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Interview | My Trendy Hijab

Sister Abir- Hijab stylist and owner of 'My trendy hijab'

I recently interviewed an up and coming bespoke hijab stylist, with the latest hijabs, accessories, and styles from the heart of the United Arab Emirates.In this post I have uploaded the interview as well as some easy, elegant, trendy yet modest hijab styles.

I asked sister Abir a hijab stylist from the UAE and owner of 'My trendy hijab' about the company, how and why she started it up.

"My Trendy Hijab was established in November 2010. The business is located in the United States, Columbus city in the state of Ohio.I always loved to wear fashionable clothes. When I first started wearing my hijabs in the year 1997, I was residing in the US at that time. I had a hard time finding hijabs to begin with and let alone finding fashionable hijabs. So the idea had stuck in my head since then.

After I moved to the United Arab Emirates, it was so much easier to find fashionable hijabs.  I then decided to start my business and establish a store in the U.S so I can bring to my family, friends and my Muslim sisters in the west some of the latest fashionable styles and ideas of hijabs.  I started styling because I wanted to help all my Muslim sisters with ways to wear their hijabs and also bring to the world's attention how we can be modest yet fashionable at the same time."

How difficult is it being a wife, mother and business woman and how do you deal with it?

"For sure being a wife, mother and a business woman is not an easy thing to do, finding that perfect balance between work and family life is one of motherhoods toughest tasks. The best way to balance between work and family life is not to let either over run the other.  When I am working I try to focus on my job and trust that my children are being taken care of.

Balancing work and home life can be done and people do it every day. It's not always going to be easy and it will take some discipline, but if you stick to your guns and refuse to let one over run the other you will find the balance comes together perfectly. My Husband is a big support for me as well as my family and without their support I would not have gone through starting My Trendy Hijab Business."

What was your biggest challenge?

"The biggest challenge that I had is creating my own web site and trying to advertise for this Business."
What are your ambitions for the future?

"My ambitions for the future is to get my Business expanded all over the world so I can provide my Muslim sister all over the world to find the right Muslim Clothes and get what they have been looking for.  I will continue doing tutorials of new Hijab Designs to assure that Muslim Sisters find exactly what they are looking for. Someday I would love to start designing my own Hijabs and accessories like Rabia Z J."
What advice would you give to other young sisters aspiring to start a business of their own?

I encourage all Muslim Sisters to run after their dreams.  No matter how long it will take, if you're the right person with a solid plan, starting a small business of your own can be the most satisfying, exhilarating experience of your life.

And finally what kind of products do you sell on your website and can you give us some sneak peaks into future products?

"My store has various types of hijabs and also accessories (this includes hand sleeves, head bandanas, 2-piece sets and flower clips). We have Satin, Silk, Cotton, Viscose and other materials. Some are handmade as well. My next shipment to the U.S will include Abayas as many sisters have requested."

JazakAllahu khairan Sister Abir for answering my questions (=

Here are a few pictures of sister Abir modelling some of her hijab styles.

I love this design probably because of the colours. This is one shaded scarf, which makes it look like she combined two. Clever huh?

In this style the flower is actually one end of the scarf. Looks complicated but actually very simple to do.

 Styled with two scarves, which you can adapt to give you some neck coverage if you're not wearing a top with a high neck.

Add accessories to give it a finishing touch.
 A perfect style if you're going for a trendy yet smart/casual look.
Flower power! no need to add a flower accessory when you can make a flower with the scarf you're wearing.

My favourite style by far! That may be because I wear an abaya/jilbab. If you've ever wanted to know how the women in the UAE style their hijab then you have to watch this khaleeji style wrap, so simple and so elegant.
 Layering two scarves, with neck coverage.

A beautiful style for special occasions. Who said hijabis can't look glamorous?

Here is a video tutorial for that khaleeji wrap that I absolutely love.


To contact Sister Abir for any enquiries on the outfits she's wearing or products you want to see on her website email:
Make sure you check out her website:

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