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Spiritual | 'Hur-al- Ayn' How To Become A Maiden Of Paradise

Allah has promised us everything we desire in Jannah (if we get there inshaAllah). One of the things He mentions in the Quran is the Hur-al-Ayn or maidens of paradise, so  if Allah has promised the men hur-al-ayn what do the women who enter paradise get? In this post I aim to briefly talk about the hur-al-ayn and make clear a few things about the maidens of paradise for those who use it as a means of attacking Islam by saying that Islam is a sexist religion.

To explain a few things about the Hur-al- Ayn I will be using a book titled : "Maidens of Jannah (paradise)" written by Moulana Abdulla Nana [To read this book in full, you can download it from: http://www.islamfactory.com/books/]

Jannat is a place where a person will have all that he desires, and he will live a perfect and ever-lasting life. Each pleasure of Jannat will be far more superior than the comparable pleasure found in this world, and a person will be able to completely fulfill his desire for that pleasure.

There are two types of women in Jannat

1- The Human woman

The first type is the human woman of the world who will be re-created according to the beauty of Jannat. Allah says,

"We created them as a new creation. And we made them
virgins, loving to their husbands, equal in age." Allah will make old women into young women and non-virgins into virgins. No matter how their appearance was in this world, Allah will make them all beautiful and good-looking in accordance to the beauty of Jannat.

What will a woman of this world receive in Jannat? 

Mufti Mahmud was asked that if men will receive hurs, what will women receive? He replied that the wives of the believers will stay with their own husbands. Women who never married in this world will be given a choice to get married with any (unmarried) man they wish. If they do not like any of them, a special man will be created for them (similar to the hurs) and Allah will join both of them in marriage. Allamah Alusi also mentions in his tafsir that a person's wife in this world will remain his wife in the hereafter. The love between a Muslim husband and wife is a true love because it will last forever.

Umme Salamah RA narrates that she said to Rasulullah SAW "0 RaSulullah , are the women of this world superior or the hurs?" He replied, "The women of this world will have superiority over the hurs just as the outer lining of a garment has superiority over the inner lining." Umme Salamah RA then asked, "0 RasUlullah, what is the reason for this?" He answered, "Because they performed salah, fasted, and worshipped [Allah]. Allah will put light on their faces and silk on their bodies. [The human women] will be fair in complexion and will wear green clothing and yellow jewellery. Their incense-burners will be made of pearls and their combs will be of gold. They will say, 'We are the women who will stay forever and we will never die. We are the women who will always remain in comfort and we will never undergo difficulty. We are the women who will stay and we will never leave. Listen, we are happy women and we will never become sad. Glad tidings to those men for whom we are and who are for us.' Allah will make the women of this world more beautiful and attractive than the hurs. (Wherever in this book the 'women of Jannat' are mentioned, both the hurs and the human women could be meant.)

2- The Hurs

What is a hur?

The second type of women will be those celestial women specially created for the people of Jannat known as the hur a'yn. A hur is a young, beautiful, fair-skinned woman with intensely dark eyes. Another interpretation is that there will be a sharp contrast between the whiteness and darkness of her eyes which is considered to very beautiful. Or it could also mean that her beauty will dumbfound and astonish others. The meaning of a'yn is a woman with big, attractive eyes, which is also considered a sign of beauty.

Allah says "These women will be delicate and pure as if they were preserved eggs." 
"[In beauty] these women are like rubies and small pearls."
The comparison between the hurs and rubies is in transparency. A person can see through a ruby and know what is on the other side. In the same way, a person will be able to see through the hurs because of the cleanliness and delicate nature of their skin and body. Allah has also compared the hurs to small pearls because of their softness, whiteness, and pleasant sight.

Abu Sa'id and Abu Hurayrah RA narrate that RasUlullah SAW said, "[When the people will enter Jannat], a caller will announce, 'Definitely, for you is life; you will never die. For you is good health; you will never become sick. For you is youth; you will never grow old. For you is luxury and comfort, you will never experience difficulty. Both the men and women of Jannat will remain young forever.
  • husband and wife in this world will be husband and wife in Jannah (if they wish) because in Islam love really does last forever.
  • In Jannah men and women will be treated as equals just as they are treated as equals in the Dunya.
  • Women who were not married in the Dunya will be given a choice to marry any unmarried man in the Akhira. If she doesn't like any of the men Allah will create for her a special man (similar to the hurs).
  • Allah will make the women of this world more beautiful and attractive than the hurs.
So it's quite simple to be a Maiden in Paradise all you have to do is pray your salah, fast and worship Allah (which is actually the purpose of life on earth).

For all the unmarried sisters choose the right guy, the one that will enter Jannah with you. The one that you want to be with forever. Marry him only if he loves Allah above all and inshaAllah be his Maiden of Paradise!


  1. This is so lovely mashaAllah :)

  2. Gorgeous article! Ive read so many different accounts of the Hur - people say that the men of Jannat will be married to the Hur? Is this not true?

  3. So basically you gonna be stuck with the same one that is nagging you every day on earth.

  4. Masha`Allah! But Sister, I have just read, and I have all the quranic verses (not hadith) to quote it, as you just said yourself above, Women of dunya will be `Re-created` is the key word here! We will be recreated into beautiful maidens with `wide eyes` the problem these days is Scholars have made Hoor Al Ayn into some sort of Sex obsessed Aliens, when the facts in the quran clearly state that Woman of dunya will be `recreated` into hoor al ayn. There is no Hurs there waiting to have sex with our husband, WE are the hour al ayn recreated, we are the big eyed virgins :)

  5. Lol Allahu Akbar
    A Shaheed will be maried to 72 Hur
    So ask allah for shahada
    and the mujahidin in afghanistan witnes many Karamat