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Hijab Style's To Suit Your Face Shape

So you're trying to follow a hijab tutorial but your hijab just doesn't look like the person doing the tutorial, you get frustrated because you can't get it right. Well to be honest I don't think it's so much you getting it wrong, it may just be that the hijab style being demonstrated looks better on the person doing the tutorial due to the shape of that person's face.

Just like when you need to get a haircut, when styling your hijab, you have to consider the shape of your face.

I've had many people tell me that hijab doesn't 'suit' them because their face is too round, or their cheeks are too chubby, which is the reason why they don't wear hijab, in my opinion hijab suits everyone, you just have to figure out how to wear it to suit you.
Contrary to what many think, hijab wasn't prescribed to make you look 'ugly' it is to make you look modest.

In this post I have tried to look at some face shapes and find some hijab style images to suit that type of face.

A lot of these styles are what I think looks good with that type of face shape, there is no right or wrong, it's whatever makes you feel comfortable, I just hope that after reading this post you do experiment with a hijab and see if wearing it in a way that compliments your face shape helps you to feel more comfortable in a hijab.

Please note: these images were taken from google images, therefore they are viewable by the public (I just searched hijab + 'the type of face shape') for demonstration purposes only, no copyright infringement was intended 

The image above shows some common face shapes people have.

The Oblong face

This face shape looks good if you wear the hijab above your eyebrows quite high up on your forehead, drape it round your face, you don't need to fold it at the sides because it should easily fall into place.

Oval face

Personally I think this style of hijab looks best with an oval face, it frames the face beautifully without much effort. This is the malaysian or turkish style hijab. 

With oval face shapes you can wear your hijab quite high on your forehead, personally I think this face shapes is one of the easiest to style hijab with.

 I think Sister Amena from pearl daisy has this shape face, which is why it looks good when she places the hijab just below her hair line but on people with a smaller or bigger forehead it wouldn't look as good as it does on someone with an oval face. As she says in her tutorials, they are as a guide only so you have to adjust it to suit you.

Round face 

This is the type of face shape I've had most queries about. For this face shape wear your hijab quite loose around your cheeks, if you wear your hijab too tight around your cheeks in an attempt to 'hide' them, it'll only make them stand out more, so wear it loose and draping. The draping also make your face look narrower. Avoid wearing your hijab too low down on your forehead as this will also make your cheeks stand out more. Don't pin your hijab under your chin because again this will bring your cheeks out more.

(yes, I know the picture doesn't show someone with a round face, I didn't have someone with that face shape to demonstrate the style)

Rectangular Face

For this type of face shape its best to wear your hijab so only half of your forehead is visible, this will shorten your forehead. I don't think a turkish hijab will suit this face shape maily due to the fact that it'll give your face a more elongated look, which is what you're trying to avoid. Avoid pinning the hijab behind the angle of your jaw, bring it just in front of the angle before wrapping it around, this will soften the look of the angles.

This is what I mean, when I say drape it in front of the angle of your jaw.

Square Face

This is similar to the rectangular face shape, drape your hijab in front of the angle of your bottom jaw to soften the angle. One difference to the rectangular shape face is you can wear this hijab a bit higher up because your forehead is shorter.

Diamond Face

This shape face has very soft angles at the bottom jaw and chin therefore looks good when you pin the hijab or wrap it behind the angle of the jaw. The prominent cheek bones in this face shape also look good with a hijab that doesn't cover up too much of the bottom half of the face.

Heart face

For a heart shaped face you can wear the hijab quite high up, just below your hairline and also wrap the hijab behind the angle of your jaw. Drapes around the neck soften the look of a sharp or pointy chin.

And that's it...I do apologise for not showing any hijab styles for people with a triangular shaped face or an inverted triangle, I couldn't find any )=

But the tips I would give for a triangular face is the same for someone with a square face, drape the hijab in front of your jaw to soften the angles and wear the hijab high up to elongate the forehead.
For the inverted triangle face shape the same rules as the heart shape face apply, however, try not to wear your hijab too high up on your forehead.

All face shapes are beautiful mashaAllah! be grateful for the way Allah has created you and never wish to be like someone else, there is only one you and you're unique. Allah designed and made each of you individually, in His eyes you're perfect, who cares about what anyone else thinks?

Do have a go at these and let me know what you think, do they work for you? Have I got it completely wrong? Why not even post some of your hijab style tips and pic's to the iHijabi facebook page to show how you tie your hijab and help out sisters that find themselves in the 'It just doesn't suit me' dilemma.

JazakAllahu khairan for reading and I hope the post was useful!

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