies. I do this for sisters around the world who maybe don't have Islamic shops around them, to help them find places that help take care of all of their hijabi needs as well as sisters who might have come across these companies, to share my experiences. The reviews are also for the companies themselves to take note on things I have found they need to improve on so that they can offer a better service.

Anyway back to the are the hijabs:

This first hijab is called Coffee Garlands and is not the sort of hijab that I'd usually buy (I don't wear a lot of highly printed hijabs) but as soon as I saw this hijab I fell in love with it. Both of the scarves are super for summer as they are thin hijabs. When I wore this hijab it was very light and airy and the scarf is a standard size so there was enough coverage as well. What I would recommend is never wear it with a safety pin because it will get caught and ruin your scarf. Wear it with a no snag hijab pin and straight pins that have a bigger end piece (not the ones with the tiny ball on the end) because it sometimes goes through. You will need to wear an underscarf with this hijab so you can pin it in place. The colours aren't OTT so it's suitable to wear with a casual outfit. (or with a jilbab and cardigan as I did).

The second hijab is this blue hijab called blue fairy. It is the same material as the one above so the same recommendations apply. This hijab is similar to a purple one I bought from the hijab fashion shop which I have had good experiences with. The bluey tealy colour is great for a summery outfit and suits all complexions (Blue suits everyone) It'd look super pretty if you have blue eyes too. I haven't worn this one out but I guess its pretty much the same as the one before (=

All the prices of the hijabs are incredibly cheap (cheaper than a lot of other online hijab companies I have come across). As for the customer service it's great, speedy replies to e-mails and the willingness to help customers is brilliant for unsure or customers with concerns.

The delivery to USA is fairly cheap but P&P for international customers in the UK and Australia may seem quite high but if the shipping for the products bought is cheaper than what the customer paid LaDecence will refund the difference. If you would like to know the exact shipping costs before buying you can always e-mail them with the products you'd like to buy and they will give you the exact costs after  weighing the items....see what I mean about willing to do everything they can to help?

Here are some images of the other summery hijabs that I absolutely love:

 I love the colour and patterns on this hijab, very cooling.
 This is such a pretty scarf, it has pink poppies on it. Also remember that the colour white reflects heat. So it's a perfect summer/spring hijab.
 This is the crinkle scarf I was talking about. The fabric is light and airy but the crinkle effect creates volume.
 The colour & patterns on this hijab is like a tree blossoming and is just the thing for all you pink lovers.
 I don't know what it is with this colour but I'm obsessed with it this season. Another variation of the blue fairy hijab.

So now that springs officially here and summer's coming up you need to put those thick pashmina's away and invest in some light and airy summer hijabs, floral patterns are still in as well as crinkle scarves which give you volume, coverage without being too bulky (",)

Hope you enjoyed that review to check out their website and the full range of products click here: LaDecence
And to join their facebook page click here

Take care


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