Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spiritual | The Etiquette of Eating in Islam

As you know, Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life. The sunnah of the prophet pbuh shows us how to live our lives, he was the perfect human being, he showed us how to mould our character and do things in a way that Allah loves. In every action in our day to day lives we should strive to do it like the prophet pbuh

There is no action too small or too insignificant, with every breath we should be praising Allah, for without Him and all the countless blessings He bestows on us we are nothing.

If we do not eat, obviously we will not be able to survive, but do we really think about about Allah before, after and during eating? Or do we just satisfy our bellies, without thanking Allah for the food on our plates?

Did you know that there are blessings in the way we eat our food?

There will be a few posts on how to change small things within ourselves and our actions so that inshaAllah it can lead to bigger changes in our character and be added to our scale of deeds before the day of Judgement.

This is a reminder to myself before all others.

1. Say Bismillah 
Aisha Siddiqa (Radi Allahu anha) narrates that the Prophet of Allah said, "Whenever one eats then he should say the name of Allah (say ) and if he forgets to say Bismillah in the beginning then he should say, "" (Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, and Hakim)

2.Wash your hands and face before eating  
Ans Bin Malik (Radi Allahu anhuma) narrates that Rasul-Allah said, "Whoever wants that Allah Ta'ala increase blessings and goodness in his home then he should do wudu when the food is presented in front of him and do wudu when it is picked i.e., wash the hands and the mouth. (Ibn-e-Maajah)

3. Eat with your right hand  
Abdullah Bin Umar (Radi Allahu anhuma) narrates that Rasul-Allah said, "When one eats then he should eat with the right hand and when one drinks then he should drink with the right hand. (Bukhari & Muslim)

4. Take off your shoes before eating  
Abu Abs Bin Jabr (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Rasul-Allah said, "Take off the shoes while eating because this is the better way." (Rawahul Hakim)

5. Eat together with other people  
Wahshi Bin Harb (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that the Prophet of Allah said, "Eat together and read , in this, there is blessing for you." (Masnad Imam-e-Ahmad, Sunan-e-Abi Dawood, Ibne Majah) 

6. Let your meal cool a little before eating  
Jabir Bin Abdullah and Asma (Radi Allahu anhuma) narrate that Rasul-Allah said, "Cool your meal because there is no blessing in hot food. (Rawahul-Hakim and Abu Dawood)

7.Eat from the right side & what is closest to you  
Amr Bin Abi Salma (Radi Allahu anhuma) narrates that I was child in the care of the Prophet of Allah . While eating I would put my mouth on every side of the dish. Rasul-Allah said, "After reading , eat from the right side and eat from that side of the dish which is nearer to you. (Bukhari and Muslim)

8. If some food has fallen from your plate, clean it and eat it (obviously only if it's safe to do so) 
Aisha Siddiqa (Radi Allahu anha) narrates that Rasul-Allah entered the house and saw some fallen bread. He picked it up, wiped it, and ate it. Afterwards He said, "Aisha, respect good things. When this thing (bread) runs away from a nation it doesn't return." (Ibn-e-Majah)

  9. If entering the house at meal times, say Bismillah  
Jabir Bin Abdullah (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that the Prophet of Allah said, "Whenever someone enters the house and at the time of entering and eating recites , the Shaitan says to his offspring that "you will not be able to live or eat in this home", and if at the time of entrance one doesn't read then he [the devil] says "that you have found a place to live" and if someone doesn't read at the time of eating then he says "you found a place to live and you have found food." (Sahih Muslim)

10. Make sure there is no food at all left on your fingers or the plate 
Jabir bin Abdullah (Radi Allahu anhuma) narrates that Rasul-Allah said, "Lick the fingers and the dish. You don't know which part of meal has blessings." (Sahih Muslim)
Nobelsha (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates from Rasul-Allah said, "Whoever, after eating will lick the dish, that dish will do Istighfar for him. (Tirmizi and Musnad-e-Imam Ahma)

11. Recite the supplication after eating  
Abu Saeed Khizri (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that the Prophet of Allah used to recite after eating food. (Tirmizi)

12. Don't leave the table until everyone has finished, without excusing oneself  
Abudllah Bin Umar (Radi Allahu anhuma) narrates that Rasul-Allah said, "When the table cloth is chosen, no one should stand until the table cloth is picked up and he should not take away his hand from the food until all have finished eating. If he his going to stop his hands from the food, he should excuse himself because without excusing (oneself) to stopping the hands will embarrass the other person sitting on the table cloth and he too will pull his hands from the food and it's possible that he might still necessitate food.

13. Don't get up from the table until it has been cleared (why not even help clear the table?)  
Aisha Siddiqa (Radi Allahu anha) narrates that Rasul-Allah said,"Do not get up from From food (DastarKhawan-Mat) until Food has been picked up" (Ibn-e-Majah)
14. Wash your hands properly after eating  
Abu Hurairah (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that the Rasul-Allah said, "If there is the smell of grease on one's hand and he sleeps without washing the hands and some problem reaches him then he should blame himself. (Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, and Ibn-e-Maajah)
15. Don't eat lying down/resting on a pillow  
Abu Jahefa (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates from Rasul-Allah said, "I don't eat while (resting) on a pillow. (Bukhari)

Translated By: Muhammad Omair Abdul Jabbar Qadri, America



  1. i never knew we had to take off our shoes wen eating...but i guess the trend aint so common these days because most people eat on dining tables!

  2. lol that's true, it's not so much 'having' to take your shoes off, more like it's 'better' to take your shoes off. I guess you're right, if you're sitting on a cloth on the floor, you would take your shoes off without thinking about it because it would be more comfortable that way.