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Designing Bridesmaid Abaya's

My friends brother got married sometime earlier this year. It was the first wedding out f their brothers and sisters so they wanted it to be a day to remember. My friend and her sister only recently started to wear abaya's when it came to their brothers wedding and they really wanted to wear an abaya for the wedding, but didn't know how to make it stand out. It was my dream come true I was going to be their designer. I sketched out a few designs and came up with a white and purple abaya, which looked elegant and classy. Below I have added a few pictures of the finished product. Beautifully accessorised with silver brooches, matching bags and gorgeous matching shoes from Unze (which unfortunately I don't have a picture of but will add a picture if I can get one) Modest and graceful; they looked like princesses.

Review | Shop the Souq

Lace, its in all the shops and is being incorporated into different types of clothing. However, in my opinion too much lace looks tacky, for example lace/netted sleeves and dresses. The trick to using lace is to use a little bit and the best way of doing that as a hijabi is underscarves. Lace underscarves give your hijab style a vintage look without the lace looking too overpowering. I have bought a grey lace underscarf from the pearl daisy website [see 1st image to the left] which looks good and is reasonably priced, however, its one of those tube underscarves and my ears begin to hurt during the day, if I wear it behind my ears it makes them stick out under the scarf which looks weird, but its ok if you know your not going to be wearing it all day. For all of you who want to wear the lace underscarf without your ears hurting I have found the perfect solution.....Bonnet type, tie up lace underscarves =D I haven't bought any of these from the souq hijab and I'm not s