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Review | Pearl Daisy

Yesterday I recieved my pink parcel and I was very excited, so I thought I would do a product review on all the pearl daisy products I have purchased to date. I feel like if I had read a review on the products before I bought them I may have been able to make more informed decision in buying them. So this review is to do just that inshaAllah (=

Firstly I will start with the accessories:

The boohoo pin brooch- I absolutely love this pin brooch I bought it as part of my first order from pearl daisy and have been using it since. You can wear it on your hijab at the side of our head or lower down to keep the hijab in place this will add a bit of pazazz to your outfit without looking over the top.
The only problem I had with this pin is, the end of it was a bit rough as though it had gone a bit rusty and started making big holes in my hijab (especially the thin ones), to fix this I scrapped the end bit and the rusty parts came off and now it is good to wear, so check the pin brooch before you wear it and if need be sharpen the end before you pin your hijab with it.

Love brooch- This is my favourite Pearl daisy accessory. I love the pearl that sits in the middle and the sparkly bit around it. I would definitely recommend this brooch, easy to wear and looks very pretty.

Grey lace headband- I was actually looking for a black lace headband when I came across this grey one. I have seen a friend of mine wear lace headbands and it looks nice on her, which is why I thought I'd give it try. When I opened the package for this I looked at it and thought 'How on earth is my head going to fit in that?' (and before you say anything, my head isn't that big) The material wasn't very stretchy and the first time I put it on it was a struggle. Once the headband is on though, it feels ok. I played around with it for a while and in the end figured out how to put it on easily. The grey colour goes with a variety of colours and you can wear another underscarf on top of it without feeling overheated because it is very light.

White and Black sleeves- I was really looking forward to these sleeves because they are the first ones I found that look long enough. As part of my uniform at the hospital wear I work I have to wear a white tunic (or scrubs when I'm in theatre) both of which are short sleeves so I wear a long sleeved t-shirt under my uniform, which can make you feel very hot, especially when you running around seeing one patient after another, moving machinery and in the summer. I was a bit disappointed with these sleeves because they are not in the material I thought they would be in. The material for them is similar to opaque tights made from soft nylon and lycra and I wanted sleeves in the same material as t-shirts (cotton/polyester). They are also one diameter from top to bottom which means they are tight at the top (because your arms are fatter at the top) and looser at the bottom (my wrists are really small so it's not as snug around the wrist as I had hoped). I wore it for a couple of hours to get used to wearing them and after a while I did start getting used to them but I'm still shopping around for the ones I need. I have been told by other pearl daisy's that the sleeves they have bought from elsewhere are too loose at the top so they fall down. In that case these sleeves are good because they are tight at the top so won't fall down and go back to their original shape and size once you take them off.

Sequin headbands-The sequin headbands come in a pack of 4 in different colours. I chose this pack because I have hijabs in these colours and I think they will go nicely with them. The headbands are very pretty and sparkly. They are stretchy enough to wear on your hijab and add a bit of sparkle to a plain hijab. My favourite headband in this pack is the gold one, which is a double strand headband. Really looking forward to wearing these headbands.

Now lets move on to the hijabs and hoojabs. Hoojabs are scarves that have a hood on one end and long pieces of material on both ends. They are the hijabi version of scoodies. (check out sister Amena's explanation on what a hoojab is on you tube) In my first pearl daisy purchase I bought 4 hoojabs after watching sister Amena's youtube tutorials on how to wear them and the different styles you can do with hoojabs. If you have tried to do a hoojab tutorial with a hijab you will find that it looks bulky and doesn't quite work because hijabs just aren't long enough. I have found with the hoojabs you have to play around with it for a while before you get the hang of it (i.e. getting coverage at the front and back). I find it quite hard to do my hoojabs the same way as Amena's tutorials and that's probably because I haven't got much patience when it comes to things like this. However, I wore my teal hoojab (layered it with a brown hijab) and wore it to uni, I got a alot of positive comments from friends which were very encouraging. I have tried my own styles of wearing the hoojab and had really nice positive feedback from family and friends. So here are the colours I bought:
Dark navy hoojab- I have worn this hoojab quite a few times and I really like it. This is the hoojab I'm wearing in the picture on the pearl daisy fan page. I wear an abaya, but, I think it would look really good with a pair of dark jeans.
Khaki hoojab- This hoojab is actually a very neutral colour. like a light khaki. I have worn this hoojab a few times but I don't think it goes with my complexion as maybe some of the other colours.
Teal hoojab-This is my favourite colour out of all the hoojab's that I have. The material for all the hoojabs is light but not thin and are really comfy. A lot of the time I don't even wear a underscarf with my hoojabs and the stay in place.

The last hoojab I have is a bright teal luxury hoojab, I can't find a picture of it but its basically a hoojab but the material is not plain it has some pattern on it. Sorry it's hard to explain I may put a picture of it up if I can find one. The material for the luxury hoojab is not as good as the plain ones in my opinion, it made me feel a bit itchy around my face and was a bit more puffy than the normal ones, still very pretty none the less.
One downside about the hoojab (and I know I'm being very picky) is I remember all the hoojabs had stickers on them which said 100% pashmina or something on them, these stickers were really hard to take off and left the corner of the hoojab sticky until I scrapped it off and washed it.

As for hijabs I only have the deep gold dust hijab (which is a slight variation in colour from the old version of gold dust) I have had a look at some of the hijabs and am yet to buy some. (there's just too many options) lol, when I do purchase some PD hijabs I will try to do a review on them too iA.

Deep gold dust hijab- I love love love this hijab! I'm so glad I got this before it went out of stock. The material is light and soft but not see through. It will be great to wear with my asian outfits as well as maxi dresses and abaya's with gold designs. It is sooo comfortable and very easy to work with. the drapes and folds fall into place nicely and that's mainly due to the material. Would definitely recommend this to everyone (but my mum wouldn't be too happy about the price).

So I'm yet to buy some PD hijabs. If you have any comments on any pearl daisy products feel free to leave them in the comments box below. Happy shopping all!

Pearl daisy website: www.pearl-daisy.com
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/Amenakin
Facebook fan page: Pearl Daisy Ltd

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