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Review | The Islamic Greeting Card Store

I love giving presents and cards to people, I used to buy cards for friends birthdays and mothers day etc but when I stopped celebrating birthdays and other 'occasions' there was avoid I was looking to fill. I came across the Islamic greeting card store and absolutely fell in love with the designs of the greetings cards, as well as the idea of Islamic cards with very meaningful messages on the front. I loved the fact that there were cards for special occasions like Eid and weddings but also cards that you could give for no reason, like an 'I love you for the sake of Allah' card for your husband/wife or cards for a child completing the Quran. There are cards to wish one well for Hajj & Umrah, sympathy cards with a dua written on the front, a card for your mother, cards to give to new muslims and soo many others. So the other day I bought 2 cards. The first was a card for my mum. My mum is the most amazing person in the whole wide world and she means eve

Hijab Styling | Princess Pearl [Hoojab]

This is a tutorial using a hoojab from pearl daisy (or something similar) and a hijab chain I designed with the help of sister Jhorna at unique hijab pins. Firstly I'd like to apologise for these pictures not being very clear but I hope the step by step is easy to follow. Step 1 Place the hoojab on your head, both sides equal and fold in slightly at the front. Step 2  take both sides around your face and pin it under your chin (this step is not essential for the hijab style to work but will keep it more secure) Step 3  Take one side of the hijab and wrap it around your head, keep it un-neat at the top of your head. Step 4 Wrap that side round again, same as before and cross it over at the top and leave it hanging (you will fix this later. Step 5 Add your hijab chain ( I know it's a lil wonky in these pics =S ) Step 6  Take the other end of the hoojab from under the 1st side. Step 7 Take it around your head l

Hijab Styling | Easy Everyday Hijab

Assalaamu alaikum, My little cousin Mariam came over today so we decided to do a easy peasy summery hijab tutorial. The flash makes her look sleepy so she did her very best to look awake lol, well done Mariam mA! There may be a lot of steps with a lot of pictures but it's actually not that hard, I've really tried to break it down. For this you will need: 1 thin hijab 1 straight pin 1 underscarf (preferably lace for the summer) 1 hijab chain pin (optional) Step 1  Put on your lace underscarf Step 2  Put the thin hijab on your head with a little folded in from the front, one side longer than the other. The short side should be long enough to take round your head so the corner reaches the other side. Step 3 Take the short side round your head and pin it with a straight pin (where her hand is) Step 4 Now take the long side and bring it forward. Step 5 Take the long side lo

Review | LaDecence Hijabs & Accessories

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa brakatuhu (= I hope you are all in the best of health and highest of imaan inshaAllah. This post is a product review of 2 hijabs I received from La Decence this week and a few ideas for summer hijabs. La Decence is a company in the states that sells hijab's, underscarves and various other hijab products. I first heard about this company through a video by sister Izza Iqbal on you tube about blue hijab day, the company was giving a percentage of the profits from sales to a charity for autism to watch this video click here Anyway I recently recieved an e-mail from the company asking if I do reviews and when I replied, the sister sent me 2 summer hijabs to review. Please note: I do not receive any anything (i.e. payment) in return for reviews, the company sent me the scarves to honestly review and let you guys know what I think of them. ALL of my reviews are my honest opinions of the products and the companies. I do this for siste

Review | Unique Hijab Pins

The Brooch I originally won Today I received a hijab pin from 'Unique hijab pins' (in replacement for one that I had won, which fell off and broke). I was surprised that she had even sent me a replacement because it wasn't her fault that it broke and she didn't have to replace it especially seeing as it was won through a competition in the first place. The Chain brooch I received as a replacement Unique Hijab Pins is an online company run by a friend of the family. I had come accross this company when it had first started out and bought a hijab pin for 3id and my uncles can see that pin in my 3id Mubarak post. I have also posted pictures of their pins in the 100 fans competition post (note some of these pins are no longer available at Unique Hijab Pins but are available still at **with FREE DELIVERY to UK customers**) Unique hijab pins has now started making very unique and beautiful hijab pins, which have a variety