Sunday, 26 September 2010

Spiritual | The Essence of Knowledge

I've been thinking of writing about what I study at Uni, why I chose it, why even though it is stressful I love it and how it has increased my love for Allah swt. As usual things kept getting in the way and I have finally found a little bit of time in my hectic schedule to write it up.

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”- Muhammad PBUH

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been curious. Curious about the world we live in the stars, the sky, the sea, flowers, animals, people and the list can go on forever. This curiosity always encouraged me to learn more, to find out more about the things around me. But before I truly began to understand Islam and before I started to really appreciate Allah SWT I never really valued the essence of knowledge.

In college I met some really amazing people alhamdulillah, these people along with the entire ISoc began to increase my interest in Islam. The more I learnt about the dunya and the Akhira the more I realised that this life is not going to be forever. At this point I decided that whichever career path I was going to choose it was going to be for the sake of Allah. Not to have lots of money or for a good name, but purely for the sake of humanity and Allah. This led me to wanting to study medicine even more than I wanted to before.

The idea that when you save the life of one human being it is as though you are saving the whole of humanity really appealed to me. I followed my dream of studying medicine for a year into college but at the end of my first year at college I realised that it wasn't for me. I am a very family orientated person I loved the idea of medicine but by the end of the year I wasn't too sure that I would be able to hack it. I also started to think about the future, could I really fit studying and my work around my religion and not the other way round. I give credit to all the hijabi Muslimah's who do study or have studied medicine I admire your determination and courage, but I honestly don't know how you do it. When I started to think well into my future I began to think about how I wouldn't see my family as much because I'd be too stuck in my studies. I wouldn't be able to celebrate 3id every year or go to family gatherings or weddings all the time because of studies or being on call.I realised that maybe at that point in time medicine wasn't for me.

After this I was left wondering what to do, I did want to go to University and study something which had a clear career path at the end of it not some random degree to pass 3 years then do a job that has nothing to do with that degree. Whilst sitting and waiting to see my careers advisor I started to flick through a book and came across Radiography. It was like the page was glowing (you know one of those halo moments in movies). I went in and spoke to my advisor who told me about the course and which uni's I could study at. I knew my parents wouldn't allow me to live on campus and I also wanted to stay in London so I applied to the only three 3 universities that did my course as everyone else applied for the maximum of 5.

An unexpected and unavoidable turn of events during my A-levels contributed to me not doing as well as I could have, but I still did well enough to get into all the universities that I had applied for Alhamdulillah.

I enrolled in September with all the worries, and fears of a fresher starting university, but now looking back I'm glad I chose Radiography. 

In the space of a year I learnt so much, from knowing nothing to knowing the names of nearly every bone in the body, knowing how bone is formed, the healing process of broken bones and soooo much more. To every single thing I learnt all I could think was SubhanAllah, He created us so perfectly. When we had to tediously learn not only the names of all the bones but every bump and groove that served a vital purpose I just remember thinking 'wow if it that bump wasn't there that ligament would not have been able to attach to that bone and we wouldn't have been able to walk for example'

We learnt about the different systems in the human body, the reproductive system and the formation of cells all of which I would have been totally bored by if I didn't keep thinking look at Allah's wonderful creation. Because of Islam I really appreciated all the things I was learning. Islam does not need to be proven with scientific facts rather science is understood with the help of Islam and the Quran. The body has to be at a certain temperature for all bodily functions to be maintained and the balance of hormones and chemicals in our bodies has to be just right for us to survive. There is no doubt Allah is our Creator and our Sustainer.

Everyday as I walk around the hospital I think how blessed I am to be a part of a team that works for the good of humanity. I took x-rays of a huge variety of different people from different backgrounds and ages, from new born babies to old and frail men and women. Every single day Islam played an even bigger part in my life as I began to truly appreciate Allah's mercy, compassion, power and beauty all characteristics which He demonstrates through His creation.

I believe this is the reason knowledge plays such a huge part in Islam. Knowledge doesn't just mean how many chapters of the Quran you can memorise or how many hadeeths you know by heart it is also knowledge of the world around you. Knowledge is given great importance because in the end this is one of the main things that brings you closer to Allah.

Ask yourself why most of the greatest scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, physicists etc are Muslim? (The Greeks and other people who we are all taught about at school actually took a lot of their information from people of knowledge in the Muslim world see this link  http://www.1001inventions.com/ for more information)

Allah taught us things 1400 years ago through the revelation of the Quran, some things which scientists have only just discovered recently. Ask yourself how much more do you need to see before you truly believe without an ounce of doubt in your mind that Allah and Allah alone is the creator of everything you see around you.

"...(Here) indeed are Signs for the people of intellect" Noble Quran

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Eid Mubarak!

Assalamu alaikum and Eid Mubarak to all my lovely sisters around the world I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends.

How did all of your 3id days go? What did you get up to? Who did you enjoy it with? What did you eat and wear? Was it same old same old or did you do something extra special this year? share your stories with us by commenting below (=

Yesterday was the first time my sister and I attended 3id prayers at the masjid (mosque). In Asian culture there is a big misconception that women are not allowed to go to the mosque, which is very untrue. I believe this misconception arose due to the fact that in most Asian countries there was no facility for women in mosques therefore women did not attend mosque, which is why people have been brought up thinking that it is not permissible to go to the mosque.

In Islam men and women are equal in religion, it is obligatory for men to pray in congregation for 3id prayers and Friday prayers for example and there is more reward in that. For women however, it is not obligatory, for them it is better to pray at home as they might have other responsibilities which make it difficult for them to go to the mosque e.g. young children. However, if they can attend the mosque and there is space for them then they should go.

Anyhoo back to the story....my dad came to room at 8.20am and woke me up to ask me if I wanted to go with him to the mosque, by the time my sister and I got ready and came down he told us we would miss the 1st jamaat (congregation) if we went to a mosque with facilities for women, so my dad and little brother went to the local mosque and my sister and I took a bus to another mosque for the second jamaat. (So much for it being a nice family thing)

I had such a nice time on Eid seeing all my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc and eating lots of yummy food! All the little boys wore thobes/jubba's and looked mega cute mashaAllah, here's a picture of my little brother in his 3id outfit...

My aunt gave me this reallllly pretty hijab pin from a collection of pins being sold by her friend Jhorna Begum (join her facebook page 'Hijab'), it goes really well with my 3id outfit which was white and silver. It was all sparkly and of absolutely great quality so thank you aunty Jhorna for that and the one you gave as a gift too, they are beautiful mA (= The hijab pins will soon be featuring on Islamfactory.com as well (probably from end of sept to early october)
My nieces and nephew looking very cute mA
My nieces modeling their 3id prezzies

Everyone looked absolutely stunning and we all had a great day.
In the evening I went to visit my baby cousin Ahdia at the hospital. Ahdia was born about a week ago and hasn't been too well, so has had to spend her first 3id in hospital. I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to make du'a for her health to improve so that she can come home and grow up to be a good and healthy little girl.

This 3id as we all had a good time with our family and friends, InshaAllah we also remembered all the little children who had to spend this 3id without family due to natural disasters, war and so on. May we also remember our sister Aafia Sidiqi and all the other brothers and sisters who are having to spend yet another 3id without family, locked up, detained and tortured unjustly. Our du'as and thoughts are with you all.

Before I go I just want to say when you feel your not strong enough to do something, know that you have gone without food and water for approx 450 hours over 30 days, surely that is a sign from Allah letting you know that He will never burden you with more than you can handle. Remember just because Ramadhan has gone it doesn't mean you can stop being a Muslim, keep up all the hard work from this Ramadhan.


iHijabi ~xXx~

[Jhorna's fbk page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hijab/146734058677858]

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Introducing... Some Artwork I've been woking on!

Salaam all,

Went back to uni today 1st day of the new academic year and I was absolutely shattered (yes it's very tiring sitting on your backside all day listening to lectures). As it was Laylat-ul-Qadr (night of power) last night I tried to stay up for a bit to pray and stuff, therefore not much sleep. Woke up at 7 for uni today, got soaked in the rain on the way home, came home on the bus, slept for half an hour then had to go to my aunts for iftar, came home again prayed Taraweeh and now I'm sooo sleepy (what an eventful day, makes a change from waking up at 3pm everyday of the holidays).

Anyhow enough of my life story, I couldn't sleep until I showed you some of my canvases which I have been working on. I also do personalised canvases ranging from £25-£100 depending on size, so e-mail mailbox@islamfactory.com with your name, what you want to be written on the canvas, the size of the canvas and the colour of your choice (I will try my very best to find the colour you want). For the ready made paintings again e-mail islamfactory with your details and which painting(s) you would like to buy and either myself or the Islamfactory team will get back to you with details and the invoice inshaAllah. I'm all excited now! =D

'SubhanAllah' (Glory be to God)- Painted with acrylic on and outlined in silver. [£35] SOLD

'Alhamdulillah' (Praise be to God/ Thanks be to God)- Painted with acrylic on deep edge canvas; Outlined in gold. [£40] SOLD
'Allah'- Painted with acrylic, on fireworks background; outlined in gold. [£35] SOLD
 'Al-Khaliq' (The Creator)- Acrylic on canvas; pink background; outlined in gold. [£25] SOLD
'Allah' on Purple background- Acrylic on canvas; silver outlined. [£25] SOLD
'Ar-Rahman' (The Most Gracious)- Acrylic on canvas; green background; gold outline. [£25] SOLD

Same as above- £25 each or £60 for all three

'Al-Aziz' (The Most Powerful)- Acrylic on canvas; mosque silhouette background; gold outlined. [£35] SOLD

Please leave your comments below i'A.
Laila Saeeda Wa Ahlam Ladida (goodnight and sweetdreams) ~xxx~