Monday, 16 August 2010

Abaya Design Sketches

The accessory & jacket/cardigan abaya - This design is a jacket/cardigan which has 3/4 length sleeves and is detachable.The back of the jacket is a corset style pattern with a ribbon running through it. For this look long beaded necklaces and beaded bracelets are needed. The hijab for this look is bulky and has a small headband in between the different folds. I have chosen to make the abaya plain due to there being lots of accessories. For that fun, vintage look.

The embroidered and sparkly abaya- This abaya has a jewel in the middle of the front and the back, the rest of the patterns are a mixture of embroidery and stones. The hijab is a plain hijab in the same colour as the abaya. To add a bit of sparkle to the hijab I have added a dandling hijab pin.

The hooded urban chic abaya- I'm in love with this design and can't wait to get it made. It consists of a plain inner abaya with folds at the bottom and beads at the waist. The outer part is like a long jacket with a big hood, however, unlike a jacket it is made from the same material as the inner layer. The outfit can be accessorised with a long necklace and a big bangle.


The snood style abaya- This abaya was inspired by an abaya I really wanted to buy from arabian nites next door to East London Mosque, but it was too big for me and wasn't exactly how I wanted it to look. The inner layer of the abaya has some embroidery and stone work. The bottom and end of the sleeves is made from crepe and gives a ruffled look. My favourite part of this abaya is the snood, this is at the neck where there are lots of folds, you can even wear the snood on your head over your hijab. The only accessory you will really need for this look is a long beaded necklace.

The summer floral abaya- This abaya is FULL of colour and is perfect for the summer. To accessorise add a flower brooch to the hijab and some shades. This is a perfect design when your feeling colourful and bright, bring a little bit of sunshine to the highstreet.

The formal work abaya- This abaya was designed as an alternative to a suit. The inner layer is plain and has cuffs on the sleeves which are folded up and are visible when the outer layer abaya is worn. The outer layer has big buttons on the sleeves and a ruffled effect at the front. Keep the hijab plain and your smart work look is achieved. Smartly dressed yet feminine.

 Wedding Abaya- Women nowadays want to dress modestly even for their wedding. This abaya can be a traditional red colour for Asian brides or a white/ivory colour for brides of middle eastern or western cultures. Elegant embroidery combined with the softest of silks makes this abaya a must have.


  1. Great sketches! You're talented mashaAllah =)

  2. awww i really like these ideas!it'd be cool if you could post some with color!! :)

  3. Jzk, I dunno about adding colour, every time I have tried to add colour to my sketches I end up ruining it =S and I probs wont be able to find the exact colours I want (it never looks like how it is in my head anyway). Maybe if I get better at using photoshop I'll try to add colour using that if possible. But thanks for the compliments, much appreciated, Alhamdulillah I'm glad you like them (=

  4. I'm loving your designs. I need one of your sketches to be used on my business card so let me know what you think.


  5. Wsalaam sister Sharmila please e-mail me at ihijabi@gmail.com and we can discuss things there inshaAllah. I just need to ask you a few questions regarding your request (=

  6. Salaam sister,

    Your designs are amazing. Do you have a collection? Would love to speak to you further. What's your email address?

  7. I love your designs and I was wondering If you knew whether drawing headless or faceless was the same since its not haram to draw figures if you deface them or remove heads or any other part of the body- I need some help on this issue