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GIveaway | Sponsored by The Pinned Veil Top 5 entries

Assalaamu alaikum!

So I launched a hijab competition/give-away with 'The Pinned Veil' recently in which you had to write approx 100 words on hijab, it could have been a poem, your own experiences or anything you wish to say on the topic of hijab.

The response was amazing so jazakum Allah khair to all of you who entered. The entries were really good and we had a REALLY tough time choosing the top 5.

This post is dedicated to all my sisters around the world who are facing difficulties and even persecution for adorning the hijab and  obeying Allah. Keep strong sisters, we can only imagine what you are going through. [please remember the ummah in your du'as]

With out further a do here are the top 5 in no particular order, please take the time to read all the entries before deciding on your favourite...you will find the instructions on what to do next at the end of this post.


To some, the word ‘Hijaab’ is simply a cloth that covers the head. Whilst to others like me, the word ‘Hijaab’ means covering the entire body that is said to be the Awrah in a modest way. 
Though some may not think so ‘Hijaab’ liberates a woman in a way no other piece of cloth can do so. It does not prison a woman like some think. It gives a source of protection, like a pearl is protected in an oyster shell deep in the sea. 
The ‘Hijaab’ links one Hijaabi to another by just that one piece of cloth, binding one another with a common connection. A force that has just a great source of power that one Hijaabi can feel the pain and happiness of another, uniting the Muslimat around the world.

The soft texture hugs my head,
It's warmth penetrates through my neck and ears,
Those cold winter days,
Something to wear, something to snuggle,
My identity is revealed,
With this element of purpose,
With this element of meaning;
But fear not those summer days,
As not only does it warm, but coolness it brings too,
The thin texture cools my head,
Losely placed, it brings cool air,
So embrace those summer days,
Experience the world as a Happy Hijabi!
Let the world know you aren't afraid,
Being a hijabi is a momentum of your faith,
It is the essence of a woman,
It ties respect and bows dignity.
So my fellow sisters in Islam,Embrace yourselves and go out into the world...as a proud, Happy Hijabi!


Women in Islam are like pearls and queens
Guarded and protected by all means
We only uncover in front of a select minority
And I am not pressured to societal conformity
This is the beauty of our deen
That put women in such high esteem
Liberated not finger painted
As women of oppression
A grave misconception

I can walk down the street
Proud and complete
That I am judged on my mind
And Im not inclined
To look like a size zero
And that my beauty is preserved for my hero
I don’t do this for myself
I do it for my Lord, Allah as He commanded
With such Wisdom
To protect women kind
As He our Lord has designed.


My Hijab

To me my Hijab represents modesty
Its something that Allah has ordained to me
Some say women in Islam are oppressed
But I say we are free to choose how we dress.

Remember sisters in Islam
The Hijab is so we stay away from haram
We don’t wear it to attract people to us
Instead we wear it so Allah is pleased with us

We are the women of a beautiful religion
We are the pearls of this Ummah, so we should keep ourselves hidden
We need to set examples for the next generation
So that they see how easy Islam is and give it the right recognition


We learn and forget
We forgive and forget
We remember and forget
But never wear and forget the hijab
Hijab is beauty and beauty is in the hijab
Do not wear and forget your beauty of the hijab 

Now that you've chosen your favourite go to my facebook page here and vote for your favourite entry on the question that has been posted by clicking here. The entry with the most votes will be the winner. In the case of a tie the winner will be chosen from the finalists using a random number generator. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 20th of April so you have until midnight Tuesday to vote. I will stop counting votes made after this time.

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