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Interview & Giveaway | The Pinned Veil

Name, age, (occupation/studies etc) My name is Aina Hussain, I am 20, almost 21 and studying Nutrition. My sister is Zahra Hussain, 24 and a pharmacist. We set up this together but all credit for the name 'The Pinned Veil' has to go to my eldest sister Zainab! What gave you the idea to set up an online hijab store? The idea to set up an online hijab store initially came as friends and family members used to frequently ask us where our own personal hijabs were from and if we could purchase some for them also. The main aim when setting this up was to aid muslim women in covering up and making them feel happy and comfortable in doing so - and doing all this without breaking the bank! Basically we wanted to provide a service which offers stylish, modern pieces at an affordable price. We have always been interested in fashion and particularly in hijabs so we see this more as a hobby, something we enjoy doing, rather than a job or a business. How did yo

Spiritual | How to get closer to Allah - City Uni ISoc Annual Dinner 2011

On Friday I attended the City University ISoc annual dinner 2011, Alhmadulillah it was a great event full of reminders and inspiration. I just want to take this opportunity to say Jazakum Allahu khairan and mashAllah to all the brothers and sisters that helped make this event a success, but of course all praise is due to Allah, as without His blessing none of this would have happened. This post is just a few notes from the event on how to literally flee to Allah from sins and the desires and temptations in life. It is from a lecture given by Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad, I'm writing it from memory so if anyone wants to add anything I've left out send an email to These are reminders for myself first and foremost, InshaAllah I will be improving on all of these. Step 1: Improve your relationship with the Quran. Remember to read the Quran at least once a day. Don't go to sleep at night without having read some Quran. Learn to read Quran with proper taj

Review | SHUKR Islamic clothing

A couple of months ago I ordered an abaya from SHUKR an online islamic clothing store. I had been on their website before but didn't like the abaya's because they were more like long coats and it's just not the way I wear my abaya (I don't tuck my scarf inside as in the pictures on SHUKR) I had ordered a cape dress in the colour navy blue. I spent aggggeess trying to figure out the measurements with a tape measure and just couldn't understand the measurements. But I ordered one in size medium anyway (I know I'm so dumb all my clothes are size small I don't know what made me get a medium) I got a call from Shukr early Monday morning telling me that they don't have that colour in stock and if I would like a different colour so I opted for Aubergine purple. The delivery came quite quickly and I tried on the abaya/dress, yhp it was waay too big. The material was rayon and my grandmother who was there at the time told me that it would get creased very easi

Spiritual | Islamic Art- Visual Dhikr

When people hear about me doing islamic art as a hobbie and sometimes even selling them, they always ask 'how do you get the time to do your canvases when you have so much other things to do?' and to be honest I don't know how I get the time, I guess when you think about the number of things you have to do during the day it becomes very overwhelming and you don't end up doing most of it due to 'time' however, instead of spending aggges thinking about it and planning it, you just have to get down to it and do it. I don't know if that made any sense but that's my theory anyway, don't think about things you have to do, when you think of doing something just do it, don't leave it till later. Some people may not think that art is important, but in Islam art surrounds us, from the architecture in buildings, to the calligraphy inside the mosque walls and patterns in woven clothes from the Muslim world, everything that is beautiful about Islam has fo

Review | The Pinned Veil & Jersey Hijabs

Assalaamu alaikum sisters! I have just received 2 hijabs I ordered from a company called 'The pinned veil' so here is the review and my thoughts. (= The pinned veil is an online hijab shop that is run through facebook here is their overview and welcome note from the company: Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem. Assalamu Alaykum sisters! Welcome to ' The Pinned Veil'. We are an online business that offers exclusive hijabs. We choose only the best quality, and guarantee that our prices are affordable. We are constantly updating our stock so that something new and exciting will be always be available. You will notice there is a higher end to our range which includes handmade hijabs with swarovski crystals. If you are interested in purchasing a hijab please email quoting the name of the hijab you are interested in. All payment is made via paypal which is 100% secure and is available to anybody. Orders are processed on a f

Hijabi Haircare

One of the biggest problems women wearing hijab face is the change in their hair after wearing hijab. We all go through that phase where we neglect our hair after we first start wearing hijab. I used to think that no one will see my hair so what does it matter? Now 4 years on I wish I had taken better care of it. As women we love our hair, it's what makes us feel feminine, so what are the problems and solutions? One problem I have experienced is my hair becoming very dry and limp, it's lost it's volume. another problem is when your hairline keeps going back because you tie your hair back to wear hijab, hair falling out, thinning, and just in bad shape in general. The solutions are many, some of which I used to think were old wives tales, but as you might know those old wives tales are sometimes true. So here are your handy haircare (and scalp) tips. 1. Trim your hair every so often. It doesn't have to be a lot just an inch or so will keep your hair healthy a

Interview | Nour Domestic Violence

I Got Red Roses Today I got red roses today It wasn’t our anniversary Brick-hard fists pounded me Blood splattered, yet thirstily he hounded me Face swelled, teeth cracked Mercy and leniency he lacked Smiles crossed his face That grace couldn’t replace But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today I got red roses today It wasn’t my birthday He flung me effortlessly across the room And I thought, this is the end, this is my doom My feathery body that once swayed thumped hard against the door I heard it splinter into a million pieces on the floor Screaming with soreness, battered with scars I woke up coughing, as he watched from afar But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today I got red roses today It wasn’t Valentine’s Day He soaked my face with inconceivable words to provoke me Pinned me to the wall, his hands quivering to choke me When my lungs couldn’t inflate I thought, finally checkmate But h

Hijab Style's To Suit Your Face Shape

So you're trying to follow a hijab tutorial but your hijab just doesn't look like the person doing the tutorial, you get frustrated because you can't get it right. Well to be honest I don't think it's so much you getting it wrong, it may just be that the hijab style being demonstrated looks better on the person doing the tutorial due to the shape of that person's face. Just like when you need to get a haircut, when styling your hijab, you have to consider the shape of your face. I've had many people tell me that hijab doesn't 'suit' them because their face is too round, or their cheeks are too chubby, which is the reason why they don't wear hijab, in my opinion hijab suits everyone, you just have to figure out how to wear it to suit you. Contrary to what many think, hijab wasn't prescribed to make you look 'ugly' it is to make you look modest. In this post I have tried to look at some face shapes and find some hijab style i