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Hijab Styling | 10 Step Chic Hijabi Look

Salaam all,

I have had a few requests to do some hijab tutorials. Here is a hijab tutorial for a chic look accessorised with a big bow brooch/pin, a leather jacket and some lace gloves. This style probably wouldn't look too good on a person who has a wide jaw or a very round face, but inshaAllah have a go and see if it suits you.

The hijab is a stretchy and was purchased from 'Primark' Cheap and cheerful. I used to buy my hijabs from Islamic shops or markets selling predominantly Islamic clothing and hijabs.
However, recently I have been seeing some really nice scarves in high street shops, which you can use as a hijab even though they were made to be wrapped around your neck.

The thing to make sure you look at when you buy a scarf from the high street is the width (will it be big enough to give you modest coverage?) and the length (Is it long enough to be wrapped around your head?)

So without further a do lets begin!

Step 1

Wear an underscarf and place the Hijab on your head with one side longer than the other. Get the shape at the top of your head right and take the front of the scarf back to your ears, creating a small fold on either side to keep it neat.

Step 2

Pin the hijab under your chin using a no snag hijab pin or safety pin (be cautious with safety pins as they may get tangled in your scarf and create a whole when trying to take them off)

 Step 3

Once you've pinned the hijab under your chin, sort out the two sides and make sure your happy with the coverage and how tight or loose it is.

 Step 4 

Take the long side of the scarf and take it to the other side as shown in the picture.

Step 5

bring the long side around your head. If you feel it doesn't look neat as you take it around your head fold the scarf slightly or tuck the edge in as you take it round.

Step 6

At this stage you can leave your scarf loose at the back to give you some coverage, however, if your back is going to be covered and your going to wear a jacket/coat get the long side you wrapped around your head from the back, bring it to the front and take it to the side again.

Step 7

Again wrap it around your head and hold it on top of your head at the corner of the scarf.

Step 8

Slide a hijab pin into the corner of the scarf to keep it in place.

Step 9

Pin your hijab accessory or brooch to the corner of the scarf on the side of your head.

Step 10 

Pin the short side of your scarf to your shoulder by draping it over your chest and pinning to the opposite side using a safety pin (best to pin from the inside so you can't see the safety pin)

Quick check in the mirror to see if you have everything in place.

And there you have it. One chic hijabi!

Lace gloves purchased from 'New look'

The hijab pin was also purchased from a high street shop (I think it was 'Primark', even if it isnt I'm sure you can find something similar in 'Primark', 'New Look' 'H&M' etc)

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