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Review | The Pinned Veil & Jersey Hijabs

Assalaamu alaikum sisters! I have just received 2 hijabs I ordered from a company called 'The pinned veil' so here is the review and my thoughts. (=

The pinned veil is an online hijab shop that is run through facebook here is their overview and welcome note from the company:

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.

Assalamu Alaykum sisters!

Welcome to ' The Pinned Veil'.

We are an online business that offers exclusive hijabs. We choose only the best quality, and guarantee that our prices are affordable. We are constantly updating our stock so that something new and exciting will be always be available.

You will notice there is a higher end to our range which includes handmade hijabs with swarovski crystals.

If you are interested in purchasing a hijab please email quoting the name of the hijab you are interested in.

All payment is made via paypal which is 100% secure and is available to anybody.

Orders are processed on a first come first served basis.

Delivery prices within the UK are of a standard price of £2.95.
Free postage and packaging for orders over £30.

Customers outside of the UK please contact me for more information.

We do not as yet offer a returns policy, all items are checked for faults before posting.

Please email me with any queries you may have.

Feel free to post requests of any types of hijabs also.

Happy shopping!

I ordered my hijabs last week when sister Aina Hussain was on holiday in Dubai, she replied to my email super fast, she told me that she would be back in the UK on Tuesday and that she will post my orders on that day. My hijabs came the very next morning =D MashaAllah the customer service is superb as well as the delivery.

The Jersey Hijab

Some of you may know my story of 'the jersey hijab' lol, basically after seeing a collection of jersey hijab's by Rabia Z (an Arab fashion designer) I loved the way the hijabs draped and looked so trendy. Let me just make it clear here that I am not in favour of Muslim women doing fashion shows and strutting down catwalks mainly because they are doing it in front of men, but also because they are becoming like the kuffar by doing what they do, Muslim women are supposed to be modest and not display their beauty, which is why I think a Muslim fashion show kind of contradicts the way Allah SWT told us to be.
Rabia Z jersey shayla

Anyway back to the topic at hand I loved the look of those jersey hijabs, unfortunately those hijabs cost $25 (~ £15.60) excluding p&p, which is too expensive for a hijab. I then came across some jersey hijabs at American Apparel for around the same price. I then thought why not make my own, I found a blog that teaches you how to make your own jersey scarf (neck scarf not hijab) so I wen on ebay and ordered some jersey fabric only to realise after that there are a gazillion types of jersey and the one I ordered was not the one that I needed to make a hijab.

After a lot of frustration (and feelings of guilt for buying the fabric and not using it) I came across a company called 'The pinned veil' on facebook, and they were selling jersey hijabs for £5, I read the reviews from people that have bought it and I ordered a chocolate colour jersey hijab for myself. I received the jersey  hijab and had to try it on straight away, and let me tell is super fantabulous! I can't believe how soft it is, how easily it can be wrapped, how lightweight it is, I love it.

I wore the hijab when I went out and it took literally 2 mins to wrap, it draped so effortlessly and you don't even need to wear a hijab pin to keep it in place because it drapes down and doesn't move.

This is how it looks when you just place the hijab on your head, with one side slightly longer than the other, you then take the long side over your head whilst creating some folds (you can do this neat or go for the messy folds look), bring the long side over your head and round to the other side. Leave the hijab hanging and you're hijab style is finished.

Neat folds (well, neat'ish')

It is as comfortable as a mona hijab (or amira) but you can do so much more with it. To wear it like a Mona hijab/ Amira hijab just pin it under your chin and bring the long side over your head. Great for coverage when you need to pray.

This way of wearing it is the same as the one above but taking the long side you brought over your head, draping it across the front & pinning it with a brooch .

For the styles above you can add one straight pin on the side to keep it in place or just leave it hanging, if it's not a windy day it will stay in place.
If you wear it like a long mona hijab (Amira hijab) then you can also drape your hijab round and just pin it with a straight pin on the side. The width of the hijab gives you great coverage.

On colder days you can wear the jersey hijabs with an under scarf, but on warmer days you can still wear it without an under scarf and it will still stay in place (=

The jersey hijabs look great on all face shapes because of its versatility, for rounder shaped faces don't create too much volume around your face and keep it quite drapey, for other shaped faces go wild!

I will definitely be getting some more jersey hiabs from the pinned veil once they get more colours inshaAllah! (The colours I'm hoping they get are...Dark forest green, Aubergine purple and light pink =D eeeee can't wait!)

The Caterpillar Hijab
This is the caterpillar hijab in grey, it's a crinkle scarf (yay no need to iron lol)

This hijab is super cool, it is 3 hijabs in one! Crazy I know, here are some pictures of me trying to demonstrate how the hijab looks.

You can wear 2 of the colours together or all 3 by folding the middle piece in half.

It's very hard to explain, but basically it is 3 scarves stitched into one.

I like some scarves from the chiffon collection by The Pinned Veil, but I am reluctant to purchase them because I find chiffon too slippery and difficult to work with.

If you would like to check out the pinned veil's facebook page here is the link:

So will you be giving these jersey hijabs a try? I really recommend it, and the company too. I hoped you all liked this review (and my random rants throughout). Also look out for an exclusive interview with sister Aina Hussain another up and coming Muslim woman in business (=

Wassalaam <3

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