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Review | Hijab Fashion Shop

This week I have had the pleasure of reviewing 'the hijab fashion shop'

I ordered a few things from sister Victoria's website under the reduced to clear range, the products I received from this range were a lot cheaper than the originals on her website due to minor faults. Each piece was very well priced and compared to other websites selling similar products I got such a bargain! Although there were faults on the hijabs (due it it being in the reduced to clear range) they are definitely wearable.

I selected standard delivery (2-5 days in UK) and I think I received it either the next day or maybe the day after and it was much much cheaper than other online companies I have ordered from before. Sister Victoria replied to my e-mails very promptly and the process was not only easy but very efficient. For the customer service and delivery this company deserves a 10/10!

The first hijab I ordered from the reduced to clear range was this gorgeous platinum colour silk mix pashmina. I had bought the same hijab in gold from the pearl daisy website which cost me £10.99 this hijab was half that price! Because this hijab was in the reduced to clear range one of the sides was slightly frayed, but other than that it is amazing, the colour is subtle (i.e. not like tin foil) and is very silky.

This luxurious hijab available in many different colours is a hijabi must have. You can work easily with the material to make folds or leave it flowing.

 Lace Hijab Unforgettable- This hijab is one of my favourite, it is very chic, it may need to be paired with another hijab as the lace part wont cover properly. This scarf is more of a decorative piece rather than a practical hijab.
The flower corsage on each end of the scarf give it that vintage girl look.

The hijab can be styled in so many ways, dress it up for a special occasion with a silky scarf and a headband or dress it down for an everyday look with a plain scarf. Again available in a variety of colours to match your mood and your outfit.

As an abaya wearer myself I rather like unique one off pieces to add a feminine touch to my outfit, this 'unforgettable' lace hijab does exactly that and looks great with a plain abaya as it has simple but elegant pattern on it.

This is a 'Blue Laguna' hijab, I fell in love with this scarf as soon as I saw it in the picture, again I bought it from the reduced to clear range and other than a slight colour run on the edge of the fabric (which can easily be hidden by folding the scarf in a little) the scarf is good to wear. There is a generous amount of scarf ideal for coverage and folds. The beautiful beige/light brown flowers mean you can wear it with something plain to to look 'dressed up' without looking overdressed.

 This plum colour thin hijab is the last one I bought from the reduced to clear range. The colour of this scarf is gorgeous and can be worn with many different colours.
I wore this hijab out today when I went out for lunch with my friends, it didn't take me long to wrap as it fell into place quite easily, the hijab did stay in place however I found that it's probably not best to wear it out on a windy day (like today) and as its a thin scarf sometimes the straight hijab pins end up coming loose or going right through the scarf, so bear that in mind when purchasing a thin scarf like this. It would probably be good to wear in the summer, wrapped without using too many pins as shown in the picture.

 I think this scarf is called 'Wild' or 'Wilderness' or something like that due to the animal print patterns on the scarf. I have never really been into animal print hijabs but when sister Victoria sent me this hijab I tried it on with a few different outfits and realised that it actually looks quite good.
 Of course I would never really wear it to uni (not into dressing up on an everyday basis) but I would definitely wear it out with friends or to dinner with family. It looks quite good with this maxi dress I bought last summer. All I need now is an occasion to wear it out (=
Thank you sister Victoria for sending me this hijab to review, you have changed my view on animal print hijabs =D

 Now we've come on to the accessories!

I bought this pearl triple headband and I love it! it's girly and elegant and classy and just absolutely fab! Would really recommend you to buy this, it can be added to layered hijabs, fancy hijab to make it even more decorative or worn with a plain hijab to add a little finishing touch to your look.
 This pearl and diamant√© headband was another item sent for the review from sister Victoria, its great to add to a party hijab or bridal hijab, looks just like a simple tiara, once you wear it you will look like a princess. Can be worn on top of your hijab or across your forehead just on the edge of the hijab depending on what sort of look your going for.

Pairing this headband with the silver/platinum silky hijab is perfect for bridesmaid outfits.
This pair of black full arm length sleeves is the last item sent to me by sister Victoria and I can't begin to explain how much I appreciate her sending me them! I have been looking for full arm length sleeves for a while now, I bought a pair from the pearl daisy website and you can see what I had to say about them here:

Although they are made from the same material, these sleeves fit much much better! They are not one length at the top and bottom like the ones I have bought before they are bigger at the top and tighter at the bottom but they don't fall down =D it goes right up to your shoulder and is another recommended must have. It's perfect for the summer when you don't want to wear a full sleeve top under your short sleeve outfit and to wear with short sleeve Asian outfits as they are just the right length. From what I remember there are a variety of different colours and are also available in half arm length size.

The hijab fahion shop also sells hijab pins, brooches, underscarves, flower underscarves and a huuge variety of other hijabi products, sister Victoria has sent me a few pictures of some new hijab pins that will soon be available to purchase on the website. These havn't been uploaded yet so you lucky readers are the first to see them.

Gift wrapping is also available to save you the trouble of wrapping if you are buying something for someone else.

And that's the end of the product review! I hope it's helped you to get some ideas of what you might want to purchase from the hijab fashion shop. I love this company and would buy from here again inshaAllah, the service is great, the products are superb and the prices are a bargain!

A note  from the owner:

"BismiLLah arRahman arRahim..

Assalamu Alaykum WaRahmatuLLahi WaBarakatuh!
A very warm welcome to your hijab and hijab accessories shop!

My name is Victoria, I'm originally Russian born and grown in Latvia, almost 6 year in UK now, embraced Islam 3 years ago AlhamduleLLah. It took a while to cover my hair, perhaps one of the reasons was the lack of hijabs I'd fancy! I started to explere different hijab styles and designs and I actually started to like it, but the first reason why I have started to wear it as I believe that I have to obey the command of Allah to be modest and cover my aura't, anywhoo with the time of exploring the different ways of how to wear hijab and different styles I have fallen in love with it and been so excited with how woman can be modest and look gorgeous in same time without exceeded bling that I would like to be useful to other sisters and share my love to hijab and encourage other sister to encourage to love and perhaps start wearing the hijab and to proof that there are so many hijabs in which a woman can look gorgeous. So step by step I have started to embody my aim to bring latest fashion hijabs to hijabi sisters and new hijabis or modest women around the globe :) In Hijab Fashion Shop every sister or just a girl who wants to be modest and cover her hair get huge variety of hijab choice so every sister can find exactly what she is looking for to fulfil her hijaaby needs . In fact not only beautiful, luxurious, rare and modest hijabs but also essential accessories like underscarves, hijab pins and even more.
Every single piece in the shop has been carefully chosen and hand picked for my sisters and is made from finest materials and are of the highest quality jet competitive in price, because I believe that hijab must be affordable for everyone and even most luxurious hijab should not ruin the budget.

In the future Insha Allah I am planning to expand the shop and to introduce exclusive abayas and design my own hijabs

HijabFashionShop it is a place where you will find wide assortment of latest fashion hijab for modest muslimah.

College, work or party.. you don't need to look no further, we have every thing your hijab needs! For beautiful, modest you! ♥"

Visit their website:
Email them:
Join their facebook page: Hijab Fashion Shop

Thank you to:
Majj (my lil sis) for modelling &
Sister Victoria for sending me some beautiful products. I wish you all the best iA!

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